4 Body Building Training Myths

Body building

There are a couple of major myths out there regarding how to train and bodybuild properly. Bodybuilding and strength training is one the most misunderstood sports out there. Read this article and bust all these bodybuilding training myths.

I have been strength training for years, and over that time in the gym, I have seen countless people come and go. Here for a couple of months and gone, some returning a year later some never returning. I personally believe that the problem with their training is education. I mean, you wouldn’t get on a basketball court with Kobe and expect to catch on. But bodybuilding and strength training alike, people read the magazines and expect to train like a bodybuilder right away.

Below I have compiled part one of my top bodybuilding training myths.

1)To be a bodybuilder you must train like one.

This is one of the most irresponsible things that is in all the magazines and bodybuilding articles. It will actually wreak havoc on your body, and will not give you the gains that you are expecting.

Trying to imitate the training schedules of championship bodybuilders has very little relevance on the average person. I mean just check out some of Ronnie Colemans’ training videos.

Trust me when I say that trying to work 5 or 6 days a week and doing 25 sets for your chest is just plain stupid. Not to mention, spending thousands of dollars on special vitamins and supplements. The only thing that will be getting bigger is your debt!

2)Bring On The Massive Pump

True, working out will pump a ton of blood to your muscles and make them much fuller and more firm. But that is not necessarily what you are looking for. Look at long-distance runners for instance, when running up hills their legs get a huge pump. But are they building muscle, I don’t think so.

What is really happening is you are creating a build-up of lactic acid. This is what causes that burning sensation in the muscles. The thing is lactic acid is a by-product of intense training and is a waste product.

When you are training, you should use the pump that you get as an indication that you are using the muscle fibers properly and not the fact that you have done a great workout. All it is is a back up of blood in the muscles and an increase in lactic acid.

3) Train until Failure

This is where the debate begins. It is not necessary to train until failure for every set of every exercise. Look at all other aspects of life, you never train until you literally fall down when playing sports. You never train your mind until you literally can not think anymore. Bodybuilding is the same way, there is no reason to do a bench press until the weight falls on your chest every set. This is not a good training technique and will not result in max gains.

The best way to train your muscles is at about 90% of the max. Take that to full reps, get enough rest, and then increase the weight. Your max will be higher and you will be able to push more weight. If however, you feel that you need to push to failure, please don’t do it every set. Even most major pros don’t push it every set. Instead, pick one or two times throughout the workout to push it to failure, and be safe.

4) Low Reps for Building High Reps for Shaping

If you want to get big and strong, you have to work out. Simply put, if you want to get bigger push yourself to outperform your last exercise routine. If you want to stay the same then keep at the same level.

If you want to cut and look like you are shredded you have to get your body fat percentage down into the single digits. This is an important concept, you will not get shredded by doing chest flies and tricep extensions. This is a common myth that you are doing sculpting exercises. What you are doing is building different parts of your particular muscle. When bodybuilders are getting ready for the competitions they are not just doing sculpting exercises. They are dropping their body fat to super-low numbers and they are doing exercises to perfect what muscle imperfections they can.