9 Tips To Reduce Anxiety – Know About The Tips

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Commonly the “anxiety” may be associated with hunger at certain times of day. This traditional medicine has a physiological explanation: occurs a decrease in the levels of blood sugar, which causes a feeling of anxiety and the need to consume a food high in sugar as sweet.

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In patients evaluated daily in consultation, this pattern repeated often in people who have emotional ups and downs in their states, due to situations such as the loss or breakup of a relationship, a family dispute, a heavy burden in the field labor or just the stress of everyday life.

And this has an explanation, since from the holistic perspective, which does not resolve in your mind makes your body disease.This means that all disease (including bajopeso, overweight and obesity) is caused by an emotional imbalance, which in turn triggers an energy imbalance, resulting finally in psychology called somatization, which is nothing but the onset of disease that could be prevented by achieving harmony between our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Ever happened to you that you have a very strong pressure, or sadness, or feel you can not drain a feeling and then you get sick or you get depressed after the passage of time? For diseases occur because your physical body acts like a sponge that can absorb all the energy charges that you have not been able to release somehow.

Here are some tips for you to release emotions and begin to have a healthy lifestyle:

Practice a relaxation technique daily to help you calm your mind and connect with your being as deep breathing or meditation. Do at least one thing you like to do and enjoy every day. This allows you to drain voltages. You can exercise like walking or jogging, reading a book, listening to music, yoga, painting, writing, being in touch with nature or anything that help you listen to that inner voice that is just expressing your more allowing internal sincere wishes to respond to your concerns and therefore you need to generate harmony. Stop blaming the world or next door for the things of which you are responsible. You are solely responsible for your life and your own change. Take charge of your life allowing you to be a little more flexible with yourself and your environment. Do not be discouraged by difficult situations. Accept your mistakes and your failures as part of your learning. Overcome your fears. The will assume that you free yourself of emotional baggage and face them give you the strength to carry on. Have a positive mental attitude. Allow yourself to enjoy the process accepting and releasing negative feelings that you can carry with you and you are part of your life and evolution. Love yourself as you are because of you that you can achieve depends on the life you both want, that you have the opportunity to enjoy the most of today. Allow yourself to be happy in the present, here and now, the past is gone and do not know what happens tomorrow so do not waste your time and energy on thoughts that take you to the past or future.

We must realize that we ourselves our own ability to cause disease and can also heal or reach a self-healing through a thinking, feeling and acting that are in balance with what we want to be and do in this life . Task? Difficult not? But not impossible! There is our task today, for we are the creators of our destiny.