A Denver Face Lift Can Make a Dramatic Difference in Your Appearance


As we age, the skin and muscles of the face will often show the signs of aging. This can include wrinkles, skin that sags, loss of muscle tone and facial fat pads, droopy skin in the neck area, as well as drooping skin of the eyelids and eyebrows. The skin itself can suffer a great deal of damage due to sun exposure as well. If you are at a point where you wish to make some significant changes in your facial appearance, a Denver facelift could be a wonderful place to start.

A facelift focuses attention on the cheeks, jowls, and neck. The underlying facial muscles are tightened and the skin is smoothed, offering you a more youthful appearance of yourself.

A Denver facelift can include other procedures done concurrently with the facelift procedure. Separate treatments are needed for eyelid and brow shaping, as well as lip refinement. Laser resurfacing of the skin is another option that many women choose, to help rejuvenate the skin to make it look healthy.

Over time skin can droop around the eyelids, giving you a tired look. Because of this, many women choose an eyelid lift at the same time as their Denver facelift, although the procedure can be done as a stand-alone treatment for the eyelids. Puffy lowers lids can be smoothed, crows’ feet and other wrinkles erased, while excess upper eyelid skin can be removed, giving your face more eyes open and fresh appearance.

Lip refinement is another medical procedure that can also make a drastic difference for the better in your facial look. Many women have thin lips, and wrinkles called laugh lines can develop around the corners of the mouth. As people age the fat and collagen in the lips will be reduced, leading to wrinkling in the area. For all these reasons, lip refinement can provide an easy way to improve your lips. Botox and lip filler service can be injected into the area to create a fuller lip and also will help to reduce wrinkles. Fat grafting is another way to plump up lips and smooth wrinkles.

If your skin has sun damage, a safe and effective way to improve its look is to undergo a resurfacing or laser treatment with a Denver facelift surgeon. The effect of the resurfacing procedure in part depends on how deeply the laser resurfaces the skin. A more dramatic effect can be achieved with a deeper treatment, but the recovery period is longer.

A Denver facelift, taken by itself or accentuated with other facial cosmetic procedures, can help make you look the way you remember.