A good buy? Read the Full Acer S231HL Review

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It is a good buy if you are looking for a good 23-inch display with a flawless design. Acer, becoming one of the top brands in the display/monitor category is offering value-oriented monitors ideal for home, small office use, and even for gaming purposes and Acer S231HL is definitely not an exemption.

If you are looking for the best price it ranges between $159.99 – $200, you can find the best price right here.

In terms of the monitor’s interface and buttons, I find it good since you get to choose among five themes that you prefer such as Eco, Graphics, Movies, Standard or user mode. It also has no problems when it comes to interfacing with a laptop or desktop computers, so it pretty much works well.

The monitor uses a matte screen where it sacrifices a bit of contrast so to reduce glare. This is think is a good feature since it can be used to watch long hours of movies, play games and even do usual computer works without having to get your eyes irritated by so much glare. So many glares sometimes cause eye fatigue. It should be fair to say that Acer S231HL has a good picture quality considering its cheap price, although it’s just proper not to compare it to your brand new TV that costs thousands of dollars.

If you are more attracted to the design of an LCD monitor, you may like the super thin and lightweight design and build of Acer S231HL. With its super slim design, it captures that modern and contemporary look that will come as a liking to every user. It may be slim and lightweight but the structure is solid making it a quality product from Acer.

Acer S231HL can be freely connected to HDMI, DVI and VGA which many users would appreciate. The only thing that may disappoint some is the absence of a USB port, other than that, the monitor is still packed with good connectivity.

With 5ms response time, the monitor provides good quality still and motion pictures without pretty much ghosting and blurs.

With LED backlight technology, users can enjoy a lesser energy consumption helping to save from high electric bills. Acer truly lives up to their claim of consuming only 24 watts under normal use. Further, without mercury and other harmful materials, Acer S231HL is a “green” monitor where is stays friendly to the environment and doesn’t pose any harm to the ecosystem.

I think with the features and design of Acer S231HL, students can also make use of it since it comes in affordable price and good quality picture. Although it doesn’t come with built-in speakers, the monitor still performs all its functions. Some may say which is something I can agree with, that it isn’t one of those top quality products by Acer but is definitely acceptable with its average operation. You can enjoy its minimalistic design, usable features, good connectivity, good quality images despite the 5ms response time, lightweight yet solid structure, simple buttons, spotless interface, and power saving and nature-friendly features at a price of two hundred bucks or less.


Overall, Acer S231HL do meet the standard display quality, ease of use, and versatility which makes it a good buy who is in tight budget but wants to enjoy good visual experience. At last it can be concluded that, buying best portrait monitor can help you solve out any issue. It depends on the memory and the display that decides the rate of these monitors.