Affordable Space Saving Furniture for Small Apartments

Home Improvement

Is your apartment a little on the small side? If it is then you will want to take the time to locate furniture that will fit nicely in your home. The best thing about the suggestions listed below is that they are all affordable.


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The first idea is to build a wall mountable desk. These types of desks are very easy to build and will save on space. The desk does not have to be too large, just large enough to hold your computer, a light, and a printer. To find out how to build your own wall mountable shelf you can visit your local Home Depot store or do an online search. Once your wall mountable desk is in place you can install a wall mounted shelving system with small cubby holes. These are very inexpensive and can also be found at your local Home Depot store. If you are handy you could build one yourself. What you basically want are about five to six small shelves or cubbies mounted on the wall above your desk. This will be a great location to store all of your office supplies. By using the wall for your items you will be saving yourself plenty of office space. The best part is that this will not cost you a large amount of money.

Wall beds are another option for saving space in a small apartment. The only downside is that many do not fit into the affordable option. Most wall mounted beds can cost over $2000, and you will have to pay for them to be installed. What is a nice option is to have your wall bed built. A custom job may save you a few dollars as long as you keep things as simple as possible. To see some of the examples of the best designs and furniture set up of condo units, whether it is small or not, you can visit the websites of some of the popular properties like the Landmark condo.

Next on the list are couches that offer hidden storage space. To save yourself even more money, you can create your own under couch storage space. You can take a few plastic containers that will fit neatly under your couch. Inside of the containers can be items that usually tend to clutter up a home. You can even keep your movies and DVD’s in this storage area to keep them out of the way. When it comes to a dinning room, some apartments are very limited on the amount of space that they have available. Due to this you may want to try shopping for smaller table and chair sets.Websites like, has several great space saving tables to choose from. Many of these tables are under $300 which still makes them an affordable option. These are just a few furniture options that may save your home from feeling over crowded and cluttered.