Approximate Costs For Dental Services – Know About The Services!!

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Those on the Gold Coast visiting dentists can expect to pay a wide range of prices, depending upon the services received. If you need to visit the dentist for something expensive, such as an implant, healthcare plans do offer dental loans, sometimes for more than $25,000, which will most likely cover your dental costs. Alternatively, services such as a routine cleaning and exam are relatively inexpensive. Keeping up with your dental exams and teeth cleanings during your scheduled time can lead to better oral health, and save you from high cost dental services.


Tooth implants can be very costly per implant. Gold Coast dentists can charge anywhere from $4500-$7500 per implant. While these costs do seem to be quite high, it is good to know that getting this procedure done at the earliest signs of decay possible can save you money in the long run. For example, if you wait too long you could end up needing to replace more than would have been necessary had the implant been taken care of immediately. Also, keep in mind that 1 implant can restore 1-2 teeth at a time, so that is not necessarily the cost per tooth.

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Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning services are essentially the most basic of services to be done at the dentist. Gold Coast residents will find that local dentists charge reasonable rates for their routine dental cleanings, anywhere from $75-$110, making it very reasonable to come in at the recommended times for your yearly cleanings, keeping your teeth healthy and preventing the more expensive services.

Teeth Whitening

While mostly cosmetic, teeth whitening services are very popular. Because of that, some specialists offer these services at reasonable rates. Teeth whitening services can range from roughly $180-$250 depending upon where you go (there are a few cosmetic places that offer these services, thus making the prices of their services slightly more expensive). Teeth whitening is best if done at a dental office with a professional, though, so those who are on the less expensive side will probably be just fine.


Crowns can sometimes be a necessary part of dentistry. Some dental offices offer a variety of prices for crowns, starting around $850. Some of the dentists on the upper range of prices do charge around $1000. As with most services, though, it usually can be said that typically those who are the cheapest may not be the best for services in the long run.

As you can see, prices vary depending upon the services provided. Routine procedures, such as a teeth cleaning, are relatively inexpensive all around, with the most being about $110. However, something as big as implants can cost all the way up to $7500 per implant, costing you quite a pretty penny if you need to have an entire arch replaced. But, if you keep up with routine services and take care of your teeth properly, hopefully you will never have to have such a drastic expense as that.