Beginner’s Guide For GTA 5


GTA 5 is one of the most popular games in the gaming community. As you start with GTA 5, you might get overwhelmed with the large map of the game and the number of tasks that you need to perform as you play the game. Although, with aboutmods, you can make your game more fun. Considering all this, we are here with some of the best tips that you should follow as you start with GTA 5. 

  • You should start with your GTA journey by improving the critical skills of your gaming characters. In GTA 5 you get to play with 3 different characters with different skillsets. There are multiple skills that are available for upgrade in the game, however, you should mainly focus on developing and upgrading your character’s shooting and flying skills as it will greatly help you in the latter part of the game.
    In order to improve your gun skills, you can head out to Ammu Nation, while flying skills can be improved by attending the flight school that is located near the Los Santos Airport in the game.
  • In order to fill your pockets with a ton of cash, as soon as you start the game, invest in stock market. Here the best possible options are LCN and BAWSQ. As you make an investment, all the transactions can be controlled from your in-game mobile phone or laptop easily. It is recommended that you invest in the stock market at an early stage of the game and keep on trying your luck in the stock market at regular intervals of time as well. 
  • Your creating thinking is really helpful when it comes to police pursuits in the game. Just like all the GTA versions, you can need to think out of the box in order to shake off the police behind you. One of the most common and easiest ways to do so is to go off-road but for that, you need a vehicle capable of driving in different terrains. Although, another creative way through which you can get away from police is by hiding under the bridges or jumping off the fences as the police department pursue you. 
  • With the three different characters in the game, you will get some really great abilities like slowing down the time while driving or while shooting at your enemies. Moreover, Trevor allows you to take up a crazy amount of damage in the game. Considering these special abilities, you should use them wisely according to the mission that you are on. Slowing down time while driving or during chase missions can be quite handy will make it much easier for you to complete your missions. 

  • During heists, you need a getaway vehicle. It is highly recommended that you avoid using cars that you purchase for such missions. You can steal a vehicle during these missions so that you can keep your expensive vehicles safe as you complete the mission. 
  • Lastly, you should keep checking on your friends in the game in order to improve your skills and to learn more about the different missions and other important details about the game. You will get tons of phone calls and messages as you play your game, which is why it is really important for you to answer all the relevant phone calls and messages.