Best Practices To Follow While Setting Up Minecraft Servers


Well, you might have come across the popular game Minecraft. It is an arcade game with many classic features. Due to the level of complexity and challenging features that it adds, this game is widely played. It also gives you the liberty of adding your creative vibe. This is almost like building your game setup from scratch. When a Minecraft game has to be played along with a community, that time the Minecraft servers come into the picture. Minecraft servers are central servers that help build a community of like-minded gamers. 

When it comes to Minecraft servers, they can either be set up personally or can be set up by using the hosting service provider. The hosting plan is one of the easiest ways to set up a Minecraft server. Hostinger and ggservers are some of the Minecraft hosting plan providers. 

Whether you are going to have a personal setup or hosting set up from ggservers, you need to make sure that the following things are kept in mind before setting up a Minecraft server:

  • Basic requirements

You need to have a proper setup if you want to be able to handle the system load which will come from online players from all around. This makes having a strong system very essential. You need to have – 

  • Really fast connections with the router
  • 6 GB and above RAM for the smooth functioning of the game
  • 1 GB and above RAM provided by your hosting plan
  • Good security system

Other than these basic requirements, you should also make sure that the network and bandwidth are fast enough to run the server without causing any delay, as the Minecraft game works in real-time. Many people want to hack the servers available to retrieve player data and information, thus making it necessary to have a safe and sensitive network setup.

  • Server

You should select a good server system, which allows you to function properly, doesn’t lag, allows you to add and set up plugins, and has additional resources. This server should be connected to your IP address. The hosting plan gives you dedicated IP addresses. It should be configured and set up correctly to allow port forwarding so that players from all around the world can have access to the Minecraft server. It should also be seen that the RAM is available as per the server system.

Here is what all should be considered for selecting a proper server:

  • Price

When you are investing in the server, understand if it will be a group of known people or a public server. If it’s a group of known people, the money can be divided and shared equally amongst everyone who is a part of the team. If it is a public server, then the price for the server building is high.

  • Plug-ins

Some plug-ins are needed for particular tasks and security purposes. It is important to know if these plug-ins can be installed and used properly.

  • Theme

Select a good theme and allow multiple theme selection options, so that your server can be detected easily by the search engines.

  • Advertise

If you have made a public server, then let people know about the same so that people will join the server. You can put out details about it on different platforms to make people aware of it. 

  • Rules

It is very important to set some guidelines and rules for the community to avoid any chaos.

These are the factors that should be taken into consideration while setting up your Minecraft server.