Comfort Dental Kids in Bakersfield, California


Comfort Dental Kids is located at 3833 Ming Avenue Bakersfield, California 93309. It is in the same shopping center as the Office Depot and Ross Department store. There is plenty of parking and it is easy to find.

I took my oldest son here on a weekday after school. When we first walked in, I signed him in. Because we were new patients, I had to fill out a new patient form. They took his insurance cards and my drivers license and made a copy for his file.

The waiting room is very kid friendly. The seats are padded and go along most walls in the waiting room. At one end, there is a large television hanging on the wall with a children’s movie playing. At the same end they also have a round padded ottoman type piece of furniture that kids can sit or lay on. Next to it, is a small little portable activity center that smaller children can play with. On the opposite side of the waiting room is a small area with 4 TV’s that are hooked up to video games with miniature chairs for the children to sit on while they are playing.

When my son was called back, I was allowed to go with him. First he had some x-rays done in a small room. After that we had to go back to the waiting room to wait for an examination room to be available for him. We only had to wait a few minutes and soon he was seated in the dental chair. Right above the dental chair was a small TV playing a cute cartoon and it helped distract my son from being at the dentist. The staff looked over his x-rays and let me know what he needed to have done and asked if I wanted him to have laughing gas. They took us down the hall to get some more detailed x-rays and pictures of his teeth. At this time, they gave him a bag that had a toothbrush and toothpaste into it. We went back out to the waiting room to wait for his turn to have his fillings done.

When they called my son for the work to be done on his teeth, I was not allowed to go with him. Most dentists do not allow parents to go back when they have dental work done but I was a little bothered that I could not be with him since it was his first trip to the dentist and he was nervous. One of the reasons they do not allow parents to go back is because it could make the child more upset seeing how upset you get by watching them work on your child’s teeth.

I waited in the lobby until my son was done. It only an hour or less but since he needed to have so much done, we made another appointment for two days later to finish the work. That appointment also went quickly. If your child needs to go to the dentist, I recommend Comfort Dental Kids. They exceeded my expectations. The office was clean and the staff was friendly. After my son was done with all of his dental work, they even gave him a toy which made the experience more fun for him. I realized that it is really important to choose the right and best dentist like dentist in Turlock. Our teeth are important parts of our face and it is very helpful in several ways. Hence, we should only entrust our teeth to someone that we can rely on.