Different uses of your USB Flash Drives


USB Flash Drives are one of the most crucial hardware gadgets that we use on a daily basis. These portable devices help us to carry data and files when we are travelling. It is mostly used for sharing and transferring files from one device to the other. In spite of their compact and small size, these powerful devices hold significant storage space of various limits.

They have a lot more to offer than just storing different kinds of files and data. Are you aware of them? If not, then take a look at today’s blog and know more about USB flash drives. If you are very much concerned about your files and data, then create their backup on infinitikloud.

Lock and Unlock Your PC –

You can easily lock and unlock your computer with the help of an USB flash drive. It ensures that no one else apart from you can access the PC. Only the USB stick can be used to unlock it. To enable and enjoy this feature, you just need to download a third-party app like TockenLock.

Run a Different OS –

You can use a different OS like Linux while working on your system, with the help of an USB drive. This gives you a brilliant opportunity to use the features of both OS without changing anything on the hard drive and by not installing a completely new operating system in the PC. So, your USB stick is going to be a portable OS carrier from now.

Quickly Access Wireless Network –

With the help of an USB flash drive, you can connect your PC very quickly to any wireless network. You can save the name of your Wifi machine to your USB drive and instantly connect to it the moment you turn on the flash drive.

Support the RAM –

Did you know that you can actually use a USB flash drive as a RAM? Yes. In case your PC is running slower, then you can give it a boost by caching the hard drive space in the USB and use it as a RAM. Even though it is a temporary solution, it can prove to be really effective in many scenarios.

Run Portable Apps –

There are many portable apps that can be stored in the USB flash drive itself without having to install them in the PC. Just plug in the stick and you can seamlessly use the application you want to hassle free. Such apps are Google Drive or Dropbox.

Encrypt Your Data –

Once you store your data into the USB flash drive, you can easily keep the USB stick encrypted and add multiple layers of security. Keep it password protected and no one else can access the files except the ones who are aware of the password

So, here are the 7 amazing uses of USB flash drives apart from storing and transferring data. Make sure to purchase a premium quality USB drive manufactured by a reputed company.