Do Eyelashes Grow Back After They Fall Out

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If your eyelashes were happen to fall out due to any reason what so ever, don’t panic! This is the normal cycle of eyelash growth and it can happen to anyone. Just like all the hair on other parts of your body, eyelashes will fall out from time to time. Some causes can include vigorous wiping of the eye area, false lashes, improper makeup removal, eyelash curlers or heavy mascara. Like all the hair on other parts of your body, the eyelashes have a growth cycle. This eyelash cycle consists of three phases: ThePhase, ThePhase, and ThePhase. We will take closer look at each of these phases to learn more about how you can achieve long and thick eyelashes.

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Just like hair on other parts of your body, the eyelashes follow a pattern for growth. If your eyelashes were to fall out due to reasons such as damage from makeup, plucking or dyeing, you will probably have to wait some time for those eyelashes to regenerate naturally. While the length of any one person’s eyelashes is mostly due to the fact of ones genetics, there are tricks to making your eyelashes grow thick and long. We are going to give a short summary of some of the most popular ways there are to grow your eyelashes quickly.


Most eyelash enhancers can also contain antioxidants, particularly vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These vitamins are vital for healthy hair growth. With insufficient levels of Vitamin C, your hair becomes dry and easily damageable. Vitamin C can also prevent free radical damage and can help hair to heal and repair itself. Vitamin E is also important because it promotes healthy hair. If you can’t consume foods high in these vitamins, supplements will help you reach the recommended daily intake for your body conveniently.


Anagen is the most active phase of the eyelashes. It is the only stage where the growth of the eyelashes will occur. During this phase, cellular division is responsible for building the shaft of the eyelash hair. As more and more cells are added to the base of the eyelash shaft, the eyelashes will grow out of the eyelids. This is the phase where eyelash enhancers will work best in promoting healthy and strong eyelashes.


Biotin or also referred to as Vitamin H helps to promote naturally, faster growth of hair including the eyelashes. Biotin is a type of B-Complex Vitamin which can be found in certain foods and it is also heavily included in the formulation of several cosmetic products available on today’s market. The water-soluble vitamin can be sourced from foods such as brewer’s yeast, pecans, almonds, sardines and whole grains.


The phase catagen is just simply the stage of transition. It’s the end of hair growth of the eyelashes where the eyelash follicles move on to the resting phase. This phase is the shortest phase of hair growth.

Eyelash Enhancers

The natural ways to grow eyelashes work fine but in order to achieve and experience the best results, it would be best to use eyelash enhancers. Eyelash enhancers are products such as Rapidlash, Maxolash, Revitalash. These are some of the best natural products that are designed exclusively to promote fast and healthy hair growth. This will allow you to have long and beautiful eyelashes in as little as two weeks.

Olive Oil

Believe it or not but one of the best natural eyelash enhancers can be found right in your kitchen! Olive oil is known to promote longer and thicker eyelashes. Just apply some olive oil every night before heading to bed and you should see some signs of hair growth after a couple of weeks. All the new eyelash hairs will be healthier and stronger allowing you to achieve thick and long eyelashes. It also acts as a conditioner that improves the health of the eyelashes.


This is simply the phase wherein both the follicle and hair are at rest. Eyelash growth does not happen during this stage. When the follicle moves back to the anagen phase, the old lash falls out and is replaced by new growing hair.


Just like olive oil, Vaseline can be used to condition the eyelashes and help them grow thick and long. You just need to apply it on the roots of your eyelashes every night before going to sleep. After about 15 minutes, you can wash it off if you want. New hair growth will be seen after three or four weeks.

These are the most popular methods used to achieve thick, long, luxurious eyelashes. If you found this article interesting and helpful, please share this page with your friends and family. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope you can achieve your beautiful eyelashes!