Get To Know The 4 Basic Types Of Advertisement That Is Available In The Online Market

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If you are on the Google platform, you will notice a question in front of people. They think that which is the type of advertisement that will be the best for their website. The more people they come across, the different types of advertisements they come to know, and with that, they start to confuse.

That is why we are stacking up the list of main types of advertisements offered by Google that will help you scale up your business and your website. So, let’s dive in and learn about them in complete detail.

Search Advertisement 

The very first and basic type of advertisement is the search advertisement. When you search on Google, you must have noticed that some pages are flashing on the top of the search engine result page with an Ad word written with them. have you ever thought that why these websites are treated differently.

This different treatment is that they are the advertisements that are run by the owner of the website. They place a bid on the words that you have searched for exactly or a look-alike word. When you search for the same word, then that page will start flashing at the top. When you will on that website and open that, owners of the website have to pay an amount to the website. If you understand in the search advertisement and thinking of running them, then there are some factors that you have to take care of.

  • The SEO of your website must include your website’s ranking; the ranking of your website will be lower.
  • The ranking of your advertisement will not depend on the bid that you place. It will depend on the score of your website and the bid you place.
  • The keyword that you should place a bid on must be properly dispersed on your page.

You can set up the advertisement through the Google advertisement account, and the payment will also be deducted from that account based on clicks that you will get. The benefit is that you will get the best return from the basic type of advertisement, and the payment is required to be done based on conversions.

Display Advertisement

The next type of advertisement is the display advertisement. This is the kind of advertisement that you will run on other websites that lists themselves on the Google Ad-sense account. After some time and customer inflow, google start to permit the people they allow to advertise to other people. The main benefit here is that you can place both the videos and the photos as a part of your advertisement on the other website.

Now there must be a question arising in your mind that why will you advertisement on another website. The simple answer to this question is that many reviewing websites whose main motive is to help businesses and earn money from Ad-sense. Such people will help you grow with the proper value of your money. all you need to do is choose the best website for an advertisement that aligns with your content properly. If you place the advertisement on any such page that has no content-related, then your ad will not perform well.

Video advertisement 

The next type of advertisement is the video type of advertisement. These advertisements are for running on the platform like YouTube. It is a video platform on which you will find several video creators that will help out in your journey. You must have seen an advertisement on YouTube before every video starts. It is the type of video advertisement, and they are of four types.

  • In the first type of video, you will place a skippable video advertisement at the video’s starting. You can skip them after a period of 4-5 seconds and then watch the video you are about to.
  • The next is the non-skippable video placed in the front of the video. Most famous creators who have huge popularity use this type of advertisement as people don’t jump back on their page due to this advertisement.
  • Next, is the advertisement that you will notice in the middle of some large video, further divided into a skippable and non-skippable advertisement.

According to the video’s views, YouTube will earn revenue from the businesses, and in return, the video makers will get a share of that revenue.

Mobile Apps Advertisement

The final type of advertising that is offered by YouTube is Mobile application advertisements. You will notice that when you run an application, then an advertisement will pop up in front of you. This advertisement is mainly used by people who have an application and want to advertise for their application.

It can be a gaming application or also can be a normal application. There are many types in this application that allow you to take a snippet of the game and also allow you to play it for a short time. It will provide you a real-time experience of the game.


These are the four basic types of advertisements that are most prominent and used in the field of marketing. If you are a marketer then and want to learn more about the advertisement, then it would be best that you visit their website. It will provide them with detailed strategies so that you can grow your business in a better way.