How Is Your Online Presence at YouTube useful?

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How is Your Online Presence?

Are you doing everything possible to get yourself out there?

This blog is taken and slightly modified from an article posted on Linkedin by Steve Anderson, an insurance agency expert. Steve helps insurance businesses increase their productivity and profitability, with a clear focus on digital marketing. In his article here, Steve talks about all of the avenues we should pursue to master our internet presence. My educated guess is that most of us engage in only a portion of these activities, and we may lack consistency with that. Look at this list (I modified Steve’s original list a bit to make it appropriate for any business, not just insurance agencies) and see which ones are not only live, but good quality, active, relevant, engaging, and adding value to not only your prospects but to your business.


This is the hub of all your internet activities. Business websites should be attractive and well-functioning, making it easy for visitors to get the information they seek and left feeling good about your business. Your purpose should be clear and include calls to action. Everything else you do should connect to the website and all other activities should drive people to your site with a clear intention. As a DC area website developer, we understand the importance of designing and developing a quality website for an affordable price.


Blogging is a great way to update your website with relevant content on a regular basis. This is great for SEO and representing yourself as the industry expert that you are. We have been doing a blog series on blogging, blogs, and keywords – for more on that check out those articles here.

Social media local search

Google+Local, Facebook Place, and Linkedin Company pages are all important for site-specific businesses. If you have a location where clients and prospects visit to conduct business, you want to make sure your business is represented on these sites as an extra edge for prospects finding you. It is also good for your website’s SEO. Even if you don’t see clients at your office location, you may want to register your business on these platforms for the added search benefits.


Having a Facebook business page for your business is second to websites. More and more people are checking out businesses on Facebook to see what they are about. Because a website is a more static platform with calls to action and clickable links, but not a running conversation or bullitin board for the business to present themselves several times a week (other than a blog which can have some of this function). This is a key aspect of social media business marketing.


I can’t tell you how many times I hear from business owners that they are not interested in Twitter because they don’t care if someone just went to the bathroom. Though this is kind of funny, it is an opinion of a resource that is based in ignorance. Yes, some people waste the time and attention of others with nonsense, but there is a very easy fix for that…don’t connect with those people. Twitter is an excellent place to find connections and collect resources. The articles and really good content is plentiful and easy to access on Twitter. It is great for business and particularly restaurants.


This is the perfect platform to connect professional to professional. The groups on Linkedin are really active with a lot of good content and interaction (mostly). There are options to post promotions and jobs, as well as present your company in addition to yourself.


Video is a very effective marketing tool and powerful presence booster. People respond well to visuals and video is becoming a dynamic resource to add to all the other online avenues. Voy Media Youtube Marketing Agency will make online presence of the people effective. There is an increase in the sale of the brand with the services of the agencies. The revenue of the business owner is increase with the right use of the tools, Video marketing is an effective tools for the promotion of the brand. 


Aps are becoming increasingly important as more and more prospects are turning to cell phones and tablets to get information and process their business and personal lives. Businesses that offer specific aps for their clients to engage with them online have a distinct advantage over their competitors


If you have teenagers, you know how prolific this form of communication is becoming. Though most of us do not see teens as a target market, they represent the future (not too distant future, either) of how business is being done. Are you doing anything to incorporate text communication in your marketing?


We have been very focused on Yelp in recent posts, so I won’t go into detail about that, but it is clearly important for businesses to pay attention to what others are saying about them online.

How many of these strategies are you employing for your business? We offer all of these services, so Let me know if you need any help beefing up your online presence.