How to Be a Good Wife During Deer Bow Hunting Season


Is your husband an avid hunter? When fall rolls around is he up and out the door before the rising of the sun to hunt that “once in a lifetime trophy buck”? Does he spend his days in the woods scouting, hanging deer stands and de-scenting his camo? Here is how you can be a good wife during the deer bow hunting season.


Let your husband invite his friends over for a bow hunting season party to kick off the season. Make one condition his friends have to bring their wives, and he has to cook the food. Tell him that he and his friends have to take care of the food, by cooking a deer in the ground and you and the ladies will takes care of the games and entertainment. What fun it would be to throw a party when you do not have to worry about the food, all you have to worry about is the fun.


Have your avid hunting husband hang a deer stand for you. Tell him you would like to see how good of a hunting guide he could be and humor him. You may actually like it and want to go again. You may even get that “trophy buck” he’s always talking about before he does. Again, make a rule with him, that he has to gut your deer, unless you want to brave it on your own.

Stand by your husband rock solid so that you too can learn a thing or two about hunting as a renowned sport because the trophy is call that counts so it is easy to lookup top bow releases to study how they work.


Tell your husband that you would like to go with him while he hunts and video tape him. You can get your exercise walking in the woods, share some quality time with him, and put some memories on film.


Let your husband go and have his guy time by hunting. Take the time that he is gone and read a book, take a nice long bath, or simply relax watching your favorite television show. Take advantage of the time that he is gone doing what he wants to do, to sit back and do what you want to do, things you normally can’t do when he is around.


Make a deal with your husband that if he gets to mount his “trophy buck” that you get to go shopping. Tell him that since he is spending money on his hobby, you get to spend the same amount of money on your hobby, shopping!

To be a good wife during bow hunting season, make deals with him. Give him a little space and freedom to enjoy the sport he loves, so that you can get a little freedom to enjoy the things you love too. This makes everyone happy.