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You’ve probably heard that when it comes to internet marketing, the money is in the list. This saying is nearly as old as internet marketing itself, but it still rings true.

While a great website and killer sales copy will certainly increase your chances of making the sale, your mailing list gives you the opportunity to keep reaching out to those visitors who do not buy right away.

Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews online are abundant with important points about how to identify sales copies for a new website and that is what makes it great  through which you can get access to more visitors that show interest in your venture and squeeze bags are an added bonus to the mixture.

When it comes to list building, a great squeeze page is your most powerful tool. The concept of a squeeze page is pretty simple, really. It essentially consists of a small amount of copy and a form where visitors can enter their names and email addresses.

But simple as it sounds, you can’t just throw up a few words and a form and expect people to relinquish their contact information. They need an incentive. Here are some ways to provide a compelling incentive:

* Keep it short and sweet. A good squeeze page packs enough information for visitors to decide whether or not to opt in into just a few sentences. If you’re going to present them with several paragraphs to read, you may as well just send them on to your sales page.

* Craft a compelling headline. Since the squeeze page is short on content, it needs to be persuasive. A great headline can help you accomplish that. Use descriptive and powerful language that will get the reader’s attention and make them want to learn more.

* Avoid adding unnecessary links. You’ll need a link to your sales page so that those who prefer not to subscribe can still get to it, and a link to your privacy policy. But adding other links will only take attention away from the opt-in form.

* Give them a good reason to subscribe. Just like a sales page, a squeeze page should highlight the benefits that subscribing can offer them. Tell them how you can solve their problems or make their lives better.

* Offer a free gift for opting in. It could be a special report, an email course, or even a coupon code good toward future orders. Some may subscribe just for the freebie and then opt out, but others will see what you have to offer and stick around.

* Be willing to change what doesn’t work. If your squeeze page isn’t converting as well as it should, some minor changes could make a big difference. Try changing your headline and see if that increases your conversions. If not, try a different free gift. Just make sure to make only one change at a time – if you completely rework your page, you’ll never pinpoint the problem and could end up wasting a lot of time.