How to Learn Your Own Co-Creative Process


Many teachings regarding co-creation and the law of attraction often fail to cover a crucial step toward success with the concepts. There is a great abundance of information on the topics, however it can sometimes be difficult to apply the information. General information about the process is about as far an author can go. There is no one size fits all when it comes to how to co-create. The truth is that reality is subjective and everyone’s process for creating is different.

Several different authors all have a ton of information available on how to co-create. Great as that is, many people become confused when it comes down to how to apply it. One step that is not covered as often is how to understand your own unique co-creative process. Obviously, I can’t teach that to a specific person, however I can offer some advice to help you learn you. Understanding how you create is the single most important step toward being successful with using the law of attraction. Once you understand how you do business, making changes and applying concepts becomes much easier to do.

But first of all you need to understand the concept and that itself is a difficult task because it involves strategic planning that needs focus and determination without which one cannot hope to do anything as this is not something you can learn by looking up for Manifestation magic reviews online.

The first thing to understand is that the law of attraction, co-creation and big powerful words like manifesting were all around well before you knew what it was all about. In essence, you have been using the law of attraction since birth. The only difference now is that you are consciously aware of it. There are a few different routes that I have learned to discover how you as an individual co-create. Most of this, I discovered by trial and error. Many times I read article after article trying to figure this out which just lead to more and more frustration. After days of this I finally gave in and decided to find an answer to why nothing was working. Shortly after, I came up to a very interesting conclusion.

An idea came to me at a moment that I wasn’t expecting that made sense of the entire mess. This person did this, the person did that, and none of it worked for me. The reason it wasn’t working was because that was their unique process for co-creating. My task then, was discovering my own process and learning how I create. The next question was how exactly do I discover how I am doing this new thing? It’s obviously not working for me and I already know that! After a little more frustration and confusion, I waited again for an answer. I then got the idea to examine past experiences in my life and figure out exactly what it was that I did. At the time, that made no sense to me. That was until I remembered that all that was new was my conscious awareness of the law of attraction.

I took some quiet time for reflection and began to learn about myself. I took my newfound knowledge and began to understand how I unknowingly used it in the past to manifest my desires. I took a few accomplishments and began to unravel them. What I learned was that at any point in my life when I had a strong desire, coupled with a strong positive belief, manifestation happened. In retrospect, I began to understand my creative power and how that it works for me.

I have always loved classic country music. There was one example I used from my past that really convinced me and helped me understand my co-creative process. When I was a teen, on summer break one year I found a Jerry Lee Lewis 8-track tape at a flea market. The only player I had ever been able to find was for a car, but I bought it anyway. So I really wanted to hear this thing and seemingly had no way to be able to play it. So one night I was getting ready to go to sleep but kept thinking and visualizing being able to put this on a cassette (that was the standard then) but still didn’t know how I could do it. The next day I just resolved that I’ll make a way to do it and that was that.

The next day I dropped the whole matter and went on with my life. A few days later my dad decided to put a new battery in the car and left the old one in the garage. That night I began to get ideas and recalled that a car stereo would run on a car battery, which was now sitting in the garage. I then got more information on how to wire this all up to a transfer cable. So, I took my trusty cassette deck to the garage, wired everything up as planned, and it worked like a charm! I think I wore out that poor cassette I made but was incredibly happy with it. Looking at the nuts and bolts of it, there was a strong desire, a can do positive belief, and stepping aside to allow the universe to bring me all I needed to make it happen.

I then took several other things in my past and realized that they all followed the same trend. This exercise was a huge leap to understanding how I co-create. I know that I need those elements to successfully co-create what I desire. The process can be different from person to person but the importance is in understanding how you do it. Once you know, you know where to work. When you understand your own process you can easily troubleshoot weaknesses to ensure success.

Another thing that I have learned about this is comparing past and present manifestations. I take a previous one and current one to see if the same trend is applicable. What I have found is that anytime I encounter a doubt, or a limiting belief, I can pull this up and blast it! I can look back on my previous successes for confidence in my current ones. From my experience this can really be a useful tool in consciously using the law of attraction. Now, I identify the desire, create a strong positive belief around it, intend it, and then drop it and move on and it works every single time. That was what worked for me. Maybe you are similar, maybe not, but there is a easy for you to find out!