How To Shave A Beard

Personal Care

Some grooming habits are taught at a very young age, such as brushing one’s hair or teeth. However, some grooming routines cannot be learned until the tween years are reached. One of these customs is teaching a young man how to shave a beard with the help of razors and even epilierer. Shaving a beard is easy once the technique is learned. The first thing you need to know is the difference between an electric razor and a razor blade.

Electric Shaver

Many people find that electric shavers are easier and superior to use when shaving one’s face. That is because they contour to the face, and prevent razor burn. Shaving times are also cut down because the shaver is motorized. Many blades rotate at the same time so your face is massaged at the same time.

In addition, if a great deal of time has gone by since you have shaved; your skin will be extremely sensitive. If you use a manual razor at this time, it is probable to suffer from razor burn.

Manual Razor

The only time that manual razors are preferred is when electricity is unavailable. This would apply to camping trips and power outages. They should be placed in emergency kits in case of a disaster. There are razors with one blade or up to five blades. The more blades will cut closer to your face but offer a higher probability for razor burn.

Actual Shaving Process

Once you know what shaving device to use, it becomes time to learn the proper procedure. If this is your first time shaving, you will want to select a weekend when you can allow your face and skin time to adjust to the new routine.

  1. Trim the Beard

This step is only needed if you have been growing a beard for a long time and need to shave it off. Most places of employment do not mind a trimmed beard, but some have hygiene requirements that require a shaved beard. If you try to shave before trimming, you may yank hairs out, or clog the razor. Trimming can be done with clippers or manual scissors.

  1. Shave

If you are using a manual razor, there are many steps to the process. To shave beard hairs, first, wet your face with warm water. Then, apply shaving cream to your face and massage into a lather. Finally, stretch your skin and shave with the grain. This means you should go in the same direction the hair grows. When you shave against the grain, you increase your chance of cutting the skin or creating severe razor burn.

However, if you are using an electric razor, you simply stretch the skin and go in slow circles cutting the hairs. That is all that is required, which is why it is the preferred method.

  1. Moisturize

The final step, and the most important one, is to apply a moisturizer. When you are done shaving, you will have also taken off the dead cells on your face. You will want to apply a moisturizing lotion that will promote the skin to heal. It also helps the stubble not feel as stiff when it grows back.