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If you are looking for stylish and functional laptop bags online for women then you should consider a Trabasack Lap tray travel bag. Designed by Clare Edwards an award-winning ‘design for all’ enthusiast, Trabasack has more than you expect for a laptop case, it also has an integral tray top for working wherever you are away from your desk.

There are as many women in business as men these days and as women begin to take the leading role in the business world, the accessories associated with the industry need to have feminine alternatives. Some women aren’t comfortable with the standard masculine, unfashionable briefcases and that’s why there has been a rise in the number of laptop bags for women on the market.

Innovative and Stylish

Laptop bags for women are growing in number and the choice becomes wider by the day. The manufacturers of laptop cases and bags these bags have taken notice of the fact that women are generally more fashion-conscious than men and have produced bags that are fashionable and trendy. The only problem with this is they lack functionality. There’s not much use when your laptop bag literally just squeezes your laptop in and nothing else. What if you need a specific case or file? Many women are frequently seen with two or more bags on their way into work and this simply doesn’t have to be the case. The answer to everyone’s problem is the spacious and multipurpose Trabasack.

The Trabasack lap tray and the bag are a fantastic alternative to the standard laptop bags for women on the market. Not only are they spacious without being bulky, but they also look professional and smart. In addition to this, the added element of the tray surface means you can work on the move. The Trabasack Curve Connect range comes in a range of colors so that you have more choice in deciding which laptop bag suits you. The faux leather feel surface of the original trabasack Curve or the Mini is perfect for writing or sketching upon.

Alternatively, you could use your Trabasack for leisure activities when you finish a hard day’s work. Relax in front of the television and keep your remote close at hand, as well as a book, your iPad, and the essential bar of chocolate!

Professional laptop cases for women

There are Trabasacks designed for the larger laptop as well as the Trabasack mini which is perfect for iPads, notebooks, and small laptops as well as ideal for A4 files and papers. In fact, they fit laptops with a screen size up to 14”. The mini looks professional, smart and it has the additional multipurpose function of being able to be used on your lap which you can show off when commuting, at conferences, and when you are hot-desking in the workplace.

The range of laptop bags for women has been vastly improved with the introduction of the multifunctional, award-winning Trabasack. A lady’s computer bag with your needs in mind, use it as a handbag a stylish laptop case or a messenger bag, Trabasack is the coolest and smartest laptop bag for women on the market today.