Know About The Top 5 RPG’s With The Best Quests


The next five games not only offer fantastic gameplay, they also offer the best storylines of any video game in the world, and their quests are endlessly enjoyable. If you haven’t played one of these games before, then you really should pick it up straight away, because you just can’t go wrong with such incredible plotlines.

It’s impossible to pick out the “best” quest in Baldurs Gate 2, simply because each and every one of them is just fantastic. They have such incredible variety that they all offer something new to the player, with each having intricate political subplots and giving true meaning to the word “consequences”. You really get the feeling that you are having an effect on the world you’re playing in during the quests, and there is a massive sense of accomplishment when you finally complete a quest. You could play Baldurs Gate 2 for hours and hours and never get bored of the quests, and you could even fill up a top 10 list of quests with different pieces of the Baldurs Gate storyline.

This game still has a strong following 16 years after it was first released, and for good reason. There are a huge number of different ships and species added in this sequel to the original Star Control game. A large level of interaction with the other “characters” is allowed in this game and serve to add to the overall atmosphere which is surely it’s strongest feature. Once again, this is a game where you really can’t pick out one particular quest, they are all equally enjoyable. The Best SSDs For Gaming will deliver a enjoyable and pleasant experience to the players. The understanding of the feature is necessary to improve the bank balance. The concept of the characters is stated through the experts to meet with the desired results. The playing of the games is with the skills and intelligence to meet with the requirements. 

If you want a fantastic example of a truly enjoyable RPG game, then this is it. Whilst it follows a rather generic RPG format, DG8 builds on the attributes of it’s predecessors and brings a fantastic world of opportunities to the player. The graphics in this game are remarkable, and whilst it cannot be necessarily called a “classic” yet, in just a few years it certainly will be.

Star Wars:

Knights of the Old Republic

The whole game is one giant quest, and the incredible sense of accomplishment you get at the end makes it oh so worthwhile. You probably won’t find a more enjoyable RPG if you’re a Star Wars fan (and let’s face it, most of us are). Just like in Baldurs Gate 2, you genuinely feel like you have a choice in what you are doing and the freedom the game offers is endless. You’re choices can be wide ranging and have a massive effect on how other characters interact with you, a thoroughly enjoyable game!

This is, quite simply, a beautiful game with even more beautiful quests. It mixes emotional intensity with fast paced action and graphically wonderful scenery. You genuinely feel part of the world in this, the 6th instalment of the Final Fantasy series. It’s almost impossible to find a more genuine attempt at fantastic gameplay in an RPG, and the storyline beats off 99.9% of other games out there. Buying this game is a complete no-brainer, especially if you’re a Final Fantasy fan, but even if you’re not at the start, you certainly will be by the time you complete the game.