Learning the methods to host a Minecraft server


The growing needs

Minecraft has become a leading gaming brand amongst enthusiasts. It has already breached the 100 million sales figures with the growing times and is further on the torch of gaining new heights. With adults and kids liking the game equally, it has helped the players improvise their creative juices and socialize with other players via dedicated servers. 

When it comes to including multiple players in the game, the servers play the necessary role. And with time, now the game has allowed the provision of hosting own servers and free mc accounts. Read on to learn more details.

The steps of creation

Making a new Minecraft server is not an easy affair and involves a good deal of mental exercises. The following points elucidate further on these to create a robust system:

  • Firstly, ensure that the PC or system has the latest version of Java and can be used to meet the server’s basic requirements. 
  • A server installer file is needed that can be downloaded from the official website of the game. Then, it needs to be installed as per the steps mentioned in the introductory guide.
  • The game must also be of the latest version to meet the compatibility requirement and ensure that no glitches come up when players get connected to it.
  • The batch file is also necessary to run the server. It is a code that activates the server and makes it public for the players’ listing. There are several video guidelines on accessing these and making the system ready for further use.
  • Licensing and registering the server for Minecraft is also necessary. For that, the player needs to agree to EULA regulations and check off the requirements for proceeding.
  • Finally, the server is ready to be launched on the web.

Though the process is tedious, it would be worth hosting the own server, just like gaining free mc accounts.

The next step

Once the server gets ready, the next step is to launch it and allow players to enjoy the services. The upcoming steps work towards the same:

  • From the server files, hit on Run.bat, and accordingly, it gets launched into the web.
  • The server commands allow the host to keep track of the multiple parameters of the server, like memory consumption, the number of players connected, messages received, the pattern of usage, and many similar things.
  • Once the server gets listed, all the players need to do is go to multiplayer mode🡪Add server🡪Name of server in the server field🡪Name of localhost🡪Done. 
  • In addition, the host computer needs to stay connected for other players to maintain the connection. Therefore, porting of the router is necessary, and all of the required permissions need to be given in advance. 
  • The necessary IP address also needs to be made public for further facilitation. 

All in one, making and hosting a new server is a hectic but worthy process. Just follow the necessary steps, and things would fall into places as desired.