Lose Weight By Dancing

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The Treadmill

Before I lost 30 pounds by dancing, I was on the hamster wheel or in this case the treadmill of dieting and weight loss. I tried many methods. Nutri System, counting calories, counting fat grams just to name a few. I participated at the gym, walked around the neighborhood, bought a treadmill. I did crunches (or tried to) on the living room floor. Even my husband got in on the act. I suppose he was trying to support me when he decided to buy me the Core Secrets System that cost a ton and did nothing for me. I have hand weights and legs weights. I have a rubber band system that is supposed to tone you while you lose weight. The fact of the matter was although these plans and systems brought me fleeting temporary success. I hated them and didn’t stick to it. Then I did something I loved, danced! I discovered I could lose weight by dancing.

Simplicity is Best

The first step to real weight loss is to keep it simple. Deny the desire to buy glittery head bands or videos or hypnosis tapes to get the weight off. There are two reasons I did that. The first reason is I didn’t want to face the brutal reality that I had to work to get the wait off. The second is that I believed that everyone else had the answer and not me. Losing weight was like a party that everyone was invited to except me. But that just isn’t true! There is no better weight loss tool than the small voice inside you that tries to lead you to better eating and more exercise. So start listening to yourself! You really do know what’s best for you! You can manage your weight. Management in the weight loss can be done through dancing activities. The interested people are involved in the dancing activities to reduce excessive fat with look over the resurge reviews. The simple and easy steps should be followed to get effective results in the fat reduction from the body of the person.

Your Own Pace

Losing weight by dancing can be done at your own pace. When I started I was forty pounds over the weight I wanted. Some of my early dance moves included dancing in place, walking in place and doing ballerina moves (with my hands only). I suppose I should tell you now, I am no doctor. Or nutritionist or exercise guru. I am a mom who’s had two Cesarean Sections and passionate love affair with chocolate. On top of that I developed Hypothyroidism which slows your metabolism significantly. Weight was a problem.

I love dancing to lose weight because I am not in competition with any one. No matter how much I tried, my competition gets me into trouble at the gym. When my gym buddy who was much more in shape than I joined a spin class I had to as well. That almost killed me! When I dance I have no one to envy or compare myself too.

With dance you can work out and lose weight with 2 songs or 3 songs or even 1 song and there’s no one to compete with. And I did mention I love to dance?

What You Need

  • Privacy. Whatever room you dance in you will need privacy. Make it a time when the kids are at school and hubby isn’t around. Whatever your schedule is find some privacy. You won’t need very long especially in the beginning. Lock your door and shake your booty.
  • 2.Cover up. Then cover all the mirrors!! Throw a towel or blanket over the mirrors. You need to dance uninhibited. Quite frankly in the beginning it was not a pretty sight, the mirrors didn’t immediately reflect the calories I burned. Don’t trust a mirror, it never tells the truth! Mirrors only reflect the past.
  • Clothing. Wear loose fitting outer clothes but underwear that gives you some support. Don’t worry about being pretty, that comes after your workout.
  • Shoes are optional. Wear them if you want to especially if you have problems with your feet like diabetes.
  • Music and CD Player. You will need a soundtrack. It is good to use the same soundtrack for at least two weeks at time. The reason is because songs become benchmarks. One week I was so happy that I made it all the way Shadow Dancing even if I didn’t get all the way through it. And using the same soundtrack also helps you develop a routine. Pretty soon I had unknowingly developed dance routines to these songs after hearing them over and over again. Who needs Richard Simmons? Visit you favorite online music provider and download a selection of about 5 or 6 songs you love. You have to love them to listen to them over and over again. I used Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees. Shadow Dancing by Andy Gibb and some Spice Girls. You mix and match what works for you. Burn it to a disc and use it over and over. That’s all the money you need to spend.
  • A blanket. You’ll need a small blanket to lay on the floor. If you have hardware floors then you should use a thicker blanket or an exercise mat.

The Moves

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to lose weight. Do the moves you love and get that body burning. Here are suggestions for your routine. Remember these are only suggestions. You can dance however you want. Adjust the dance move times to your workout length.

  • Start with a fast song that you like to sing with. Just a dance! You can snap your fingers. Tap your feet. Lift those arms over your head. I would do that for the first song. It’s fun to pretend you are Dancing With The Stars!
  • Second song is still up beat but you can focus more on your side bends and waist dance moves.
  • Slower song for this one. This one you slow dance to or do ballerina movies or pretend you are a professional dancer.
  • Slow song and for this one, if you can, lay on your blanket. I would do some leg lifts on both sides and work on some poses. Don’t worry so much about what you are doing just get moving. Strike a pose.
  • Upbeat. I would end on an upbeat song and just walk around a little to make sure I didn’t get cramps.


Bring some water with you.

If you aren’t sure how to dance watch dance shows like, So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing With the Stars. When you see a move you like make a mental note to try it out later.

Be excited about your dance time. My kids used to cheer for me when I went in and when I came out. It was great.

Don’t weigh yourself. If you must do something then measure your waist hips and chest. It will come off.

Dance times to start with is around 5 minutes and after a few weeks I was dancing up to 35 minutes. But don’t compare. Do what comes natural.

Happy dancing!