New Century Travel Bus Review

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Atmosphere: The buses used by 2000 New Century Travel are large enough to accommodate a lot of people. However, I was under the impression that they would have unpleasant odors, broken seats and an overall dirty environment. The 2000 New Century Travel bus that I boarded to New York was surprisingly clean. The floor was not littered with any trash and appeared to have been recently washed. The seats are packed in tightly and leave just enough space for your legs and a small bag. Large pieces of luggage will not fit in front of or under seats on a 2000 New Century Travel bus. There are storage areas above the seats where you can store small to medium sized bags.  

The 2000 New Century Travel bus company has a policy that they are not responsible for lost or stolen items. I noticed that some of the doors on the storage units were missing and covered in thick ropes or wiring to hold bags in place. That was one red flag that made me wonder how well this Chinatown bus company maintains their vehicles. I arrived at the 2000 New Century Travel bus company almost 20 minutes before departure and the bus was 70% full. I quickly learned that this Chinatown bus gets crowded very fast and they rarely have any empty seats. The 2000 New Century Travel bus was 90% full when I boarded it in New York City also.

Quality: The 2000 New Century Travel Bus Company has a very flexible schedule. You can catch a Chinatown bus almost every 30 minutes using this company. However, they do not always keep to their scheduling which can be very inconvenient. I got home an hour later than scheduled because they stopped on the way out of New York to let more passengers on the bus. They waited until almost every seat was full before departing for the second time. The last empty seat was next to a passenger who could not bend his leg and had to keep it out in front of the seat. The ticket taker and some Asian passengers who wanted to board the bus got upset and mentioned that he had to purchase an additional ticket for the empty seat.

The 2000 New Century Travel Bus Company provides poor customer service. The driver and assistant (or ticket taker) was very rude when I boarded at the Chinatown bus station in New York. They continued to have a conversation in their native language while I stood at the bottom of the bus steps waiting and then asking about their destination. I finally stepped onto the bus after my patience ran out to find out if I was at the right bus. A passenger sitting near the front gave me the information that I needed while the driver and ticket taker continues on with their conversation. A clerk at the 2000 New Century Travel bus station in Philadelphia was very rude also.

The driver going to New York was knowledgeable about that city and very helpful to passengers who wanted to get off at different areas. The driver coming back to Philadelphia only spoke when yelling out bus stops. He stopped at a gas station during the trip from New York and got off of the bus. I was under the impression that this Chinatown bus driver needed gas, but soon learned that it was not the case. I watched as he went into the gas station and started having a conversation with a clerk at the front counter. It was not easy to figure out if this driver for 2000 New Century Travel was wasting time in a conversation or getting directions to Philadelphia. Both scenarios did not give me much confidence in this driver or the Chinatown bus company that he works for.

Price: This Chinatown bus company was recommended to me because of its inexpensive prices. A one way ticket to New York is $12.00 when using the 2000 New Century Travel Bus Company. I bought a round trip ticket for $20, saving me $4 total. The round trip option is a good deal if you do not plan on staying in New York. However, it is not easy to beat prices at the 2000 New Century Travel Bus Company even when paying single ticket prices. If you plan on staying in New York for a few days, $24 dollars seems much better than $50 or $

Verdict: 2000 New Century Travel Bus Company offers E-tickets that you can buy online. If you believe that this is a convenient way to beat the crowds, think again. Some passengers pay with cash right on the bus, so you may not even need a ticket so long as you have money. 2000 New Century Travel Bus Company does not offer refunds, so I would highly question their online ticketing service. Considering the quality of customer service and careless practices for departures and arrival times, I would not recommend that anyone purchase e-tickets on their website. This Chinatown bus company does not appear to assume any liability when it comes to their passengers. If you do not have a lot of money to go to New York from Philadelphia or vice versa, 2000 New Century Travel Bus Company provides an option to do so. Just keep in mind that you are really traveling at your own risk.