Now You Can Play Mobile Games On Pc And Mac With Bluestacks Android Emulator!


Bluestacks Android emulator has allowed a lot of people to run the popular Android platform on their personal Windows or MacOS PC. It is quite popular and offers a wide range of feature to its users. It is absolutely safe and used by 370 million people worldwide. So you can understand how much it is loved by the people. 

One of the most amazing features of the software is that it allows you to play Android games on your desktop. Isn’t it that cool? You can now enjoy better graphics, and improved Gameplay. If you are excited to play games on Bluestacks emulator, then take a look at these top 5 games that you can play on it right now.

AFK Arena

the first game on our list is the AKF Arena. It is a beautiful game, filled with exciting adventures and a great Gameplay. Unlock over 200 powerful heroes, discover more than 100 unique game skills and go on a quest to defeat the enemies and discover new treasures on the way to glory. You can also forge alliance with other AFK players and lead your teams to victory. Read any of the AFK arena blog to know more about the game.

Call Of Duty Mobile

one of the biggest game launch of 2019, the Call of Duty Mobile is a fantastic game to play on Bluestacks. Packed with thrilling Gameplay, hardcore action and mesmerizing graphics, you can squad up with your friends and enjoy this Battle Royale game with competitors from around the world. It is quite similar to PUBG Mobile in a few aspects.

Rise of Kingdoms

if strategy game is your cup of tea, then the Rise of Kingdoms will surely fascinate you. The two most interesting features of the game is solid kingdom building game and real-time battle with others. You can select from a wide range of nations to start with. Administer your kingdom, take care of the population and chalk out effective battle strategies that will give you eternal glory.

Shop Titans

a great development execution and soothing graphics make Shop Titans a really cool game to play on Bluestacks. Start as a merchant and rise up the ranks by expanding your retail business over time. You have the ability to fully customize your character and team up with other artisans or local warlords. Explore mysterious dungeons or fight battles!

Civilization War

the Civilization War has been one of the few games that people absolutely loved from the strategy game genre. From ancient Egypt to the Japanese Shogunate, you can select a nation of your choice and start the game. Each nation has their own set of features and advantages over others. Build a large empire, attack other nations, plunder their loot and expand your territory over time. You can also join a clan and forge an alliance.

These are the 5 best games that you can play on the Bluestacks Android emulator right now!