Online Dating Tips For Women


It’s not too hard to find a guy in online dating. This page will tell you all about the tips for women using online dating focus on how to find “the right guy”. We assume that when you say you’re looking for a boyfriend, you don’t mean the creepy guy who types “A/S/L” and sends you intimate pictures without your consent! Yes, there are always going to be guys out there, but there is a certain type of sophisticated man you want to find. You don’t want to settle for just anyone. You want to meet someone special.

Who Are You Looking For?

One of the best things you can do, and something you should do when going through these online dating tips for women, make a list of all your desirable qualities. Write down what you expect your ideal partner to have.

For example

  • What are his personal qualities?
  • What is his living situation?
  • What are his natural charms?
  • What are his interests or career options?

You’re not fantasizing, because you’re not imagining a perfect man. You’re thinking about the individual parts that create this “perfect man”, and these are all qualities that you can look for in your date. Online dating tips for women are not just about how to shoot a photo or how to type a description. They are also about the attitude you have going into a dating opportunity. Along with the positive qualities, be sure to include negative qualities, “deal breakers” that would make you doubt the long-life of this relationship.

For example

  • What bad habits really bother you?
  • What behaviors are “warning signs” that could indicate a major problem later on?
  • What is the limit you can take when it comes to aggressive behavior?
  • What behavior turns you off sexually and emotionally?

Asking these questions is imperative and is a dating rule for women that you certainly need to follow. When you are capable of making a list that means you are filtering out the wrong type of man, which is a smart move. That means you’re not going to waste your time or his time by trying to create relationships that are doomed to fail. Here we have made a shortlist for you with 7 online dating tips for women to help you significantly in your dating game.

7 Online Dating Tips for Women

  1. Look at other women’s profiles and incorporate their good ideas into your own profile. Stand out from the rest so you can attract the best quality date.
  2. Respond to men who tell you about their interests, especially on your first date. For example, art galleries, theatres (and the choice of the movie), and local events are much more interesting date locations than restaurants or clubs, which don’t really tell you much about the man you’re dating.
  3. Say yes more often. Some women over-filter their dating opportunities based on looks, first impressions, or awkward energy. One good habit to get out of the dating rut you’re in is to say yes more often. For that matter, say yes to the personality types whom you usually reject. It’s one date and doesn’t have to progress to anything. However, talking to different types of men rather than the same old familiar type might broaden your horizons.
  4. Don’t use clichés about yourself when dating online. These tips for women are all about encouraging creativity. Put thought into the answers you give. Don’t just give your date the opportunity to repeat a cliché. Ask open-ended questions that reveal their deeper views about life and love.
  5. Make a deal with yourself that you will go and browse profiles and message a guy that looks interesting to you. “Real” women are often bombarded with attention online and so the easy thing to do is to date one of these aggressive, outgoing fellows. However, by searching for dates yourself, you may find someone who is refreshingly different from the norm.
  6. Post more than one photo. You are already in the top tier of the class if you post a pretty photo of yourself. However, posting numerous photos is one way to stand out from the average female profile, which just has one picture.
  7. Always smile in your photos and try to be friendly. Giving off the impression that you’re mean, hard to get, or scary is not going to motivate the right type of guy. If anything, it will bring more of the same—guys that love a challenge but don’t really have anything special to offer.

These online dating tips for women can help you sort through all the Mr. Wrongs, and help narrow your focus down to men you really enjoy meeting. That’s what dating is about—choosing from the best, not settling for whatever’s easy!