Online Invites & Amp; RSVP


An online invite is the convenience of sending electronic invitations instead of paper ones. There are now a number of websites designed to help users to send sophisticated invites online. They combine the ease of email, the sentiments of a personalized invitations and enhanced social interaction.  

For the purpose of this article I will be making references to, a free on-line invitation and gift list website, it has all the popular mainstream services with a stronger focus on community and social interaction.

When is an online invite appropriate?

Usually when you are responsible for organising / hosting an Event. An event can be any number type of occasions: Birthday, Wedding, Fund-raising, Meeting, Casual drinks, Party, House-warming, Graduation, Baby shower, Dinner party, Christmas / New years party and so on.

If you have a date and venue mind and you have a reasonable idea of who you will be inviting then you are ready to Logon .

Why send an on-line invitation?

I have come to think that Sending invites as a solution to the modern lifestyle that most of us enjoy. Things are a lot faster and people tend to have less time. Sending individual invitations by hand is often impractical and can lead to low response rates. This change in society is also reflected in the rise of electronic mails and the proportional decline of letters. So then why not just use e-mail? The e-mail is already the popular alternative but it lacks charm and sophistication. The email is a good one-to-many communication but it is not a very good many-to-many communication tool.

Features of on-line invitation websites

Firstly, lets have a look what every on-line invitation website worth their salt should should provide:

  • A dedicated page to display your event’s details.
  • The ability to create a guest list.
  • Send e-card invitations to your guests.
  • Guests can respond on-line.
  • Track guest responses.

Now lets look at some of the advanced features available with

  • Personalise a home page dedicated to your Event; decorate it with Colours, Background and Pictures to match the mood of your event.
  • Create a gift list. Ideal for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, House-warmings and Baby showers. Share the gift list with your guests. When a guest chooses the gift they would like to buy you from the gift list then other guests are automatically prevented from selecting the same gift.
  • Easily import guests from popular web services such as GMail, Yahoo! and MSN
  • Set-up many-to-many communications like Message boards, Polls and Check lists enhancing social interaction.
  • Upload and share pictures.
  • Set permissions allowing/disallowing selected guests to view: Guest list, Guest responses, Gift list.
  • Guests may subscribe to be notified when certain events take place such as: New guest has joined, New RSVP, Event has been updated etc.
  • Guests can send messages to individual guests or the whole group.
  • Set automated reminders to remind your guests x days before the event.

All these features contribute to a positive social interaction that sets the tone for the upcoming event. It also serves as a perfect storage place for combined memories with records of all the people who attended, correspondences, comments, pictures and uploads.