Alien Skin Splat!

Alien Skin Does it again! Another killer Photoshop Filter Application! Well, outside of the name, which to me, really doesn’t fit the quality of this fine plug-in for Photoshop, this is one fine combination of frames, textures, edges, borders, and mosaics. I must admit that for the longest time I have been looking for refined […]


The Best Hotels In South Lake Tahoe

The skiing attracts a great number of visitors in winter to South Lake Tahoe. No matter whatever the season is, there are plenty of adventures and actions there. There are endless hiking trails through the Nevada Mountains, and there are bike paths for both social spins and serious cyclists. Not only has this, but the […]

How to Get Polished Eyebrows at Home

Sometimes it can be a lot easier and a way to save money if you do all your own eyebrow grooming. This may seem hard at first, but if you keep good eyebrow maintenance up, you have to do less and less of the big stuff each time. Materials For Proper Eyebrow Shaping Find a […]

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Windows 10- Lifeline of all Computer Models

Whenever something new comes out in the market, people are filled with hope and anticipation that it will bring some changes in working style and prove to be better than its old counterpart.

While most of the times our expectations are dashed in the best way possible as the new one seems like an upgraded but poor remake of an old film and therefore meets with the same fate as do its movie counterparts and it is so because they give you a feeling of déjà vu.

However, it is not the same when it comes to software as each new gadget is 10 times better than the previous model and it is never more evident than when it comes to Windows PC, where each new version surpasses the previous one in terms of technological advancement.


The younger generation is exceptionally fond of anything related to software or Information Technology because they are exposed to it right from childhood especially the post millennium kids.

The 90s and prior generations have not had the privilege of experiencing such advanced technology because it was in its nascent stages in their times and that was when the internet was just starting to spread its wings.

Windows has become quite a popular brand today worldwide alongwith Apple and has set a benchmark for others to follow and the late 90s when having a Windows 98 PC was considered a distant dream for many.

The ones who could own it were few and far between as there had never been such up to date software and hardware products, which is why it became such a huge success in such a stage.

The windows structure is quite massive to be covered up in its entirety so you can understand how and why Windows 10 has become so popular for both masses and classes and much more so than the previous models.


Windows 10 does not comprise of a single operating source but has several operating systems combined and is a product of Microsoft, whose founder Bill Gates is a school dropout, but has set an example that even school going, self proclaimed intellectuals could not do in their entire lifetime.

Repairing and restoring Windows 10 is no mean task as it isn’t like your local computer repair material but is highly advanced in its technique. Nevertheless, let us look at some points to help us out in this task.

They are as follows:

  1. Start using windows start up repair which you can navigate through by clicking on the menu option
  2. Then comes the part when you can use windows restore by clicking on system restore and select your username following which you enter your password
  3. Now perform a disk scan by clicking on command prompt and select ‘Run’ option
  4. Once these are done, you reset the Windows 10 software completely by restarting your computer, which will take an hour or so and when then entire system is rebooted, you will find your desktop completely upgraded

Top 7 Firefighting Boots: 2020

If you are looking for nfpa approved wildland fire boots, then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to take a look at the top 7 firefighting boots that are there in the market along with their pros and cons.

  • Danner Men’s Wildland Tactical Firefighter Work Boots

Starting this list with these amazing and efficient firefighting boots that offer you a 100% leather and Vibram sole that is inspired by athletes so that you get really amazing and powerful firefighting boots. Moreover, you get steel shank integration with these boots as they are NFPA 1977-approved.

On the plus side, you get a lightweight design that offers you breathability and comfort in addition to waterproof, oil-proof, slip-proof, and fireproof boots. The top-quality sole of these amazing boots gives you a reliable pair of boots that are long-lasting and durable.

On the downside, there is no steel toe protection and you might face sizing issues as you order these boots online.

  • White’s Boots Men’s 400VLTT Smoke Jumper Lace-To-Toe Boot

If you are not satisfied with Danner’s boots then here are White’s Boots that are also amazingly good firefighting boots. With these boots, you get a full-grain leather and Vibram sole. Moreover, the extended lacing that you get with these boots offers you an excellent fit as well.

These are highly durable boots that offer you some really amazing safety features and the extensive lacing provides you a secure fit as well. These boots are waterproof, oil-proof, slip-proof, and fireproof as well.
On the downside, these boots are really heavy and they often tend to run large.

  • Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boots

Third on this list is Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boots. These are really amazing and productive boots that you can try. Just like the other firefighting boots you also get a 100% leather and Vibram sole along with EVA MP midsole for additional comfort and efficiency. These classically styled boots also showcase a pro flex XT insole and a gusseted tongue.

You get a multipurpose pair of boots that are relatively light and comfortable. Besides that, you get ample cushioning and a pair of rugged boots that are quite durable.

However, the problem with these boots is that the shanks crack a little early and these boots are not rebuildable as well.

  • La Sportiva Men’s Glacier WLF Hiking Boots

Lastly, we have La Sportiva Men’s Glacier WLF Hiking Boots that comes with a full-grain leather and Vibram sole. These Mountaineering styled boots are really comfortable and durable as well. You also get half steel shanks with these amazingly lightweight boots.

These are quite affordable when it comes to wildland boots. Moreover, you get a pair of lightweight, breathable, durable, and versatile pair of boots that you can use. You also get better traction with these boots because of the Vibram sole.
However, these boots are not designed for frontline fire operations as they are not fireproof and these boots delaminate easily as well.

These are the best firefighting shoes that are available in the market. According to your need and budget, you can choose the boots that appeal to you the most.

Hairstyle- Look Good For Party Season

This is going to be an interesting take on how to look good and what are the factors that contribute for an individual to look beautiful and the cynosure of all eyes. Such thoughts always come to mind and give space for numerous debates to take place, which is fine as there has to be a difference of opinion in such matters.

While experts agree that it is an individual’s personality that reflects his/her true beauty, the debate about physical beauty Vs inner beauty continues to do the rounds all the time and shows no signs of ending anytime too soon.

Today you can find numerous plastic or botox surgeries where celebrities spent a fortune to make their face appealing for a few more years on celluloid and keep it going for them.


Hair Raiser

Despite the facial kits and Porsche salons that are open for people who want a makeover for their face and entire body, we are going to talk about the simplest and perhaps the oldest technique so as to make it a post without flames.

Haircut is the most common method that has been popular since ancient times to give yourself a complete makeover and has been prevalent since the times of the Roman vassals when kings and queens did not have the aforementioned surgeries at their disposal, not that they needed it of course.

Some people are misers who don’t want to waste unnecessary money in saloons and therefore try out hair cutting style at home itself where they succeed after initial hiccups.

It is no secret that celebrities are obsessed with their looks and none more so than their hair, which they equate to royalty because regardless of how handsome your face is, it is hair that completes your macho persona.

This is why actors who undergo premature balding right from their 30s find their careers as leading men fizzling out much sooner and are forced to play dad to heroes who are older or a few years younger than them while the heroines who were their love interest at one point now become their daughters or granddaughters, which is quite hair raising to imagine.

Men’s Hair

We are now going to list out some popular hairstyles that men can try out because the party season is just round the corner so it is better to be ready before the occasion calls for it.

They are as follows:

  • Slick and Shiny- This is the most popular style that youngsters want which you can get by trying out renowned gels like Crew Pomade and Super goo but use it when the hair is completely dry otherwise it won’t look good
  • There are many people who prefer wet hair and therefore Korres gel and Fudge hair gum is the best alternative for them and is best used for hair that is towel dried
  • If you want a rugged look, keep your hair curly and wavy so that it is soft to touch while the slanting curls would make up an unruly mop that girls love and looks best with a stubble or goatee

Review: Dell INSPIRON 15 Notebook

People keep telling me all about how Laptops will never meet Desktop computers in power, I still insist they’re wrong. In fact, there’s a bright patch of proof for that. The Dell INSPIRON 15 Notebook. It’s one of the few laptops of the era that jams a load of power and performance into a light and easy to carry casing, without the extreme overheating you get with those bulky notebooks. Simply put, it boasts features standard in Desktop computers that you don’t see in most all laptops. This alone gave it residence in the computer world, and programmers love it too.


  • Ease of use: 4/5 Stars
  • Screen Color/Clarity: 5/5 Stars
  • Features: 5/5 Stars
  • Extendability: 5/5 Stars
  • Battery Lifetime: 5/5 Stars
  • Processor and Memory Performance: 5/5 Stars
  • Hard Drive Space: 5/5 Stars
  • Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars


The Dell INSPIRON 15 Notebook is actually one of the many laptops I’ve bought, and surprisingly it was one of the last. When I got this notebook I expected it to be another hype, something that wasn’t all it was gloried to be. But I soon found that the claims floating about were in fact true, it’s truly a powerhouse of laptops. It’s for standard uses, like a home computer. But would also serve as a great asset to programmers as myself. It has a powerful and speedy Pentium Dual-Core 2 GHz Processor, which means running many intensive programs at once will not visibly hinder use of the computer. This is also especially useful to graphics developers and users of programs such as Photoshop and 3ds Max, it means you can work freely without interruption or loss of data. Speaking of data, with the included 250 GB Serial ATA running at 5400 RPM, you can cram a motherload of data into this little beast without having to worry about uninstalling things every time you need to update software. It also means you can store all those family photos and work documents wherever you want in large quantities without having to hassle around burning data to CDs every hour or two.

It also includes a massive 4 GB of RAM, meaning you can run Vista Ultimate without flinching. You can do whatever you’d like while listening to music or surfing the net, and won’t have to worry about your computer freezing up or lagging while you’re doing so. The memory also means you can have massive amounts of data open in programs such as notepad and not having it freeze every time you scroll down, extremely useful to coders and writers alike. For the movie fanatics and music fans, it also carries with it an 8x DVD±R Dual Layer drive for watching movies and burning music. This is a wonderful thing for people who make home movies also. If you want to play games, of course, it has a nice Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD for doing so at high rates of speed and FPS without glitches and lagginess.

Where, and how much?:

I got mine straight from, it seemed the cheapest option at the time (Probably still is). I didn’t mind the price, at $674.99 at the time. As; it really did prove to be far more of an asset than any laptop I’d spent up to double on. This is a definite keeper for anyone from the home user to the professional artist, photographer, or even programmer.

Review of Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover for Face Kit

Sally Hansen cream hair remover for face kit costs roughly 7.00. The cream hair remover for face kit includes a 2 ounce bottle of cream hair remover and a .5 ounce bottle of coconut after use skin conditioner.

Sally Hansen cream hair remover kit claims that the hair remover cream has a pleasant vanilla scent. In my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth. The facial hair remover cream smelled absolutely horrid a combination of sulfur rotten egg smell with that of a solvent. Having to smell that for the three minutes that I had the Sally Hansen cream hair remover on my face was not a pleasant experience. However, the coconut after skin conditioner had a very pleasant scent and helped redeem the Sally Hansen cream hair remover kit as a whole.

The cream hair remover is very harsh on skin. This fact surprised me since the hair remover cream is specifically made for removing hair from the face. I recommend that you only leave the cream on your face for two to three minutes the first time that you try it to see how your skin will react. Sally Hansen’s cream hair remover is harsh but it is also very effective. Although it left the sensitive skin on my face feeling sore and looking red for a day, the cream hair remover worked incredibly well at removing hair.

Sally Hansen cream hair remover is harsh but also works very quickly. The 3 minutes recommended as a test time on the instructions is all I need. The hair remover cream is also quite thick so it stays where you put it, this is especially helpful in a cream designed for use on the face.

Sally Hansen cream hair remover claims that it slows hair regrowth after repeated use. I found this to be true. I have noticed that after using the cream hair remover for a few weeks hair regrowth has slowed down. And the hair that does regrow is finer and easier to remove.

I also wish that Sally Hansen’s cream hair remover kit included an applicator of some sort. The instruction say to apply it with your hands, but I found that to be very messy.

At a cost of 7.00 per kit I believe the cream hair remover to be an excellent value. I expect it will last for four months.Also note that in addition to leaving your skin sore and red looking for a day the cream will dry it out for two to three days. Just make sure that you have plenty of extra moisturizer on hand after you use Sally Hansen’s hair remover cream and also make sure to apply a very thick coating of the coconut after conditioner once you have washed off the cream hair remover. The coconut after conditioner included in Sally Hansen’s kit is very helpful and good at soothing skin after using the cream hair remover.

I expect that I will buy this product again though I do plan to look for one that is a little gentler. In the meantime I will continue using Sally Hansen cream hair remover long term, particularly if it continues to slow down hair regrowth.

Review of Parissa Natural Hair Removal System

Parissa Natural Hair Removal System might be the answer for women that constantly face the challenge of removing facial hair. Those with dark hair face even greater challenges because the hair shows even more. Then there is the challenge of finding the right product that doesn’t irritate or cause lines of demarcation. Enter Parissa Natural Hair Removal System.

Parissa Natural Hair Removal System offers women several options for the removal of facial hair, as well as offering products made specifically for the legs, body, and bikini area. The products are easy to use, cause little irritation, and are much more affordable than salon waxing.

What is unique about the Parissa Natural Hair Removal System is that the products are made from all natural ingredients. They also off products based on skin type, and features to make it easy and convenient for a user to select the right Parissa Natural Hair Removal System for the specific hair type, product feature, and or body area.

In reviewing the Parissa Natural Hair Removal Wax Strips for instance, this product is perfect for any skin type and used for the removal of hair in the eyebrow area making waxing easy with no mess. One need only press the strips on the area to remove hair and zip it right off. Once the hair is removed the user should apply azulene oil hair inhibitor to the area to make the absence of hair last longer. Each kit contains a vial of the azulene oil hair, 16 double-sided strips and an instruction guide and retails for $8.00. Results of hair removal should last approximately six weeks with the use of the Parissa Natural Hair Removal Wax Strips System. The strips are also a great option for hair removal in the bikini area.

For other facial hair areas the Parissa Natural Hair Removal System offers several other options. Parissa Hot Wax is an ideal choice for those with dark coarse facial hair. The product is created for sensitive skin yet provides effective results for hair removal. The user should melt the wax, smooth it on, and peel it off. Each kit contains the Hot Wax, spatulas, a vial of azulene oil hair inhibitor, and an instruction guide. The kit retails for $8.00. This Parissa Natural Hair Removal System product works well for chin hair, upper-lip, and the bikini area as well. There is also a Warm Wax System that is also a microwaveable liquid product but uses strips for removal. This product retails for $10.00.

Parissa Natural Hair Removal System also offers Chamomile Body Sugar created for light hair growth. This product works well on fair colored hair and is a great choice for teens, as well as those that are new to hair facial removal. One need only warm up the body sugar paste, apply it to the area in which hair is to be removed, and zip it off with the strips. The Parissa Natural Hair Removal Chamomile Body Sugar retails for $10.00, and includes the Body Sugar, a vial of azulene oil inhibitor, spatulas, applicator strips, muslin strips, and an instruction guide. For more information on any of the Parissa Natural Hair Removal System products visit the Web site today.

Product Review of Carefree Hair Remover: A Razor-Free Existence

I am done shaving!

After years of bending and stretching in the shower to shave my long legs, I finally got fed up with it. I decided to try using a depilatory. I have heard of them for years, of course, but never thought to try one. I thought it was about time I did.  

I had planned to use Veet after seeing several of their new commercials featuring Alyssa Milano, but when I went to the store to buy it, I noticed that the newest depilatory on the market, Carefree Hair Remover, was offering a package containing their Totally Smooth Leg Crème, Bladeless Hair Removal Tool and a free bottle of After Hair Removal daily moisturizer. I had seen commercials for this product as well and thought I would try it.

As the product recommends, I did a patch test first. I applied a small amount of the hair removal crème around my ankle using the hands-free sponge-tipped applicator on the bottle. After three minutes, I gently used the bladeless razor and removed the crème. The hair came off without any problems, so I continued to remove the crème until it was all gone. Then I rinsed and washed the area as instructed.

Twenty four hours later the spot was still clean. I didn’t have a reaction to the crème, so I applied it to my entire leg. It was a little tricky figuring out how to properly apply the crème to my whole leg using the applicator. I wasn’t sure how much to squeeze. By the time I was done applying it, it was time to use the bladeless tool. Again, the crème and hari came off without any problems. So I applied the crème to my other leg.

This time was much easier, and I was able to apply the crème a little faster. When I was done, I checked to see if enough time passed to use the razor. It was. I was again able to remove the crème and hair without any problems. I rinsed the razor off several times as it filled up with the crème.

When I was done, I took my shower and made sure I washed my legs and hands thoroughly. After my shower, I applied the After Hair Removal. I didn’t worry about doing a patch test because there are no ingredients that can bother my skin. It contains aloe, natural soy and vitamin E. My legs were very smooth and definitely hair-free when I was done.

The entire process was quick and easy. I couldn’t believe that it had taken me years of being uncomfortable trying to shave in the shower before I finally tried a depilatory. Because of back surgery I had when I was twelve, it is very hard for me to bend and twist. This made shaving very difficult and uncomfortable. With the Carefree Hair Remover, I was able to stand beside my bathtub and prop my leg up and use the remover without any bending or twisting and without making a mess. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is ready for a switch from shaving.

Pro Tan Hair Away 4 Minute Hair Remover

I have been so sick of shaving lately that I actually tried a hair removal cream product. The hair removal cream product I decided to try was the Pro Tan Hair Away 4 Minute Hair Remover. I have to say it did a surprisingly good job with removing my leg hairs, but did leave me with some irritation afterwards.  

The Pro Tan Hair Away 4 Minute Hair Remover comes in an 8.5 fluid ounce squeezable bottle. The hair remover itself if whitish in color and thick like a lotion. The hair remover is made from ingredients such as aloe, soybean oil, calcium hydroxide, minerals, alcohol, green tea, thioglycollic acid and sodium hydroxide. Now the label on the bottle says the hair remover is not suppose too smell bad, however, I beg to differ. I think the hair remover product smells like burnt hair with a hint of mango and lime. It is truly a disgusting scent to me. However, I used the remover anyways to rid the hair from my hair legs.

The way I used this hair remover is by undressing and putting a robe on because the remover is messy. After, I took small handfuls of the hair remover and applied thin even layers to my legs without rubbing the remover into my skin. The remover is easy to apply much as if a lotion is, but rest upon the skin. The remover does sting a tiny bit when on which I did not think was good, but I continued with keeping the remover on for about 5 minutes. Then I took a wet cotton washcloth and removed the hair remover and unwanted hair from my legs gently using an upward motion. Surprising as I mentioned the hair came off wonderfully and easily. However, I did jump into the shower after and rinsed my skin down with plenty of warm water because my skin was irritated a bit with a slight red rash that did go away after rinsing down. However, I did not use any soap to wash up with because I was afraid the soap would irritated my skin even more. After, I did apply some aloe to my super smooth hair free legs and went about my day.

However, my silky smooth legs only stayed silky smooth for one week before having to use the hair remover again. I will say I would recommend the Pro Tan Hair Away 4 Minute Hair Remover to any adult woman to use on her leg areas only to remove hair because I feel this remover is not gently enough for the arms, underarm areas, bikini lines and face. This hair remover is affordable and worth using, but I am not sure if I would get it again simply because it did irritate my sensitive skin.

Oswego Lake: Where the Locals Walk on Water

The first time I wandered upon the calm waters of Oswego Lake in Burlington County, N.J, I didn’t know it was the local favorite swimming hole. I didn’t care. I just couldn’t figure out how the swimmers in the middle of the lake were standing on the water!

I saw a group of swimmers walk out about 50 yards or so before than swam for about another 25 yards. Then they stood up and continued walking, seemingly on the water’s surface. I was dumbfounded. I’m sure no miracles happened in this part of New Jersey.  

“Amazing,” I heard a swimmer said. “You must be new because you keep staring out there. There’s no trick. It’s just a sand wash under the surface that’s all.”

Since then its become one of my favorite swimming holes in New Jersey.

History of Oswego Lake

About a 100 years ago when the state took over the land and decided to dam up the Wading River, workers created a 277-acre lake where a cranberry bog once operated. Currents that circulated through the kidney-shaped lake deposited a mound of soil near the middle of Oswego Lake’s western half. A small island appears during a drought because the sandy soil is so porous it allows the water table to drop if there is a week or so without rain. Most of the time, however, the water over the mound is about ankle to knee deep depending on recent rainfalls.

Free Family Fun

But Oswego Lake remains a favorite swimming hole for locals because its free and has a large parking lot. Families with small children enjoy the fact that the water is relatively shallow, making it safe for youngsters. There are picnic tables and room for many to enjoy a quiet summer day and the cool breezes that flow through the nearby Pine Barrens.

Room for a Picnic, Frisbee Toss

There’s a huge picnic area along the lake with a few picnic tables. There’s a grassy area nearby that gives everybody a chance to play horseshoes or throw a Frisbee.


Oswego Lake is located about three miles down Lake Oswego Road which is a northeast turn off of State Highway 679 and about 10 miles north of the Mullica River in the southern portion of New Jersey.

Launch a Canoe

There’s a canoe launch of the parking lot at the lake and many explore the odd-shaped lake while other family members swim and relax on the beach. Others use Oswego Lake as a put-in location for a canoe or kayak ride down the Wading River to Harrisville Lake, about day’s trip down the river.

Military buffs enjoy Oswego Lake because it’s located on the other side of the Penn Swamp Forest away from the bombing range at Warren Grove. That’s where pilots in the U.S. Armed Forces make their practice bombing runs.

Online Invites & Amp; RSVP

An online invite is the convenience of sending electronic invitations instead of paper ones. There are now a number of websites designed to help users to send sophisticated invites online. They combine the ease of email, the sentiments of a personalized invitations and enhanced social interaction.  

For the purpose of this article I will be making references to, a free on-line invitation and gift list website, it has all the popular mainstream services with a stronger focus on community and social interaction.

When is an online invite appropriate?

Usually when you are responsible for organising / hosting an Event. An event can be any number type of occasions: Birthday, Wedding, Fund-raising, Meeting, Casual drinks, Party, House-warming, Graduation, Baby shower, Dinner party, Christmas / New years party and so on.

If you have a date and venue mind and you have a reasonable idea of who you will be inviting then you are ready to Logon .

Why send an on-line invitation?

I have come to think that Sending invites as a solution to the modern lifestyle that most of us enjoy. Things are a lot faster and people tend to have less time. Sending individual invitations by hand is often impractical and can lead to low response rates. This change in society is also reflected in the rise of electronic mails and the proportional decline of letters. So then why not just use e-mail? The e-mail is already the popular alternative but it lacks charm and sophistication. The email is a good one-to-many communication but it is not a very good many-to-many communication tool.

Features of on-line invitation websites

Firstly, lets have a look what every on-line invitation website worth their salt should should provide:

  • A dedicated page to display your event’s details.
  • The ability to create a guest list.
  • Send e-card invitations to your guests.
  • Guests can respond on-line.
  • Track guest responses.

Now lets look at some of the advanced features available with

  • Personalise a home page dedicated to your Event; decorate it with Colours, Background and Pictures to match the mood of your event.
  • Create a gift list. Ideal for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, House-warmings and Baby showers. Share the gift list with your guests. When a guest chooses the gift they would like to buy you from the gift list then other guests are automatically prevented from selecting the same gift.
  • Easily import guests from popular web services such as GMail, Yahoo! and MSN
  • Set-up many-to-many communications like Message boards, Polls and Check lists enhancing social interaction.
  • Upload and share pictures.
  • Set permissions allowing/disallowing selected guests to view: Guest list, Guest responses, Gift list.
  • Guests may subscribe to be notified when certain events take place such as: New guest has joined, New RSVP, Event has been updated etc.
  • Guests can send messages to individual guests or the whole group.
  • Set automated reminders to remind your guests x days before the event.

All these features contribute to a positive social interaction that sets the tone for the upcoming event. It also serves as a perfect storage place for combined memories with records of all the people who attended, correspondences, comments, pictures and uploads.

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