Alien Skin Splat!

Alien Skin Does it again! Another killer Photoshop Filter Application! Well, outside of the name, which to me, really doesn’t fit the quality of this fine plug-in for Photoshop, this is one fine combination of frames, textures, edges, borders, and mosaics. I must admit that for the longest time I have been looking for refined […]


The Best Hotels In South Lake Tahoe

The skiing attracts a great number of visitors in winter to South Lake Tahoe. No matter whatever the season is, there are plenty of adventures and actions there. There are endless hiking trails through the Nevada Mountains, and there are bike paths for both social spins and serious cyclists. Not only has this, but the […]

How to Get Polished Eyebrows at Home

Sometimes it can be a lot easier and a way to save money if you do all your own eyebrow grooming. This may seem hard at first, but if you keep good eyebrow maintenance up, you have to do less and less of the big stuff each time. Materials For Proper Eyebrow Shaping Find a […]

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Twitter Dating: How to Find @Love

Have you tried finding love at bars and clubs to no avail? Has Myspace’s fall left you with one less place to turn? Is Facebook to bogged down with Farmville gifts to filter through for you to care to look for love there? Twitter is being called the future of social networking sites and is making it easier and easier to find compatibility. Just like Twitter, Tiktok is also getting really popular and people buy TikTok likes cheap to boost the number of likes to their TikTok videos. Here are a few tips for finding love the lazy way.

  1. Join

Hopefully, this is obvious to you but if not, you will need to sign up with Twitter. Visit and click on Sign Me Up Now. From there you will have a very simple list of blanks to fill out to get started. Keep in mind when picking your username that this is what people will see. Be simple and aim for something as close to your name as possible. If it’s taken try adding an underscore ( _ ), or use initials or shortened versions of your name.

  1. Set up a Profile

Once you are connected to Twitter the next step is to set up your profile. Start with your profile picture. Remember when choosing your picture that it will only show as a tiny thumbnail next to your username. Chose a picture that is close enough to show your more flattering details but avoids being mysterious about anything. People like to know who they’re talking to.

After selecting your picture go to your account information and give the world of Twits an idea as to who you are. You are limited to one line of information about yourself and your location. Utilize the “More Info URL” if you have a blog or similar website that will lead people to a better knowledge of you.

  1. Build a Circle

The main point behind social networking sites is to have people to follow and chat with. That said, it shouldn’t be surprising that when getting started with Twitter you will want to do the same. It is pretty easy to find people to connect with on Twitter by searching keywords and browsing through the people your friends follow and who they follow and on and on… Building a social circle not only makes using twitter more fun but it gives you a bit of value as well. As is the case with life in general, the more friends you have, the more appealing you are. However, if there is someone in particular that you’re gunning for I would wait just a bit before adding him/her. I’ll explain why in a moment.

  1. Reply to Friends

Replying to your friends is a huge part of Twitter. With a maximum of 140 characters per Tweet and reply, you have to be short with anything you say but keep in mind that everything is public. As such, it should be assumed that the person you want to get to know is reading everything. In your shortness be as clever and witty as possible. Sell yourself not only in your tweets but also in your replies.

  1. Follow Your Crush

Now that you have a social circle worth bragging about, you’ve developed a history of tweets, and you’ve got plenty of replies to your friends that show how much fun you can be, follow your crush. The steps leading up to this were preparatory. You were giving this person something to look at once you established an online friendship. Now you get to make them a part of the fun.

  1. Begin Relationship

The best way to begin any relationship is to avoid coming off as threatening. Reply to their tweets while making sure not to come off as overwhelming. Do not reply to everything they post. Use moderation and, like with your friends, be as witty, clever, and charming as possible in your 140 characters. Gain the person’s attention.

  1. Take it to the next level

Before you start replying to your crush asking for a phone number, use the direct message option to talk to them one-on-one in private. At this point, you will want to step your game up to avoid falling into the friend zone. Be assertive and direct without being demanding. Tell the person they are of the sort that you find attractive. Let them know that you enjoy your conversations and would like to expand on that outside of Twitter. But please, please, ease your way into things. Be playful. Be funny. Do not demand anything or you risk scaring this person away.

  1. Get the Number

You’ve made the friendship. You’ve proven yourself worthwhile. You’re carrying a good conversation in public and, now, in private. It’s time to go for the number. Continue to be assertive while warding away any creepiness. One way to do this is to tell the person you would like to move things on to a more intimate situation by moving the conversations into a phone call. Provide your number first. This shows that you are no afraid of making the step and will hopefully give them the confidence to provide you with their number. Who knows, they may even call you before you hear back from them on Twitter!

  1. Do not Tweet Drunk

Remember that you are trying to attract someone here, people. What is the fastest way to ruin any sort of respect you’ve built for yourself? Drinking and trying to communicate. This goes for phone calls, text messages, and, hugely, social networking. Not only is your drunken Tweet indecipherable but it also tells the world that you were either A) sitting alone on Twitter and drinking yourself to happiness or B) out with friends and rather than enjoying their company you were sitting on your phone Tweeting. Nothing attractive there. Nothing.

  1. Do Not Give Out Too Much Information

Sticking with the idea of remaining attractive to all potentials you want to avoid giving out too much information. Ladies, no guy wants to hear about your cycle, regular or not. Gentlemen, your latest sexual conquest is not going to help you conquer the woman of your dreams. Save that stuff for a situation where you can actually receive the high-fives and congratulatory you’re-not-pregnant party.

There are you are, people. A how-to guide to getting the girl of your dreams on Twitter. Best of luck to you all and Good Tweets. Don’t let me down.

Why You Should Be Your Own Financial Planner

Financial planning can be overwhelming to those who are new to the topic. However, you don’t have to have your MBA to manage your own finances; in fact, a financial planner will most likely not have an MBA and may have a background in a field such as insurance sales, not investing. Many financial planners today do decide to become Certified Financial Planners, which means that they have to complete a battery of testing on financial topics including estate planning, investing, and the law.

However, you probably don’t need to know about all aspects of financial planning and may be able to put together your own do-it-yourself financial planning program with a little bit of research into the topics that you need the most help with. You can not only save yourself a lot of money by being your own financial planner, as fees can be quite extensive, but you can be assured that your best interests are taken into account when you become your own financial planner.

Although I have my MBA and have an interest in personal finance issues, I was curious about how a financial planner would get started in looking at a potential client, so I decided to purchase the book “Getting Started as a Financial Planner” by Jeffrey H. Rattiner.

Touted as the guide to becoming a financial planner, I thought that I would gain great insights into the financial planning field. Instead, I was disappointed as the book gives a slight overview of each of the facets of financial planning and greatly infers that financial planners greatly rely on worksheets that anyone can find on the internet in order to complete your financial plan. Often, you’ll find that these worksheets rely on assumptions that may or may not correspond with your individual situation, which is quite disconcerting considering that many people feel that they are receiving an individualized financial plan when in fact they may be getting a “one size fits all” financial plan instead.

For example, in completing the retirement planning worksheet given in the book, an inflation rate of 4.5% and a return on investment of 7.5% are assumed, both of which are very conservative and may lead you to think that you are not saving enough for retirement when in fact you are saving plenty.

So, where should you start in trying to do your own financial planning? Before getting started, you’ll want to educate yourself in the various topics of financial planning. Yahoo! Finance is a great resource on many of the areas of financial planning, including investing, retirement planning, and insurance. The site provides insights from financial experts, as well as calculators and how-to guides for budgeting, taxes, and retirement and investing in general. You may also want to consult books on financial planning. There are so many different opinions on financial planning outlooks that you may want to browse through books in the library first in order to find a style and approach that works for you. By educating yourself in the field of financial planning, you can easily become your own financial planner!

It is the best method to save as much as you can for the future even today where people that are into jobs know it’s true value, which prevents them from squandering them on frugal expenses and managing wealth is the top priority of a good financial planner that is planning and managing his own finances and serving as an inspiration to others at the same time.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Commuters

Insulated Travel Mug

It’s a pretty safe bet that commuters drink a lot of coffee, tea or other beverage on their drive to work each morning. These two beverage containers are great ideas for commuters. The insulated travel mug from has a ceramic base and is available in everyday and seasonal designs. Another beverage container that will be appreciated by commuters is the tumbler style “Tip-n-Sip” available by These amazing travel tumblers use thermodynamic technology to adjust the temperature of every sip of your hot coffee to the perfect drinking temperature, while keeping the rest of your coffee piping hot. Available in six colors.


Commuters are bound to get tired listening to the same radio stations month after month, and even mudic cd’s are bound to get old. A Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for commuters that will make the commute enjoyable and the travel time fly is an audio book. Better still, a great Valentine’s Day gift idea that keeps on giving is a membership to an audiobook club. Two audiobook clubs worth looking into are and Valentine gift ideas can be gathered through the person along with door prize ideas. The ideas should be impressive and creative to get the right results with the correct decision. The spending of the money should be in the notice of the person. 

Car Visor Wallet

There is no worse feeling in the world than to pull up the dry cleaner and not be able to find the ticket for pick up or losing the grocery list for tonight’s dinner. A Car visor wallet is useful and practical Valentine’s Day gift idea for commuters. An ideal car visor wallet has slots for cd storage, a mesh pocket for emergency cash, holding dry cleaning tickets, grocery lists and other important items and includes a place for an extra pen or tire gauge. A car visor wallet that fits this bill can be found at

Trunk Organizer

Those who spend a lot of time in their cars also tend to carry a lot of “stuff” with them in their cars. Trunk organizers are available in many sizes from grocery bag size to those with several compartments and large enough to fill the entire trunk. A trunk organizer is a Valentine’s Day gift idea for commuters that will be useful and practical for commuting, grocery shopping and many other uses. The website has several trunk organizers to fit the needs of the commuter in your life.

Insulated Bag

An Insulated bag is an ideal Valentine’s Day gift idea for commuters whether the commuter in your life sits in traffic long enough to eat breakfast on the go, have a late-afternoon snack on the drive home or transports a lunch to eat at work. Like trunk organizers, insulated bags are available in a variety of sizes, from lunch size, 6-pack size or grocery bag size for waters, snacks, lunch or other items. One source for insulated bags is

Auto Sun Shade

If the commuter in your life isn’t lucky enough to park in a deck or garage, the car interior can be exposed to sunlight all year long, and heat in the summer. Not only is the interior damaged, the inside of the car gets very hot! An auto sun shade is a Valentine’s Day gift idea for commuters that will be appreciated any time the commuter in your life parks the car on the street or even the driveway. Two sources to buy auto sun shades in a variety of styles are and

Blogging Towards an Income


Thanks to the internet, it has made it accessible for people to start earning money from the comfort of home. Armed with only a computer, many people have found ways to make a little extra cash! The only problem with that is having to sort through all the scams out there. It doesn’t take long for someone to realize that an opportunity may not be legit.

One of the easiest ways to make money from home is by simply blogging. If you don’t know what blogging is, it is basically the same thing as a journal. The only exception is that this journal is published online where anyone can read it.

There are many bloggers in the world, and many blogs based around a variety of topics. Some just write about their life, some post photos they’ve taken, while others write about specific topics. A quick search on a search engine can bring you lists of blogs that write about anything and everything. Politics, the news, famous people, gossip, advice, and so much more can be found online. Just about anything that anyone could ever be interested in.

You might be surprised to know that many of these bloggers also use their blogs to make a small income from home, too! It’s not always simple, but it is definitely possible! Evergreen Wealth Formula scam can reduce the chances of earning revenue from online fashion marketing course. A visit to the blogs should be safe and secure for the person to get the advantage. The bet foot should be put forward to know about the scams and reduce in the online life. 

Contextual Advertising

The first thing you might notice about some blogs are that they carry text ads. Whether it’d be from a source like Google Adsense, or Adbrite. Contextual Advertising is a big way to make some extra cash from your blog.

This only works, though, if you receive a generous amount of visitors to your blog per month. If you only get 1000 visitors per month, chances are you won’t make much.

This form of advertising is usually only found on popular blogs. Big blogs with a large readership tend to be the ones that make an almost regular income from this. Less popular blogs can take months, even a year or more before they reach the cashout that the big blogs get in a week.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a popular way to make money from banners, and sometimes text, ads. Unlike contextual advertising, signing up with one affiliate program will only give you one advertiser. Where as with contextual advertising, you could find a variety of advertisers show up as text ads on your site. The advantage for this is that you’ll receive a higher pay, but on the other hand you will also have to make a sale or a sign up to receive it. You don’t get paid by CTR (click through rate) or CPM (cost per thousand) views, unless they specify differently during signup.

What is great about affiliate programs are that you can sign up for one that has a product that is specific towards what your blog is about. If you write about the news, it would only make sense to have an affiliate that is looking to sell a type of newspaper.

Many websites that use an affiliate program for their products don’t advertise it. You have to find them by joining websites that list all the affiliate programs that can be found through them. This can be an advantage for you, because that means you won’t have to spend hours upon hours searching through search engine results for individual affiliates that are related to your blog content.

Sponsored Posting

Many companies want to get the word out about their products, websites, or services, but don’t want to pay the high advertising costs. That’s where sponsored postings come in. You will find that on some blogs you may come across that they sometimes write a post directed towards a specific website or product. That business is paying them to write about it!

Some businesses will pay a lot for you to write about them in your blog. In most cases you can write whatever you like about them, as well. If you found that their product wasn’t really worth the money, write about it. You still get paid.

There are some cases where you’re only allowed to write about the product, or website in a positive manner. In those cases, you’ll probably want to avoid accepting sponsored assignments about things that you don’t feel at least a little positive about.

Sometimes a website or business will approach you about writing about their website or product. That doesn’t always happen, unless you have a very successful and popular website. In which case, you can sign up at a “middle man” type website that will help set you up with a list of advertisers looking for people to blog about their websites, products, or services. This can be very helpful for you.

When it comes to being paid from something like this, how much you get paid and the next blogger gets paid can be very different. If your blog doesn’t receive much traffic, your sponsored post assignments will probably be pretty low paying.

Increasing Your Page Rank

This is very important when it comes to earning money through your blog. If your PR (page rank) is a 0, you will not make much from your blog. It means that you’re not receiving much traffic, you don’t have many people linking back to your site, and you’re generally just not very well known about.

There are things you can do, though, that will help you increase your PR. Submitting your blog to search engines can be one of the biggest steps. Make sure you’re indexed. If you’re indexed, you will get seen more.

Once you know you’re indexed in as many search engines as you can find, it is time to check out blog directories. By submitting your blog to blog directories, it helps create the much needed link back to your blog that you need. The more links back you get, the higher your PR is bound to go. It also does a double job, by being listed it can help you bring in some visitors from those sites.

My last tip is a real simple one. Blog traffic exchanges are a traffic exchange for just blogs. This doesn’t only get you page views, it can also bring in some regular visitors and readers. It can also help create some regular traffic and get your blog known.

Though many people have doubted it, it is possible to make money from home. All you really need to do is be persistent and keep trying. You can make extra cash for things you need, without falling into the hands of a business opportunity scam. By simply monetizing your blog, you can make that much more money doing something you might already be doing now!

How Do You Choose The Best Mattress For Yourself!

Replacing the mattress can well be a little exhausting job. Navigating several stores and the websites online, debating between springs and foam, and identifying how much actually to spend may leave you feeling as if you require a good nap.

Instead, you may choose to skip this kind of stress, and you can go on to follow these below-mentioned tips- that will assist you to navigate the world of distinct quality mattresses.

Quite a tough job

Also, it is kind of very clear and most people will agree that selecting the right mattress for yourself is no simple task. As the first thing first, you’ve to dispose of that old one, go through the tedious procedure of opting for a new bed that’ll serve you and your family well, in the years to come. Given that you have over couple dozen options, the manufacturers and the handful kinds and materials don’t help, does it?

Thus, this guide will help you all to determine the best way when it comes to selecting the Best Mattress Topper For Sofa Bed 2020 for yourself and the things, you may consider when you are choosing for the best mattress for yourself. Let’s just try and learn a few of the most crucial factors involved when it comes to choosing the new mattress.

  • The Life Of A Mattress

The age of a mattress goes on to play a very huge impact on opting for the new one. In general, when a mattress is over eight years old then it is perchance not the bad idea if you are to consider getting the new one. But, this doesn’t go for all the mattresses. There are obviously a few of them that are very much able to last beyond eight years and still continues to provide the same quality of performance. 

  • The kind of mattress you need?

The kind of mattress every person requires varies on personal preference. With several variations of the types of mattresses, often times this may be among the toughest choice to make. However, you need not worry, below you will read about the mattress kinds to assist you to make the research and select your mattress a little easier.

  • Memory Foam-

These are known for offering great support, body contouring, and pressure relief.

  • Latex-

These mattresses are known for their comfort, cooling, bounce, and great responsiveness.

  • Coils-

Coil mattresses (aka innerspring) have got one or more than one layer of the spring coils (usual steel) that offer stability and comfort. With technology advancing, the number, kinds, and layers of the coils alter.

Other popular types of mattresses-

  1. Hybrids
  2. Adjustable
  3. Pillow-tops

Final Words

The budget plays a very crucial role and it varies from one person to another. Keeping this in mind there are several mattresses available in several ranges. So, it is affordable by all.

These are a few of the things, one should consider before buying any mattress.

How to vape and how to use e-cigarette. E-cigarette manual

New to Vaping? Watch How to Vape!

How to vape? It’s easy! It’s simple! It’s fun!

Vaping Vamps was designed solely with women smokers in mind.

• None You’re getting the best, easiest and lightest e-cigarette at the best price.

• None You’re helping other women. We donate 5 percent of our profits to charity.

• None You risk nothing. Our 105% guarantee is the best you’ll find anywhere. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the kit within 30 days and we’ll refund your money, plus 5 percent.

Your e-cigarette may not be fully charged. If it doesn’t produce vapor right away, please be patient. Simply plug it in using your USB and/or wall charger. The blue light will blink and then it is charging. Wait several hours and then you’re ready for vaping!

Vaping is similar to smoking – simply inhale on the cartomizer end. The other end will light up and you’ll blow out vapor! Hold your e-cigarette horizontally, just like smoking. Your battery will last about 1-2 hours before it needs to be charged again.

Your new e-cigarette offers many advantages over a traditional cigarette:

• None Four main ingredients (vanquish the vile chemicals in cigarettes!)

• Vape inside many bars, restaurants where smoking is banned

• Feel better about yourself

Each cartomizer contains just four ingredients: vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), nicotine and flavoring. USD-approved, food-grade ingredients, VG and PG create the vapor you blow out.

Your e-cigarette is safe as long as you don’t tamper with or damage the battery or cartomizer. Also keep in mind:

• None Keep your e-cigarette away from anyone under age 18

• Don’t use nicotine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

• Keep your battery charged when not in use so it will be ready for vaping

Your e-cigarette and vape kits use a lithium battery. When it’s completely dead, please recycle by bringing it to your local Target or Walmart, or find your local recycler at

Cartomizer run dry? When you start to lose vapor and get a dry taste, it’s time to open a new cartomizer. Simply toss the old one. If you’re running out of cartomizers, order more on our website. Better yet, sign up to have cartomizers shipped to you every month!

Battery dead? If the “lit” end starts flashing, doesn’t light up and/or you’re losing vapor, it’s time to recharge the battery. Simply screw the battery into your USB charger and plug it into your computer, the A/C charger or a car charger.

Your battery should last about 2-3 months before you’ll need to replace it (see Safety Info. for how to correctly dispose it). Order another battery – or several – so you won’t have to resort to cigarettes.

Difference between transom mount and bow mount !!!

 If you are a fish lover and then without any doubt choosing the right type of motor for your boat will be the most demanding task to acquire. Because there are mainly two major powerhouses of this particular field: bow mount and transom mount, both have their brighter and darker side, so it is up to the user to select the best one with the help of the internet taking the guidance from experts. Moreover, it is best always to visit because they have the right skills and proper knowledge related to their work without any hesitation they will provide you the right guidance so that the user can easily select the best one according to their desire and budget.

Read to know which one is better: Bow mount and transom mount.

The motors are specifically designed for boats. Although they have different criteria in some factors, their main aim is always to provide their users’ best services.


Comfort is what we want in everything we use, but if you are looking for a better level of comfortability, you should go with the transom mount without any doubt. They have leather seats, and if we compare it with its alternative, they come with wooden benches that are uncomfortable at some stage of the time. If someone is willing four traveling on longer routes, then surely leather seats will be their lifesaver.


 Installation is the thing where bow mount it is the winner because in every boat we need to make a change is regularly. Moreover, Transom mount is a water motor that cannot be modified according to our needs and requirements. On the flip side of the story, Bow mount it is quite easy to install all we need is a drilling machine and because it is of lightweight and their portability level is high so we can easily carry it wherever we want to. Also, their size is quite small, so it will play a significant role in saving up our crucial space.


 If you want the thing with better control and can easily handle it according to your driving style, then bow mount will be your first choice. Along with it, their steering is designed in a specific manner that anyone can easily handle it in the best possible way. Therefore the best thing about this steering is that it is square from the bottom that accesses anyone to control the handle better.


 When we compare transom mounts with bow mounts, then surely bow mounts are expensive. Furthermore, this is the only reason why only rich people can afford bow mounts. But if you are a new boat rider and looking for an economical boat that will help you save money and the user can quickly learn new tips and tricks practically, they should surely go for transom mounts. 

In short

Choose the best one out the both according to your choice and requirements. Consider their prices in mind.

Why You Need A Shock Mount For Your Blue Yeti Microphone

The internet age is the perfect time for a lot of things including become a YouTube sensation. Maybe it has been your lifelong dream to become a singer/music artist. Maybe you have been dying to become a podcaster your entire life. Perhaps, you just want to become a streamer and share your love for video games to the word. Whatever your goal is, there is no doubt that you can’t find anything better than a Blue Yeti microphone. But is a mic enough? Most people say that you need a shock mount to go with it as well. In this article, we are going to find out a shock mount is really that necessary. 

Disadvantages Of Having A Blue Yeti Mount Without A Shock Mount

  • You can’t move the mic during a recording
  • The mic tends to pick up table noises
  • You need to hunch over just so you can speak directly at the microphone

So basically, even though you have a pretty good microphone, it just isn’t enough, right?

Some people found a solution for this. Since they don’t have a shock mount, they just use an arm stand instead. Is this really the right solution? Well, even though it solves part of the problem, it also introduces some new issues as well such as:

  • There are only limited stands that are the right type for a Blue Yeti microphone
  • Blue Yeti microphones are quite heavy and results in damage for the arm stand

It’s either the arm stand won’t fit your microphone or your mic crashes to the table since the arm stand couldn’t carry the weight. 

Unless you want to have to buy a new mic every several weeks, you might as well get a shock mount for your Blue Yeti. 

Here are some benefits of getting a Blue Yeti shock mount:

You Get To Move More Naturally

We know that a lot of podcasters prefer to feel the pain before the glory but by letting yourself move comfortable while recording, you are actually improving the overall quality of your content. 

As you are able to move naturally while recording, you will be able to pour your heart and passion to your recording. The recording will sound more natural as well and people will be drawn to your content. 

It Is A Safety Measurement For Your Mic

A Blue Yeti mic can be pretty expensive. With that, it is important to take good care of your equipment, most especially if you are using it for career purposes. Getting a shock mount guarantees you that kind of safety. 

You Get The Right Audio

As we’ve mentioned, it is easy for a microphone to catch some sounds other than the one that comes out of your mouth. Therefore, if you don’t have a shock mount, you will end up recording sounds that you wouldn’t want included in your recording in the first place. You may be able to remove it with a bit of sound editing but we know that natural recording is still the best. 

If you are now convinced and want to get a shock mount as soon as possible, you should check out

Solutions For Making Money Online

Look for the solution to the problem and the money will follow

98% of the Internet startups fail because they make the same fatal mistake which is if they think if by finding the hottest product to sell online they will succeed. This one inaccurate sad belief is what dooms so many never see Internet riches because it’s the furthest thing from the truth.

The secret to making money online is not finding the hottest product to sell, but rather a problem a group of people are trying to solve. The key to succeeding online is simple: look for a group of people who have a need and create a solution for that need with a product or service.

Always remember, most people do not go online to make a purchase but rather to find a solution to a problem. Once you begin to think about the people or groups problem then you can create an idea that you can present in the way of your perfect potential customers which in turn will set you up with a tremendous business.

What are your skills and interest?

The next step is finding a market that has a common problem. You must consider that these are going to be your future customers, so the best thing to look for is other people you have something in common with. This is highly and imperative when setting up your online business because you’ll have much more passion in what you’re doing when something actually captures your interest as well as the people who you are solving the problem for.

Knowing what you are interested in is essential for any entrepreneur as your business should always be based around your unique special skills as well as interest. Before you even think about possible problem niches to target ask yourself these questions:

¬∑ What is it that you’re passionate about?

· What types of things interest you?

· What are other subjects and topics that you have the most knowledge of?

· What types of topics do you find yourself answering the question for when you talk to others?

Your expertise might’ve come from a hobby that you’ve been developing, it could have been from on the job, something that you’ve been wanting to research further or just about every skill you have accumulated to this point has a value when it comes to starting your own online business.

By sticking with something you’re familiar with you already have an existing knowledge base that allows you the luxury of having to steer around the learning curve associated with a business you know nothing about.

Before choosing any sources online, make sure to review some of the platforms that you are considering. Yes, there are different programs that can teach you how to make money online, but it is important to choose a reliable and legitimate one.

Finally, staying in your skills and interests to solve a group problem allows you to speak the lingo associated with that particular group. This knowledge also brings credibility to your new online business because once you’re up running you’ll need to prove that you’re the best solution to the problem at hand. So remember, always start a business with something you know and profit from it.

PERSPECTIVES of a NICE OLD MAN: Stock Investing Without the Risks of Owning Stock

With this sharing of personal experience, it is absolutely not my intent to come on as a professional investor or trader and Trafigura careers is the best option here. Hardly a week passes without my receiving mail from would-be professionals who offers to sell investing schemes, and there are other “helpers” whose papers abound with information that assures [with standard underlying disclaimer and risk warning] winning trades. For me, there is a special strength in learning by doing because every remembered mistake along the way to “profit land” can be a valued lesson.

Options trading holds many of the same elements as my martial arts training, and one of those elements is never ever being satisfied with the existing performance level. I believe that no matter how good a person gets with skill, there is always another level to achieve, and it is my nature to reach for the next level. The traditional and probably the best place to start trading is simple calls and puts because they are basic to profitable execution of the many advanced strategies like my most recent favorite – Covered Calls – which I call “Covered Cows” because at least some of them produce almost every day.

The difficulty with learning how to read, and respond to technical resources like graphs and charts have, for me, been on a par with undergraduate college course work. Locating stocks that will produce profitable options trades was by far my most serious challenge; and, for that, my learning by doing approach took me to many places – like various financial newspapers, investment web sites, financial market stock tickers, etc. There is certainly a place for those sources which are widely and successfully used; and, use them or not, it is important to be aware of all existing resources.

The source that works for me is trading volume – purely and simply, advancing stocks that rack up the heaviest daily trade volume. The information is available without charge from a variety of sources. My favorite is the BarChart web site [this is not a paid pitch] which provides a superabundance of information before and after the trading day.

My present target stocks are, with few exceptions, those that have gained 2% or more on the day and closed at $5.00 or less. This initial screening process usually takes 20 days and identifies around a dozen stocks that have made frequent daily appearances. My final selection involves a sequence of various factors that usually provides about 6 stocks for my active trading list. Trading with a group of up to 15 stocks increases the assurance that some will move almost every day; and trading with lower-priced stocks allows me to diversify and thereby spread risk over several options trades.

My day to day scenario is watching the stocks in my portfolio for opportunities to enter potential winning trades and exit trades that have moved into the profit zone. The big end of my trading happens during the first and the last market hour, but I may still enter and exit options trades on the same stock more than once during a single trading day. Alas, my November was a lousy trading month yielding only $17,000 – less than half of October.

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