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Makeup Lessons For Korean Airs Male Ground Staff

February 18 is a remarkable date for Korean Air’s ground staff. They learned yet another valuable lesson in life. However, this one does not involve how to survive an airplane crash. The workshop includes makeup and skincare lessons. This is truly a life-changing training they will never forget. Additionally, they also came across the Wholesale […]

The Best Hotels In South Lake Tahoe

The skiing attracts a great number of visitors in winter to South Lake Tahoe. No matter whatever the season is, there are plenty of adventures and actions there. There are endless hiking trails through the Nevada Mountains, and there are bike paths for both social spins and serious cyclists. Not only has this, but the […]

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How to Create A Weight Loss Plan

In Stage 1 on the Lose Pounds Diet, you discovered tips on how to shed weight. You discovered that the important to weight loss is becoming in a calorie deficit, which indicates you are burning much more calories than you are eating. You realized that to try and do this, you just need to have be about 500 calories beneath your calorie repair point. You also discovered that while this was the most critical part of weight loss, producing certain these calorie consumption are coming from the suitable food sources is also rather important.

Now, in Phase two, you are planning to discover tips on how to place this facts to utilize and create your own excess weight reduction eating plan prepare. The incredibly very first point youre going to ought to do is determine what your calorie repair degree is

Your every day calorie upkeep level would be the key quantity in generating your weight reduction eating habits strategy. It truly is based on numerous elements and is specific to each individual. For example, you and your friend may well be exactly the same height and fat, but you may well have servicing levels that are hundreds of calories apart. Given that the effectiveness of the fat reduction eating habits prepare depends a good deal on this variety, it really is crucial that you simply figure it out as accurately as achievable. The information from the Proven reviews is reliable one for the preparation of the plan. All the necessary knowledge is made available for the creation of the best plan. The figuring out of the ingredients used will offer the best results to the people. It is crucial to read the reviews and get the information about the supplements. 

For the most part there are seriously only 2 methods of figuring out this magic number. The primary is pretty near to exact, and the 2nd is as correct as might be.

  • Heres the process for obtaining the pretty near estimate of your calorie repair point. It demands placing your gender, excess weight, height, age and activity level via a 6th quality amount math formula. Nonetheless, Ive assumed that no 1 actually wants to sit all-around performing 6th grade math. I was appropriate, wasnt I? So, Ive integrated a calculator for it rather. All you should do now is just fill out the quick form under and hit Calculate! and you are going to immediately get your estimated calorie preservation level. Go ahead and try it
  • Though the above method is probably appropriate enough for most persons (it was basically very close for me), I cannot say for sure if it will be as appropriate for everybody. And, given that this will be the number that is going to be at the heart of the fat reduction eating plan strategy, Im planning to mention the next strategy. It really is not so significantly a method as it can be a test.

Basically, youll commence ingesting a certain variety of calorie consumption every single morning and then closely keep track of what your weight does when consuming this quite a few calories. For instance, should you maintained bodyweight eating this particular variety calorie consumption per evening, youve found your preservation level. In the event you gained fat, reduce your calorie consumption a little and see what occurs then. In the event you shed bodyweight, then you know you are already beneath your calorie upkeep degree.

Should you want to give strategy #2 a attempt, Id advise making use of your present calorie intake since the variety of calories to start the test on. To figure this quantity out, pick a day time and consume like you commonly would. The only difference is you are going to be maintaining track on the quantity of calorie consumption in everything you consume. In the end on the day add it all up. Do this to get a handful of days and then take an typical of all of the times. This normal may be the normal quantity of energy you are currently using in every day and would make a perfect beginning point for technique #2.

What Is The Common Uses Of Applying Custom Bumper Stickers?

If you are using a bumper sticker, then you should know that it can be used for internal as well as for outdoor purposes. As a reason, there are several different materials used for making a bumper sticker. The main objective is to apply it directly on the surface so that it will look clear and transparent. It can also be placed on a metal shield as well as on a fiberglass surface through which you can apply it appropriately on the surface. 

By using PVC material, this bumper sticker can be placed on the surface, and you can also apply it to any plastic material. Such that it gives you a clear and a translucent formation every time you will use a bumper sticker. 

the very common use of custom bumper sticker:

now, in the lower section, you will be going to read about the very common and basic use of custom bumper Kleebised such as:

  • If an individual is using a bumper sticker, then they get benefits in several ways such that you can maintain distance between the vehicle. On the other side, it will help you in reminding you about taking precautions, which will become a beneficial option to be considered. 
  • Somehow, using a car bumper sticker will also benefit you to promote your business and to make strategies through which you will be able to do the marketing of your business. It is a great method for considering all such things and to show your beliefs towards general things. 
  • You can design according to your requirement as well as shape the bumper sticker as per your interest, which will look attractive as well.

In the above section, I have listed all the very common use of custom bumper stickers through which applying it will become accurate for you. 

Watch free F1 live stream on some of the top-rated online portals today!

A lot of people are a fan of race cars and racings that they hold at different periods. Naturally, getting a ticket to watch the show is challenging. You either have to wait for hours on the online booking website. Sometimes, you get to cut out of the website because of high traffic. While you miss the chance of buying the tickets, you should not miss the opportunity to watch the live stream for free. You must be intrigued by the notion, and if you are, then you have to know some of the top-rated sites through which you can watch the race. So, you can find out more about the f1 streams

Is it possible to watch the live stream online? 

Indeed, it is. You can watch the live race on some of the best-rated portals on the internet. Naturally, not all of them are free. Some of them cost a lot. Now, you must be thinking if it is possible to spend the money on the live stream, but why do you need to do that? When you have the option to watch the entire race online for free, then why do you have to pay a penny? Well, you know you must be wondering about the portals on which you can have the enjoyment. Well, how about you read the article further. 

Which sites are the best to watch the online stream for free? 

If you are ready to reach the portals through which you can watch the live f1 stream for free, then here are your options: 

  • One of the best websites to watch the online stream is Reddit. You can watch all the races along with the ones that they are holding at different locations. All you have to do is create your profile. You can subscribe to their channel where they stream the entire race for you. 
  • Another one of the top-notch sites to watch the online race stream is to go for motor streams. This site focuses on motor vehicle races specifically. So, whether it is a bike race or a car race, you can watch it for free. Naturally, you have to register yourself on the portal to watch the show. 
  • If you want quality streaming, then you have to try the grand Prix network. It is available in various languages and has subtitles, as well. Just in case you enjoy the commentary that comes along. You will see that this portal is by far the best and have the best quality. Here you do not have to watch a phone recording or too many advertisements. You can watch the show at the best standard. 

These are some of the online websites that you can try through which you can watch the online live stream and enjoy the match as if you are there itself. You will not regret your decision. This way, you get the feeling that you are watching the show like you are there standing on the benches. 

What if you want to watch the stream later? 

Understandably, some people might not have enough time to watch live shows. You do not have to worry about anything. All these portals that we have mentioned above save the stream for people to watch later. So, anytime you feel like watching it, you can visit the official website and watch the race. You have to create your profile, and then you are free to watch the entire program. 

So, if you are an F1 fan and you wish to watch the f1 stream, then now you have the best portals to access and watch it for free.

Herbal Ally- Mystery Species

This world is a unique place to live in because there is no other planet to match our beloved Earth due to the diversity of nature and surroundings aside from being that it is the lonely planet where life can be found as of yet.

There is no better place than home or so the naysayers say especially right now as we all have been confined to the four walls of the house for the past eight months and a vaccine is unlikely to come at least in a few years due to which people have no choice but to learn to live with it.

While work life is pretty hectic, one has to have a hard heart to sail through this because work from home has become a norm that people that they have become accustomed to but the side effects have become too hard to bear with psychological scars.

Mushroom Remedy

The scars that we are talking about is something that almost every youngster is grappling with like stress, tension and depression but luckily there is a remedy in the offing and a unique one at that because most people would not put it into the category of any remedy at all.

If you were told that mushrooms can become a relief from the above problems, then you would probably ridicule the idea and ignore it with hilarity but that doesn’t change the fact.

While it is easier to believe that smoking cannabis and other drugs would be categorized as a remedy, the same can’t be said about mushrooms but there are certain species that can be considered.

Herbal Ally is one of the best mushroom species in the world that can be used to make cannabis, which in turn is the main ingredient for making CBD products that make up an entire realm of pain relieving drugs.

Herbal Ally has its own titular farm that cannabis experts rave about as being the best place to grow cannabis plants because we all know that it is good for treating everyday ailments like joint issues and muscle pain.

This is why it has been nicknamed ‘Magic Mushroom’ due to the miraculous effect it has had on its users that have given their own account about the benefits they have taken from it.


Herbal Ally, along with Amanita Muscaria, are the species that are excellent to conduct tests on when it comes to making cannabis drugs that relieve stress and depression with little side effects.

Magic Mushrooms for Sale is something that most people look forward to but it needs to be mentioned that they provide 100% results only when they are taken from natural sources similar to cannabis that is grown in areas with moderate climate that makes it usable due to the excellent weather condition.

The same cannot be said about mushrooms grown in the garden as they are poisonous in nature and are grown in the big city that is replete with pollutants emanating from vehicles that affect the air that is consumed by the plants.

What Are Challenges That Flyer Designer Go Through?

Marketing practices can be different for everyone, but the cost is involved high and not affordable for everyone. Marketing is the heart of the business, so best marketing attempts are required to be made. Flyer printing is the most common and effective method for promoting the business and making it considerable, surely. 

We are here taking a look at guide what challenges that flyer designers go through while working on the business’s imposters are. To attain better info, it is good to go through the details mentioned below. 

Challenges that flyer designers go through!

If you are not a professional in designing flyers and printing, it can be difficult for people to do the job. 

Choosing for different themes:

there are different themes when it comes to designing, and choosing among them can be an overwhelming experience surely. Especially when you are practicing the design on your own, it can become even more difficult to choose. By making the right choice for the theme is not easy as all things further depend on the theme already. So, designers face a hard time choosing the right theme. 

Impressive design:

once you have chosen for the theme, the design is another hurdle that is not easy to pass. Managing to choose the impressive design that goes well with marketers’ campaign and chosen theme can be stressful. From the selection of colors to pick the right quality, design for imposter is all about hardships, and designers need to make sure they are doing the best to their potential as nothing can be compromised at all. 

Importance of images:

a great challenge can arise due to the importance of images and colors for brand recognition/awareness among people. The image on the flyer will determine the quality printing. Being considerate towards images of the brand and marketing campaign, designers go through a hard time. 

So, we can conclude to the aspect that it is not easy at all to create a flyer design on your own, especially if you are not skilled enough to do the work. It is a better decision for marketers to opt for flyer drucken by swissprinted and other top companies that can offer assistance in designing proper business flyers. The prime benefit of approaching such services is that they can do their job better as they are experts in it. Also, marketers don’t have to be concerned regarding the message of the campaign if it will be delivered or not as they can meet your expectations easily and even exceed them. 

However, if you are a newbie to business and don’t what to add on your business flyer, then look into the brief points mentioned below. 

  • Have layout:

before you get started with designing your poster, it is important to have a rough layout that will focus on the flyer’s layout. You can guide from layout how greatly you can design the flyer and go through a variety of options as well. 

  • Computer graphics:

for creating a business flyer, computer graphics is a better choice surely. There are several programs that help in making flyers better and easier with computer graphics. 

  • Eye-catching headline:

to attract a wide audience, it is really important to add an eye-catching headline. Adding considerable headlines to the flyer will make it easier to catch a sight of the target audience. 

  • Bullets for special features:

when you are adding additional features of your business, it is better to highlight them enough with bullets. By listing the specific benefits of your product or service, it will make it easier for the customer to choose among competitors. 

  • Simple and crisp:

last but not least is choosing for simple and crisp content to be shown upon the flyer. 


Questions To Ask Before Buying A CBD Product

When buying CBD based products, don’t just settle for the first one that catches your attention. It is better to do some research, compare prices, read reviews by other buyers, and acquire suggestions from trusted sources prior to finalizing any purchase. In this article, we will provide with some questions that should be answered to help you in making an informed purchase. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Does Does the product contain Full-Spectrum CBD, Broad-Spectrum CBD, or CBD Isolate?

Full-spectrum CBD indicates a product that has all the beneficial substances of a hemp plant. Simply put, CBD products made with full spectrum oil contains other healthy substances such as cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and others.

The substances present in a full spectrum CBD works in harmony with each other, providing a more effective and powerful product. A full spectrum CBD product contains THC, the contents of which is only at 3 percent or less.

Broad spectrum CBD is similar to full spectrum CBD, containing other substances from CBD that was mentioned above. However, it doesn’t have THC, which means that it has no psychoactive proper

Lastly, CBD isolate only contains CBD, without anything else. If you only want to consume CBD without the other compounds, buying a CBD isolate product will suit you well.

  1. What is the CBD percentage for every serving?

Knowing how much is the CBD present in a product is one of the most vital questions you should ask. Transparent companies will reveal the quantity of CBD within their product. You must also confirm the packaging on the container, to see the exact milligrams amount for every serving. Without knowing the CBD percentage, you’ll not be able to calculate the exact dosage that you need, which is important if you are using the CBD product as a remedy for chronic pain, insomnia, stress, and other problems.

You will experience better results with CBD by taking the correct usage. Too little CBD will not do much, while an excess can mean problem for you, and they might lose their health benefits. Be wary of products that are defined as hemp extract or hemp oil. These products might not contain CBD at all.

  1. Do they offer the latest Nuleaf coupons here (or other discount coupons)?

Buying on the internet has the added benefits of seamless integration using coupons, so be sure to take advantage of those to save money on your purchase. Ask about coupon that the store or seller provides, and apply it on your check out.

  1. Where did the hemp came from?

Another important thing to know is where the company gets the hemp used in their products. Similar to vegetables and other grown food, the place in which hemp was planted, cultivated, and harvested matters. The method used for harvesting the plants will also play a part in the overall quality of the product. Hemp plants that are grown using pesticides and herbicides will be less healthy compared to those grown naturally.

Best Practices To Follow While Setting Up Minecraft Servers

Well, you might have come across the popular game Minecraft. It is an arcade game with many classic features. Due to the level of complexity and challenging features that it adds, this game is widely played. It also gives you the liberty of adding your creative vibe. This is almost like building your game setup from scratch. When a Minecraft game has to be played along with a community, that time the Minecraft servers come into the picture. Minecraft servers are central servers that help build a community of like-minded gamers. 

When it comes to Minecraft servers, they can either be set up personally or can be set up by using the hosting service provider. The hosting plan is one of the easiest ways to set up a Minecraft server. Hostinger and ggservers are some of the Minecraft hosting plan providers. 

Whether you are going to have a personal setup or hosting set up from ggservers, you need to make sure that the following things are kept in mind before setting up a Minecraft server:

  • Basic requirements

You need to have a proper setup if you want to be able to handle the system load which will come from online players from all around. This makes having a strong system very essential. You need to have – 

  • Really fast connections with the router
  • 6 GB and above RAM for the smooth functioning of the game
  • 1 GB and above RAM provided by your hosting plan
  • Good security system

Other than these basic requirements, you should also make sure that the network and bandwidth are fast enough to run the server without causing any delay, as the Minecraft game works in real-time. Many people want to hack the servers available to retrieve player data and information, thus making it necessary to have a safe and sensitive network setup.

  • Server

You should select a good server system, which allows you to function properly, doesn’t lag, allows you to add and set up plugins, and has additional resources. This server should be connected to your IP address. The hosting plan gives you dedicated IP addresses. It should be configured and set up correctly to allow port forwarding so that players from all around the world can have access to the Minecraft server. It should also be seen that the RAM is available as per the server system.

Here is what all should be considered for selecting a proper server:

  • Price

When you are investing in the server, understand if it will be a group of known people or a public server. If it’s a group of known people, the money can be divided and shared equally amongst everyone who is a part of the team. If it is a public server, then the price for the server building is high.

  • Plug-ins

Some plug-ins are needed for particular tasks and security purposes. It is important to know if these plug-ins can be installed and used properly.

  • Theme

Select a good theme and allow multiple theme selection options, so that your server can be detected easily by the search engines.

  • Advertise

If you have made a public server, then let people know about the same so that people will join the server. You can put out details about it on different platforms to make people aware of it. 

  • Rules

It is very important to set some guidelines and rules for the community to avoid any chaos.

These are the factors that should be taken into consideration while setting up your Minecraft server.

Miroslav Vyboh- Lightening Speed Racer In Ferrari Challenge

We have heard that there are various businessmen those who have achieved loads of success in their life but there is the one who is different from others. He is known as Miroslav Vyboh as he is the successful businessmen who have achieved various things in his life and also on the other hand if we talk about his rate of success then it is huge.

The special thing about him is that he had also competed in the Ferrari challenge which is a motorsport event. He is an excellent racer and also he is always used to race with his son in different cars. 

He never gives up

Most of the people in the past gave up at the time when they were about to reach the success. If you are the one among them then it is necessary for you to have a look on the life of Miroslav Vyobh by which you will come to know how hard he had worked and still working for his dreams.

He used to race without any practice or training and still he managed to perform well on the court. He never thought anything negative in his life which is why he got to achieved so many of things.

Living a very successful life

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to have a successful life as you need to do a lot of hard work but there are some people those who make it easy like Miroslav Vyboh. He is the one from which you can learn different things and also you should have a look on his never to say die attitude. 

In this way you can be motivated towards your life and also on the other hand it will help you in achieving success. 

Everything You Need To Know About Name Labels

A clothing label is an essential tool that is used to make sure that a cloth that is sold meets the standards in several countries.

Name labels are generally made up of satin coated acetate that is durable and flexible and has that shiny finish. Other printed name labels of clothing are generally made up of similar elements to that clothing itself and involve cotton, nylon, and polyester.

What are labels made of?

Label woven into clothing is often made up of the taffeta fabric, damask, and satin. These are usually shaped in rectangle form and are generally either an inch by a couple of inches or about a half-inch by an inch.

Several different shapes and sizes of clothing labels are being sold, and usually, the size of the label used depends on the size of the finished product utilized. The latest label of the product will be needed when you are mixing numerous pieces of fabric to make overall clothing.

Should be evident

Clothing labels need to be easily viewable to anyone who’s involved in the maintenance and care of a fabric. So a label itself should be visible when a product is put out for the sale, and when it’s difficult to notice that label because of some external packaging, a supplemental instruction should be attached to a package so that a customer can go on to see what kind of care is needed.

The label must well be attached so that labels will remain on a fabric for the whole life of a product, without discoloration or fading that’ll make them unreadable whilst the clothing is possible to still usable.

If a product sold includes several pieces that are made up of the same adequate stuff that all care guidance is the same, then only the clothing label is needed and should well be placed on the main piece of the clothing.

Why are they needed?

The product labels are needed to show how a product could be maintained along with the country that a fabric has been shipped from. The maintenance instruction on the product label should be relevant to that piece overall, meaning that the most sensitive piece of the fabric should be one that is used to create a clothing label.

Labels normally mention water cleaning temp and whether the washing machine cleaning is permitted. So if you’ve got a piece of fabric that needs cold water or the piece of the fabric that can’t be put in the machine without really damaging it, the whole piece of the clothing should simply be labelled as dry cleaning only.

It’s also crucial to make sure that a label states the country of the origin for a fabric. Specific pieces of the clothing may change in price that is based on product creation, the inspection and the taxes will vary that depends on the origin of the fabric, and a buyer may check on a label because they want to boycott or buy fabrics made in particular countries.

Viral Video Production And Online Promotion

We do professional quality off-site and in-studio video production at ridiculously low prices: $500 per day covers a 2-3 man crew, editing, rendering in both HD and web-ready formats, and optimized distribution on multiple video sharing sites including Google and Youtube, with viral SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), and SMO (social media optimization) in mind.

Get a custom viral video for your website or TV campaign and you will receive ongoing continuous traffic for a one time low fee. Commercial viral videos start at just $500 for creation and distribution: we charge $500.00 for one work day for our crew, equipment, and the subsequent rendering, editing, and distribution on major video sites: the videos we produce can be used on a website, and you are also provided with the original HD format version for use on Cable TV, etc. The videos we produced for our website took less than one day to complete, including copy writing, rehearsal, shooting, rendering, and editing. Larger projects can be estimated based on this measurement of $500 per day. There are no extra charges save for travel expenses if we must shoot on site. There is no extra charge for green screen work where we remove the background or make it whatever color you like. We can pitch your product or service, or we can create a viral video to target your audience, and include a plug for you within the video, which facilitates distribution on Youtube and Google video in spite of the commercial content: for instance the video trailer for the science fiction film at the end of the video on the right advertises us: we can even produce a custom film to target a specific niche market, and embed your message withing the content of the film, on a ridiculously low budget compared to historical standards.

With PPC you pay for every click, so that when your money runs out you stop receiving traffic; ads are usually placed over or around the content which results in less viability. We place a few quick, quality ads DIRECTLY embedded into the content, so that you get maximum exposure for a minimal price. Your advertisement stays in that video permanently, so that if it becomes a viral sensation and attracts a million views or more, you continue to receive traffic and get your message out on an ongoing basis: and you only have to pay once! More information about the service with answers to frequently asked questions follows below:

What can my viral video be about? Online promotion of the videos is effective with Cheap TikTok Followers. The increased number of followers will provide success to the people at the platform. All the details are provided to the business people to have the desired benefits. The benefits are massive at the platform for the people.

Anything you want. We can also help you come up with an original viral concept:

Is it better to advertise in an existing viral video or to have you produce a custom one for us?

That greatly depends on your budget and the particular product or service that you are promoting. We will compare options with you to make sure that you get the most advertising bang for your buck.

Where can I learn more about Social Media Systems and the other services that they provide?

Visit, read our social media marketing blog and learn tips and tricks to improve your website for free. We are syndicated and republished around the world by sources that include WebProNews and Real Estate Magazine.

Why is this so inexpensive?

With most video advertising systems, the content creators only receive a small portion of the ad cost: this means that most of the money goes to the marketing and distribution channels rather than to the actual video creators; and most of the ads are placed in the sidebars or in video overlays which have less visibility; resulting in a much smaller audience response. We place only a few quick, quality ads DIRECTLY into the content, so that you get maximum exposure for a minimal price: all of your money goes directly to video content creation, with no middlemen involved.

What video will my ads be shown in?

You ad will be shown in the next video we release on the particular property you bought advertising for. In this price range we cannot give specific information on the exact video for the low priced ads (staring at $2.50), but we can guarantee that your ad will appear in a the video within 30 days of receiving your payment, and that you will be e-mailed a link where you can see your ad. Your ad will be promoted and launched on the web property of your choice and will be continuously available on the video distribution channels listed in the spot description above. For full length custom advertising videos and/or feature films or shorts specifically designed to target your intended audience, you will be provided with web-ready and HD versions of the production (which is shot and edited in High Definition), which are your property to use for TV advertisement or whatever you wish to use them for; and we can distribute them widley intentionally just as we distribute and promote our own productions.

How many ads will you put in each of your videos?

Unless otherwise stated, we put a one 10 second advertisement at the beginning of the video and up-to five 10 second advertisements at the end. This may change as the length and budgets for our films increases.

How many people will see my ad?

We do not know; however, at as little as $2.50 for a 10 second ad, you have very little to lose, and a lot to gain. On the low end, our individual videos rarely achieve less than a few thousand views; millions of views in some cases. If one of our videos did especially poorly (under 1,000 views), we would re-run all the ads in another video or two for free to ensure a value to the advertiser

What video sites do you distribute to and are there any special considerations for specific sites?

Each video is syndicated to over 12 video sharing sites including Google video, Yahoo, Metacafe, and Veoh. YouTube in particular prohibits pre and post roll advertising, so for this particular channel ads will be read directly by the video creator and be within the content itself.

Ad Formats and Resolution

Our videos are originally filmed in HDV format with a resolution of 1080 X 1440 pixels and a pixel aspect ratio of 1.33. The finished version prior to uploading and downsizing is in .mpeg format. If you provide your ad to us in this resolution and format it will look the best. We will however do our very best to work with whatever format you have your contributions in (if any). We can make no guarantees as to placement quality for the inexpensive ads (lower resolutions will be stretched to fill entire screen, since the videos are scaled down for web distribution many lower resolution formats will still look excellent notably – NTSC DV – 740 X 480 pixels 0.9 Pixel Aspect Ratio )

We can accept most ad formats, however please e-mail us first if you have specific questions if you plan to send us an obscure or proprietary video format. We prefer to receive .mpeg (including blueray), quicktime, or windows media video files.

What if I need a video ad created for me?

We can create viral video ads of different types and quality levels. E-mail us a description of what you’re looking for and be as specific as possible. A basic 10 second ad with audio overlaying and an image can be as little as $50. We can also create longer ads and more elaborate viral “commercials” that you can spread yourself, or we can help you distribute them across our broad network. We are easy to communicate with and to deal with!

How to send us your video ad:

If the video is 50 megs or smaller you can e-mail it ( directly to us. If it is larger than that, you can upload it for free to any file sharing or video sharing site (even YouTube) and send us the link, we can pull it directly from that site. We recommend because it will allow you to host multiple HUGE files and share them publicly in their original format.

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