According to Skin Pharm, here are the most popular Dallas beauty treatments

Dallasites were excited when Skin Pharm, with its sophisticated Facebook and renowned following, revealed its launch earlier this year. The airy Turtle Creek clinic launched in June with a flurry of enthusiasm, thanks to Skin Pharm’s own line of pharmaceutical devices (including the popular celeb-favorite Youth Serum, Glow Factor, and Clarifying Pads) and unusual treatments […]


According to Skin Pharm, here are the most popular Dallas beauty treatments

Dallasites were excited when Skin Pharm, with its sophisticated Facebook and renowned following, revealed its launch earlier this year. The airy Turtle Creek clinic launched in June with a flurry of enthusiasm, thanks to Skin Pharm’s own line of pharmaceutical devices (including the popular celeb-favorite Youth Serum, Glow Factor, and Clarifying Pads) and unusual treatments […]

4 New Non-Invasive Body Contouring Procedures!

Due to technological development, numerous non-invasive cosmetic treatments are introduced for ease of people’s use. Such treatments are more accessible and offer people with the fat reduction process that has crescendoed from a whisper to yell. Moreover, there is numerous non-invasive body processes are introduced by using different technologies.  From coolsculpting machine to various others, people are […]

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Oswego Lake: Where the Locals Walk on Water

The first time I wandered upon the calm waters of Oswego Lake in Burlington County, N.J, I didn’t know it was the local favorite swimming hole. I didn’t care. I just couldn’t figure out how the swimmers in the middle of the lake were standing on the water!

I saw a group of swimmers walk out about 50 yards or so before than swam for about another 25 yards. Then they stood up and continued walking, seemingly on the water’s surface. I was dumbfounded. I’m sure no miracles happened in this part of New Jersey.  

“Amazing,” I heard a swimmer said. “You must be new because you keep staring out there. There’s no trick. It’s just a sand wash under the surface that’s all.”

Since then its become one of my favorite swimming holes in New Jersey.

History of Oswego Lake

About a 100 years ago when the state took over the land and decided to dam up the Wading River, workers created a 277-acre lake where a cranberry bog once operated. Currents that circulated through the kidney-shaped lake deposited a mound of soil near the middle of Oswego Lake’s western half. A small island appears during a drought because the sandy soil is so porous it allows the water table to drop if there is a week or so without rain. Most of the time, however, the water over the mound is about ankle to knee deep depending on recent rainfalls.

Free Family Fun

But Oswego Lake remains a favorite swimming hole for locals because its free and has a large parking lot. Families with small children enjoy the fact that the water is relatively shallow, making it safe for youngsters. There are picnic tables and room for many to enjoy a quiet summer day and the cool breezes that flow through the nearby Pine Barrens.

Room for a Picnic, Frisbee Toss

There’s a huge picnic area along the lake with a few picnic tables. There’s a grassy area nearby that gives everybody a chance to play horseshoes or throw a Frisbee.


Oswego Lake is located about three miles down Lake Oswego Road which is a northeast turn off of State Highway 679 and about 10 miles north of the Mullica River in the southern portion of New Jersey.

Launch a Canoe

There’s a canoe launch of the parking lot at the lake and many explore the odd-shaped lake while other family members swim and relax on the beach. Others use Oswego Lake as a put-in location for a canoe or kayak ride down the Wading River to Harrisville Lake, about day’s trip down the river.

Military buffs enjoy Oswego Lake because it’s located on the other side of the Penn Swamp Forest away from the bombing range at Warren Grove. That’s where pilots in the U.S. Armed Forces make their practice bombing runs.

Online Invites & Amp; RSVP

An online invite is the convenience of sending electronic invitations instead of paper ones. There are now a number of websites designed to help users to send sophisticated invites online. They combine the ease of email, the sentiments of a personalized invitations and enhanced social interaction.  

For the purpose of this article I will be making references to, a free on-line invitation and gift list website, it has all the popular mainstream services with a stronger focus on community and social interaction.

When is an online invite appropriate?

Usually when you are responsible for organising / hosting an Event. An event can be any number type of occasions: Birthday, Wedding, Fund-raising, Meeting, Casual drinks, Party, House-warming, Graduation, Baby shower, Dinner party, Christmas / New years party and so on.

If you have a date and venue mind and you have a reasonable idea of who you will be inviting then you are ready to Logon .

Why send an on-line invitation?

I have come to think that Sending invites as a solution to the modern lifestyle that most of us enjoy. Things are a lot faster and people tend to have less time. Sending individual invitations by hand is often impractical and can lead to low response rates. This change in society is also reflected in the rise of electronic mails and the proportional decline of letters. So then why not just use e-mail? The e-mail is already the popular alternative but it lacks charm and sophistication. The email is a good one-to-many communication but it is not a very good many-to-many communication tool.

Features of on-line invitation websites

Firstly, lets have a look what every on-line invitation website worth their salt should should provide:

  • A dedicated page to display your event’s details.
  • The ability to create a guest list.
  • Send e-card invitations to your guests.
  • Guests can respond on-line.
  • Track guest responses.

Now lets look at some of the advanced features available with

  • Personalise a home page dedicated to your Event; decorate it with Colours, Background and Pictures to match the mood of your event.
  • Create a gift list. Ideal for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, House-warmings and Baby showers. Share the gift list with your guests. When a guest chooses the gift they would like to buy you from the gift list then other guests are automatically prevented from selecting the same gift.
  • Easily import guests from popular web services such as GMail, Yahoo! and MSN
  • Set-up many-to-many communications like Message boards, Polls and Check lists enhancing social interaction.
  • Upload and share pictures.
  • Set permissions allowing/disallowing selected guests to view: Guest list, Guest responses, Gift list.
  • Guests may subscribe to be notified when certain events take place such as: New guest has joined, New RSVP, Event has been updated etc.
  • Guests can send messages to individual guests or the whole group.
  • Set automated reminders to remind your guests x days before the event.

All these features contribute to a positive social interaction that sets the tone for the upcoming event. It also serves as a perfect storage place for combined memories with records of all the people who attended, correspondences, comments, pictures and uploads.

OLC Building: Using the Area Edit Command

Building for an online text based game can be fun and challenging, regardless of if you are a player wanting to help your game expand its world or the owner trying to create your world. There are a lot of things to know when you start getting ready to build the areas that will fill your game with exciting and innovative places to explore for the players. The first step in creating an area to build is using the area edit command to create your area and decide how that specific area will function. This article will detail the use of the area edit (aedit) command in OLC building.

If you are the owner or head builder of a game, then you will need to make sure that your character has access to the build commands, which can be set up in your character profile in the code. Once you have the ability to create and edit areas, you can get started. If you are a player working under someone who is a owner or head builder, then they will arrange everything for you regarding this area edit process, so there is nothing for you to worry about!

When it is time to create an area, you first need to type alist (short for area list) and figure out what vnums (or virtual numbers) are available for the area you want to create. Make sure that you give yourself enough rooms (or vnums) to build the entire area with some left over should you wish to change anything later on.

Say your area list ends with an area that has an upper vnum of 1,000. The area you are creating should have a starting vnum of 1,001. Then you simply add to that the number of rooms you want to use. If you are creating a five hundred room area, then your upper (or ending) vnum will be 1,500. Please notice that it is not 1,5001. This is because when you add numbers, the first number is not counted, when it fact, it needs to be, cause it does count as a open vnum to use in your area. Once you have established your lower and upper vnums, you can create the area. In OLC this is done with the aedit create command:

aedit create ‘lower vnum #’ ‘upper vnum #’ (without the ‘)

This will create your area in the next available area number, there is nothing you can do to change what number your area is (on the far left in alist) so don’t worry about it.

When the area is created, you will automatically be entered into aedit with that area’s information. The next thing to do is start setting the details for your area.

The name and the short name of the area can be the same, or different if you want, but it is basically what you want the area to be called. If you receive an error stating that the short name is too long, you can usually ignore it. After you name the area, it is time to choose a file name. This name decides how the file for the area is saved into your code. The file name can NOT have any spaces or capital letters, so please don’t use them, it will make any editing of the code for the area very difficult if you do.

After you’ve done this, there are really only a few other things that require you to set for the area to be ready for room creation. If your game supports mapping, you will want to set a map level that corresponds with how many rooms you want the players to be able to see on the map. The map level is set so that only players of a certain level and above can see the map, with the scale you have set. Generally, map level is always set to 1. You will need to set the security of the area, which will prevent people from building in it without proper clearance, and you can set the security with a value of 1 though 9 as you see fit.

You will need to assign a builder, and, though it is not necessary, provide the credit for the area to the players who built it. When you set a builder, only that builder and anyone above the area’s set security level will be able to build in it, so it is important to set this.

Lastly, there are some flags you may want to remove or add, which are located in the ‘areaflags’ and ‘OLCflags’ sections. You want to make sure that the area is available to players (turn OLConly and hidden off) and that any special features that you want the area to have are turned on.

Here is a list of all the aedit commands:

Aedit create:

creates the area


names the area


short name of area


name used when saving area file (.are)


used to set the scale of the area map


sets the map’s level


adds and removes builders (use the command and a name in the builder list to remove)


adds names to the list of credited builders for the area


adds and removes flags for the area, you can see a list by typing areaflag alone


changes the OLC options for the area, you can see a list by typing olcflag alone

While there are other things that you can set for your areas, they are not really necessary. Once you are done with everything here, congratulations are in order. Your area is created, and you can move on to actually building the rooms, mobiles and objects that will fill your area.

Nip/Tuck: The Sexiest, Edgiest Drama on TV

Nip/Tuck is the tale of two plastic surgeons. They are friends where the line is somewhat skewed at times. They’re also business partners, well they were until they sold their practice. Currently in its fourth season on FX, Nip/Tuck is as edgy as ever. Nip/Tuck isn’t your typical doctor show. It isn’t the comedy like Scrubs or the high-paces Emergency Room drama like ER. Instead, Nip/Tuck delves deeper, showing more cutting than the other doctor dramas, but getting into the nitty gritty fucked up lives of Christian and Sean. Think of it as a more rock and roll version of all the doctor dramas with elements of psychological neurosis.

I’m not sure if it is to cover what his psychologist suggests are feelings for his partner Sean, Christian has jungle fever and is sleeping with his new boss, Michelle. But Michelle doesn’t come without her own issues. She seems to owe some older woman named James for putting her through medical school, a woman who takes issue with Christian sleeping with Michelle unless he pays her $500,000. She’s willing to knock down his price for a hand-job. No, not that kind, the plastic surgery hand rejuvenation kind.

Trying to make up for his infidelity, Sean asks Christian to help him pick out an engagement ring so he can ask Julia to marry him again. Which is odd, given that Julia slept with Christian and even had his son, Matt. Is it starting to sound like there are some soap opera elements to the show?

Matt is Sean and Julia’s son, well really he is Christian and Julia’s son but Sean raised him as his son too. Matt’s two dads are plastic surgeons, meaning he often finds himself with the only adult voice in a world of superficial chaos. It also makes life difficult. Last season his heart was broken by the life coach Ava Moore, she also happened to be a transgendered woman helping Matt explore his sexual identity. The 18-year-old is continuing his sexual discovery with what seems to be his new love interest, Kimber Henry. The complexity comes with Kimber being an ex-model, porn director who was very involved with Christian in past seasons. Oh, and she’s a Scientologist too. Yep, that means Matt goes off the antidepressants his psychiatrist had him taking.

Sean and Christian are equally concerned with Matt’s turn to Scientology and opt to bribe him with a Porche. Naturally, Kimber is the first person he shows it to. Knowing them better than most girlfriends should, she knows exactly what they are doing by giving him a new car. Instead the car backfires and Kimber insists Matt move out of the house.

Rosie O’Donnell guest starred as a lottery winner with aspirations of buying a new image, for her entire family. Bigger tits for the daughter, bigger penis for the husband, and a not so big body for herself. Christian gets an extra $50,000 out of Dawn by promising to give her the Queer Eye treatment to help complete her new look. Lucky for her lack of taste and his desperate need for money, Christian is willing to help decorate her home. Things take a turn south when they walk in on her daughter and second husband having sex when the daughter just wants to “test out [her] new titties.” It makes Dawn want to buy a night with Christian, which he says he will do for $400,000. She throws in an extra 20 to do it on his zebra rug. I guess that means he made everything he needed to pay off Michelle’s debt to James. Unfortunately for Christian, James needs Michelle for her skills as an escort. It seems James is in the organ harvesting business.

All of this makes for Nip/Tuck being some of the sexiest and edgiest television on right now. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you tune in to FX on Tuesday at 10/9 Central.

New Century Travel Bus Review

Atmosphere: The buses used by 2000 New Century Travel are large enough to accommodate a lot of people. However, I was under the impression that they would have unpleasant odors, broken seats and an overall dirty environment. The 2000 New Century Travel bus that I boarded to New York was surprisingly clean. The floor was not littered with any trash and appeared to have been recently washed. The seats are packed in tightly and leave just enough space for your legs and a small bag. Large pieces of luggage will not fit in front of or under seats on a 2000 New Century Travel bus. There are storage areas above the seats where you can store small to medium sized bags.  

The 2000 New Century Travel bus company has a policy that they are not responsible for lost or stolen items. I noticed that some of the doors on the storage units were missing and covered in thick ropes or wiring to hold bags in place. That was one red flag that made me wonder how well this Chinatown bus company maintains their vehicles. I arrived at the 2000 New Century Travel bus company almost 20 minutes before departure and the bus was 70% full. I quickly learned that this Chinatown bus gets crowded very fast and they rarely have any empty seats. The 2000 New Century Travel bus was 90% full when I boarded it in New York City also.

Quality: The 2000 New Century Travel Bus Company has a very flexible schedule. You can catch a Chinatown bus almost every 30 minutes using this company. However, they do not always keep to their scheduling which can be very inconvenient. I got home an hour later than scheduled because they stopped on the way out of New York to let more passengers on the bus. They waited until almost every seat was full before departing for the second time. The last empty seat was next to a passenger who could not bend his leg and had to keep it out in front of the seat. The ticket taker and some Asian passengers who wanted to board the bus got upset and mentioned that he had to purchase an additional ticket for the empty seat.

The 2000 New Century Travel Bus Company provides poor customer service. The driver and assistant (or ticket taker) was very rude when I boarded at the Chinatown bus station in New York. They continued to have a conversation in their native language while I stood at the bottom of the bus steps waiting and then asking about their destination. I finally stepped onto the bus after my patience ran out to find out if I was at the right bus. A passenger sitting near the front gave me the information that I needed while the driver and ticket taker continues on with their conversation. A clerk at the 2000 New Century Travel bus station in Philadelphia was very rude also.

The driver going to New York was knowledgeable about that city and very helpful to passengers who wanted to get off at different areas. The driver coming back to Philadelphia only spoke when yelling out bus stops. He stopped at a gas station during the trip from New York and got off of the bus. I was under the impression that this Chinatown bus driver needed gas, but soon learned that it was not the case. I watched as he went into the gas station and started having a conversation with a clerk at the front counter. It was not easy to figure out if this driver for 2000 New Century Travel was wasting time in a conversation or getting directions to Philadelphia. Both scenarios did not give me much confidence in this driver or the Chinatown bus company that he works for.

Price: This Chinatown bus company was recommended to me because of its inexpensive prices. A one way ticket to New York is $12.00 when using the 2000 New Century Travel Bus Company. I bought a round trip ticket for $20, saving me $4 total. The round trip option is a good deal if you do not plan on staying in New York. However, it is not easy to beat prices at the 2000 New Century Travel Bus Company even when paying single ticket prices. If you plan on staying in New York for a few days, $24 dollars seems much better than $50 or $

Verdict: 2000 New Century Travel Bus Company offers E-tickets that you can buy online. If you believe that this is a convenient way to beat the crowds, think again. Some passengers pay with cash right on the bus, so you may not even need a ticket so long as you have money. 2000 New Century Travel Bus Company does not offer refunds, so I would highly question their online ticketing service. Considering the quality of customer service and careless practices for departures and arrival times, I would not recommend that anyone purchase e-tickets on their website. This Chinatown bus company does not appear to assume any liability when it comes to their passengers. If you do not have a lot of money to go to New York from Philadelphia or vice versa, 2000 New Century Travel Bus Company provides an option to do so. Just keep in mind that you are really traveling at your own risk.

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