Perks Of Using A Reverse Osmosis Filter For Your Home

Health and Fitness

The most important step before drinking water is to filter your water very well. A better water filter system would be responsible for supplying non-contaminated water to your homes. It is extremely important to drink healthy and clean drinking water to maintain the good health of your family members. However, choosing a water filter system can be quite tricky. The Reverse osmosis system is considered a superior water filter system compared to any other existing water filter system.

Chemical Pollutants removed by Reverse Osmosis Filters

Most households use this water filter system because of its ability to remove a wide range of contaminants. There are a variety of pollutants that this water filter removes. It pushes the contaminated drinking water through an existing membrane for removing such pollutants. This membrane has tiny pores, which block many huge large particles and keeps the water molecules intact. Some of the chemical contaminants that are effectively removed by this water filter system are:

  • Arsenic

This contaminant in your drinking water can impair child growth, immune system, and brain development. 

  • Nitrate

It can cause defects during birth if consumed in higher concentrations. It is extremely toxic and harmful for children. So, nitrate must be effectively removed from your drinking water.

  • Hexavalent Chromium

If children are susceptible to this harmful pollutant, they can get highly affected. It affects the reproductive system and increases cancer risks.

  • Perchlorate

The thyroid function gets changed due to this harmful pollutant. Your child’s brain development is harmed if they drink water with dissolved perchlorate.

The Reverse osmosis system comes with a carbon filter. This filter very effectively helps in the initial purification process and extends the lifetime of this osmosis filter. This carbon filter is also effective in reducing the levels of many pollutants that otherwise cannot be removed with the help of common reverse osmosis. Apart from the contaminants mentioned above, some of the other pollutants that are effectively reduced with the help of the system are salt, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, fluoride, and sediment. 

Where can you use a reverse osmosis system?

There are several places at your home where you can install reverse osmosis water filters at your home.  However, most commonly, it is installed underneath the sink. It can be either your kitchen sink or your bathroom sink. Other places where this water filter system can be installed are: 

  • This system can be connected to the refrigerator. It can be quite worthwhile and simple. It keeps your beverages fresh and your ice clear. 
  • It can be used either in an industrial or commercial business area. 
  • If you have an aquarium at home, this RO system can be relatively perfect for your saltwater fishes. 

Is A Reverse Osmosis System safe?

The Reverse Osmosis System very effectively removes all the dissolved pollutants that could make you seriously ill. It filters water before it enters your system. The system also efficiently removes all the beneficial minerals such as magnesium and calcium from the drinking water. But it might not be that bad. This is because your body absorbs enough minerals regularly, and too much of it can again be harmful.