Pot Addiction Addressing What Is Addicting In Smoking Weed

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When you smoke weed it’s really important that you understand that pot addiction is a myth. The chemicals in marijuana, even though they have a lot, the main one is THC. That in itself is not addictive. So pot addiction is something that won’t be an issue for you even if you’ve smoked weed for years.

Now, what is addicting is the feeling of the effects of weed. That mellow feeling you get every time you get high. That’s a pot addiction and one that’s hard to let go of. Especially if you have the unfortunate situation of living with depression. While curing depression, the people are smoking weed to get the desired results. The cbd for pain is helpful in the reduction of pain and muscular cramps. The people will feel relaxed and distressed with the consumption of the oil. The rankings of the products are great to meet the desired results. 

Weed is something that often helps us escape when we get those days. I quit weed years ago but depression is somethings that is really hard to fight. You get the days where you wake up and find yourself crying and have no idea what the heck is wrong. Back in the day that was when I could take solice from lighting up a joint. Then another…and another… you know the routine. Even if you don’t have depression the feeling that weed gives you is a great way to be able to chill out and let go of all your anxieties and just let life pass you by with little to know worries on your mind.

That’s a pot addiction that is hard to let go of. When you don’t have something to take your pain away when dealing with downers.

It’s also outwith the scope of anything I can help you with. Depression requires medical attention. Pot addiction doesn’t. The only thing need to stop smoking weed is a sense of will power. The determination that you can put it away. That doesn’t mean you have to stop smoking. In fact it I think it was the smoking that helped me. Especially since I stopped smoking cigs and switched to hand rolling tobacco.

Here’s a tip you may or not have done. If you’re trying to stop smoking weed. Try just skinning up as usual but only use tobacco. I done that for a while. A big fat 5 skinner. Lie back with the ash tray as if it were a joint I was smoking as it had the feel of one. Just without the taste and obviously without getting high. But it did help me out with the psychological side of pot addiction.

Give a try yourself and see if it helps you out any.

I was actually surprised not to see it the guides I have skimmed through about pot addiction. On that subject there is a guide that fits with what I believe about pot addiction. It’s the inner strength training program. The focus all the way through is on training your mind to overcome the addiction to weed with useful tid bits along the way offering suggestion, tips, strategies among other things.