Pro Tan Hair Away 4 Minute Hair Remover

Beauty Guide Review

I have been so sick of shaving lately that I actually tried a hair removal cream product. The hair removal cream product I decided to try was the Pro Tan Hair Away 4 Minute Hair Remover. I have to say it did a surprisingly good job with removing my leg hairs, but did leave me with some irritation afterwards.  

The Pro Tan Hair Away 4 Minute Hair Remover comes in an 8.5 fluid ounce squeezable bottle. The hair remover itself if whitish in color and thick like a lotion. The hair remover is made from ingredients such as aloe, soybean oil, calcium hydroxide, minerals, alcohol, green tea, thioglycollic acid and sodium hydroxide. Now the label on the bottle says the hair remover is not suppose too smell bad, however, I beg to differ. I think the hair remover product smells like burnt hair with a hint of mango and lime. It is truly a disgusting scent to me. However, I used the remover anyways to rid the hair from my hair legs.

The way I used this hair remover is by undressing and putting a robe on because the remover is messy. After, I took small handfuls of the hair remover and applied thin even layers to my legs without rubbing the remover into my skin. The remover is easy to apply much as if a lotion is, but rest upon the skin. The remover does sting a tiny bit when on which I did not think was good, but I continued with keeping the remover on for about 5 minutes. Then I took a wet cotton washcloth and removed the hair remover and unwanted hair from my legs gently using an upward motion. Surprising as I mentioned the hair came off wonderfully and easily. However, I did jump into the shower after and rinsed my skin down with plenty of warm water because my skin was irritated a bit with a slight red rash that did go away after rinsing down. However, I did not use any soap to wash up with because I was afraid the soap would irritated my skin even more. After, I did apply some aloe to my super smooth hair free legs and went about my day.

However, my silky smooth legs only stayed silky smooth for one week before having to use the hair remover again. I will say I would recommend the Pro Tan Hair Away 4 Minute Hair Remover to any adult woman to use on her leg areas only to remove hair because I feel this remover is not gently enough for the arms, underarm areas, bikini lines and face. This hair remover is affordable and worth using, but I am not sure if I would get it again simply because it did irritate my sensitive skin.