Product Review of Carefree Hair Remover: A Razor-Free Existence

Beauty Guide Review

I am done shaving!

After years of bending and stretching in the shower to shave my long legs, I finally got fed up with it. I decided to try using a depilatory. I have heard of them for years, of course, but never thought to try one. I thought it was about time I did.  

I had planned to use Veet after seeing several of their new commercials featuring Alyssa Milano, but when I went to the store to buy it, I noticed that the newest depilatory on the market, Carefree Hair Remover, was offering a package containing their Totally Smooth Leg Crème, Bladeless Hair Removal Tool and a free bottle of After Hair Removal daily moisturizer. I had seen commercials for this product as well and thought I would try it.

As the product recommends, I did a patch test first. I applied a small amount of the hair removal crème around my ankle using the hands-free sponge-tipped applicator on the bottle. After three minutes, I gently used the bladeless razor and removed the crème. The hair came off without any problems, so I continued to remove the crème until it was all gone. Then I rinsed and washed the area as instructed.

Twenty four hours later the spot was still clean. I didn’t have a reaction to the crème, so I applied it to my entire leg. It was a little tricky figuring out how to properly apply the crème to my whole leg using the applicator. I wasn’t sure how much to squeeze. By the time I was done applying it, it was time to use the bladeless tool. Again, the crème and hari came off without any problems. So I applied the crème to my other leg.

This time was much easier, and I was able to apply the crème a little faster. When I was done, I checked to see if enough time passed to use the razor. It was. I was again able to remove the crème and hair without any problems. I rinsed the razor off several times as it filled up with the crème.

When I was done, I took my shower and made sure I washed my legs and hands thoroughly. After my shower, I applied the After Hair Removal. I didn’t worry about doing a patch test because there are no ingredients that can bother my skin. It contains aloe, natural soy and vitamin E. My legs were very smooth and definitely hair-free when I was done.

The entire process was quick and easy. I couldn’t believe that it had taken me years of being uncomfortable trying to shave in the shower before I finally tried a depilatory. Because of back surgery I had when I was twelve, it is very hard for me to bend and twist. This made shaving very difficult and uncomfortable. With the Carefree Hair Remover, I was able to stand beside my bathtub and prop my leg up and use the remover without any bending or twisting and without making a mess. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is ready for a switch from shaving.