Review of Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover for Face Kit

Beauty Review

Sally Hansen cream hair remover for face kit costs roughly 7.00. The cream hair remover for face kit includes a 2 ounce bottle of cream hair remover and a .5 ounce bottle of coconut after use skin conditioner.

Sally Hansen cream hair remover kit claims that the hair remover cream has a pleasant vanilla scent. In my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth. The facial hair remover cream smelled absolutely horrid a combination of sulfur rotten egg smell with that of a solvent. Having to smell that for the three minutes that I had the Sally Hansen cream hair remover on my face was not a pleasant experience. However, the coconut after skin conditioner had a very pleasant scent and helped redeem the Sally Hansen cream hair remover kit as a whole.

The cream hair remover is very harsh on skin. This fact surprised me since the hair remover cream is specifically made for removing hair from the face. I recommend that you only leave the cream on your face for two to three minutes the first time that you try it to see how your skin will react. Sally Hansen’s cream hair remover is harsh but it is also very effective. Although it left the sensitive skin on my face feeling sore and looking red for a day, the cream hair remover worked incredibly well at removing hair.

Sally Hansen cream hair remover is harsh but also works very quickly. The 3 minutes recommended as a test time on the instructions is all I need. The hair remover cream is also quite thick so it stays where you put it, this is especially helpful in a cream designed for use on the face.

Sally Hansen cream hair remover claims that it slows hair regrowth after repeated use. I found this to be true. I have noticed that after using the cream hair remover for a few weeks hair regrowth has slowed down. And the hair that does regrow is finer and easier to remove.

I also wish that Sally Hansen’s cream hair remover kit included an applicator of some sort. The instruction say to apply it with your hands, but I found that to be very messy.

At a cost of 7.00 per kit I believe the cream hair remover to be an excellent value. I expect it will last for four months.Also note that in addition to leaving your skin sore and red looking for a day the cream will dry it out for two to three days. Just make sure that you have plenty of extra moisturizer on hand after you use Sally Hansen’s hair remover cream and also make sure to apply a very thick coating of the coconut after conditioner once you have washed off the cream hair remover. The coconut after conditioner included in Sally Hansen’s kit is very helpful and good at soothing skin after using the cream hair remover.

I expect that I will buy this product again though I do plan to look for one that is a little gentler. In the meantime I will continue using Sally Hansen cream hair remover long term, particularly if it continues to slow down hair regrowth.