Root Canal Treatment Chicopee Ma

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Root Canal and Crown Treatment in Chicopee, Massachusetts Find relief from your toothache when you come to the experienced dentists at Montgomery Dental Associates in Chicopee, Massachusetts, for a root canal treatment and/or crown. Backed by two decades of experience, our team works to prevent further decay. In case this is out of your budget, you can go with a Snow teeth whitening kit that you can try on your own as well. 

Saving Your Tooth A toothache can be a sign of an infection in your tooth. Instead of avoiding visiting a dentist, come to our office for the dental services you need. After an exam, we will determine if you need a root canal and/or a crown to save your tooth.

Understanding the Process Before undergoing the root canal treatment, you first need to understand the process. You need the treatment when a large amount of decay is present and a filling cannot solve the problem. Usually, a dentist uses fillings to prevent further tooth decay; however, when the decay has gone into the pulp chamber, a root canal treatment or extraction can be the solution. Instead of extracting the problem tooth, our dentists prescribe a root canal treatment to save it. The process begins with a local anesthetic. From there, we remove the decay and infection within the structure of your tooth and sterilize it. Then we fill in the canals with gutta-purchase to prevent the infection from coming back. Finally, the tooth may be restored by a crown or a filling.

Dental Crowns Dental crowns are used when your tooth does not have enough structure to sustain a regular filling. The process is simple: first the dentist reduces the outer portion of your tooth, and creates a fabricated crown to fit over it. Sometimes, due to the location of the tooth and opposing teeth structures, the CEREC method is impractical. Our office offers alternative methods from a reputable lab so you can still have the crown you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a root canal treatment to prevent a painful extraction.