Spy Pen Video Camera

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Spy pen video camera is a specialized surveillance camera that is easy to conceal and allows the user to record images of persons or places or buildings without the consent of the subjects. Traditionally, such cameras were used by government security agencies during the cold war period as a means of surveying buildings or taking pictures of places. In addition, their cost was prohibitive and could only be afforded by the high and mighty in the society. However, thanks to advancement in technology, great strides have been made in spy camera development and are now more affordable. Contemporary spy video cameras are more complex and enhanced than traditional spy cameras. They can be fitted in tiny spaces and come with inbuilt storage devices. Due to their discreet nature, they are increasingly being preferred by home and business owners.

If you are planning of purchasing a spy pen video camera that is in essence intended for surveillance, then there are a number of issues that you need to look at. It is important to understand that not all distributor cctv have been built with the same capabilities and features. There are those that have inbuilt memory storage devices while some lack the same and as such require a USB cables so as to record to a PC. Moreover, there are spy cameras that have short-range as well as long-range transmission capabilities.

When shopping for an ideal and a more affordable spy pen video camera, the first course of action is to determine what you will be using the camera for and where you plan on placing the spy camera. Smaller cameras that are easy to conceal and are available at affordable prices often provide poor image quality. As such, you need to establish how important the image quality is to you. Furthermore, you need to establish whether you require still images or prefer video stream.

A very tiny spy pen video camera will capture images that generally show movements of people in a place or a general idea of how people in the video look like or what they are doing, however, the resolution might be too poor to actually figure out facial or distinct features. Should you need a camera that offers better image clarity then bigger spy video cameras are highly recommended. Nonetheless, this will make hiding the camera more difficult. But, if it is to be used in a location where space is not a major problem, then the spy camera can be hidden behind a wall with only a tiny opening being left for the camera lens.

A majority of spy pen video cameras available in the market today are usually shipped with an inbuilt camouflage. A common type of spy pen video camera used by most homeowners is normally hidden inside a teddy bear. These are usually designed for spying on babysitters or caregivers who interact with the elderly and small children. Some parents use it as a means of spying on their teenage children. Basically, these types of cameras have inbuilt memory storage devices. The recorded images can then be uploaded to a PC for viewing. Other kinds of spy pen video cameras have been designed to look like DVD players or television set or any common electronic device. As they

If you are intending to use a spy pen video camera for outdoor surveillance, you need to check if you are contravening any laws. For instance, it is not illegal to record images of persons without their consent in public in most if not all of the states. Nevertheless, audio recording is considered illegal in some states and a person may easily sue you for privacy intrusion.

Benefits of spy pen video cameras

Security is an issue that no one should take lightly. As such, there are several benefits that you stand to gain by making use of a spy pen video camera in your home or business premise. Discussed below are pros of installing spy cameras in your home:

First and foremost, it gives you a sense of tranquility. In as much as a nanny or a baby sitter may come highly recommended it is difficult to know what they are really capable under certain circumstances. Having a spy camera will enable you to keep tabs on how the caregivers are relating with your children. In addition, you may also want to know what your teenage children are up to. It is not possible to be with them in the same room constantly. But, a spy pen video camera can offer you a better view of what they are involved in when you are not around