Step By Step Life Changing Ways On How To Destroy Fat And Lose Weight In A Week

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The first and easiest step to lose weight in a week is to find a sport or hobby that interest you. When most people set goals to lose weight they fail because they either get board or just cant seem to get motivated at all.

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To fix one or both of these problems I recommend that you get involved into a sport or hobby that is of interest to you. I will list some to give you an idea:





bike riding



These are some ideas to get you started of with. In my opinion walking is the best one because its not hard on your joints and its the easiest.

You should walk briskly for 30 minutes 2 times a day after your breakfast and dinner. You should walk as much as possible through the day as well. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator because just by walking you could burn anywhere from 100 to 300 calories a day!

The second step is to cut out the little things. Instead of drinking coffee, soda, or any juice replace it with lots of water. Remember this is not as hard as it sounds because you are doing it only for a week and I can promise if you do these things you will see results.

All the sugar in coffee, soda, and juice will prevent you from losing weight fast while on the other hand lots of water will cause your metabolism to speed up quick causing you to lose weight quick.

The third step is to give up meat for a week. What! are you crazy! No i’m not but it is a proven fact that if you eat a vegetarian diet and combine it with lots of water and exercise you will see results in 10 days ( a little over a week).

Just try it and you will not only see physical results in your body, but you will feel more clear minded and mentally sharp!

The third step is to get good and proper rest. Your body needs rest to heal itself from all the exercising you have been doing. If you rest properly you will get the full benefit of your exercise, water intake, and right eating.

On the other hand if you don’t get good rest your body will not get the full benefit that it could get if you were well rested. This is how important rest is, and its so simple!

Most people are tired of getting promises of weight loss without seeing any results. Diet experts sometimes say you could lose weight without any exercise or effort, but these people who are making these promises are just trying to make money by telling lies.