Stress Management Concepts Challenged

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The concept of stress management is fully ingrained in our psyche but some of the underlying beliefs and definitions of stress should be challenged. Essentially the belief goes like this if you are not as stressed as other people in similar situations then you are better at stress management. In this paradigm is a belief that stress is inevitable but the negative effects of it can be reduced by better management.

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Other beliefs allied to this are the term coping strategies. Again coping strategies are part of what you do in stress management. This idea always conveys to me the idea of coping being learning how to put up with stress or another way of looking at it as coping being a bit like being up to your neck in water and being able to hold your breath the longest when the water level rises. Again all these ideas seem to accept stress as inevitable and something to be managed. Look I am supportive of certain strategies like easy relaxation techniques but they can distract us from addressing the root causes.

There is also the idea that stress in cumulative and that certain life events are inherently stressful is themselves. You will have seen these lists of life events they include serious things like death of a spouse and as the list goes down they include redundancy and moving house. Psychologists have even assigned numbers to these events to indicate how stressful they are. The assumption being the higher the numbers you have the more stressed you are. Clearly this is rubbish and people vary in their responses to potentially stressful situations. Redundancy can be stressful but for some it might be a fantastic opportunity, some might get stressed moving house others would find it exciting. So it is difficult to support the assumption that certain situations are inherently stressful themselves.

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The final belief about stress I want to mention is that a certain level of stress is good for you. You may have even heard about the idea of us each have our own optimum stress levels where we are just concerned enough for it to improve the level of our performance. I can answer this with a simple question have you ever had stress that made you feel better? How can something that generally makes you miserable be considered to be good for you?

Part of the problem here I feel is that people are getting mixed up between pressure and response. Some situations inherently create pressure by placing demands and constraints on us.

That does not necessarily mean that we find these situations stressful. In fact if there is something called stress management then it is about not allowing ourselves to turn pressure into stress for ourselves. You note I said ourselves because if you accept my conjecture that external things are not inherently stressful then you must come to the conclusion that stress in internally generated and then come to the realisation that stress is largely a self-inflicted disorder.