Super Vs Classic Vapezilla

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The Super Vapezilla Vaporizer is a new addition at the budget end of the market, seeking to slug it out toe to toe with established models such as the volcano vaporizer and the extreme q vaporizer. At around $550+, depending on the version, it can be a little on the expensive side. So is it better than the vapezilla classic, which weighs in at around $400.00 to $450.00?

The Super Vapezilla Vaporizer

Many people like the design, and some prefer simple and discreet when it comes to vaporizers. If you’re looking for a vape doesn’t really look like a vape, then this unit just may be perfect for you.

Vapezilla Details

The new version of the vapezilla vaporizer was designed for all vapor connoisseurs. There were no expenses cut when it comes to the production of this device except for the fact that the temperature controller is not digital and works manually. This may matter to some people, but that really depends on your preference. Also, make sure you determine if you would prefer a digital or a manual (analog) vaporizer unit.

Product Benefits

No Butane Required – Giving You a Pure & Natural Flavor While Also Doing Away With the Need for Butane Lighters & the Horrible Butane Gas Taste. No Flame Involved (Flameless) Offers You A Therapeutic Sensation When Compared to Using A Butane Lighter. Available In: 110 Volts or 220 Volts

Vapezilla Features

  • Color: Black Finish (Gloss)
  • Black Finish (Gloss) Heating Element: 400W Ceramic
  • 400W Ceramic Insulator: Borosilicate Glass
  • Borosilicate Glass Whip: Thickest Borosilicate Glass Vaporizer Whip in the Industry
  • Thickest Borosilicate Glass Vaporizer Whip in the Industry Temperature: Variable Rotary Temp. Controller
  • Variable Rotary Temp. Controller Electronics: Completely Separated From the Inhalation Track
  • Completely Separated From the Inhalation Track Fans: Two Magnetic Levitation Vapo-Bearing Fans
  • Two Magnetic Levitation Vapo-Bearing Fans Air Intake: Dual Filtered Inlet Air Feature
  • Dual Filtered Inlet Air Feature Display Color: Deep Red LED
  • Deep Red LED Platform : Solid Aluminum Chassis
  • Solid Aluminum Chassis Taste: Best Taste vs. Other Vaporizers
  • Best Taste vs. Other Vaporizers Guarantee : Lifetime Labor Warranty
  •  Lifetime Labor Warranty Uses: With Aromatherapy Herbs & Flavored Tobacco

Using the Super Vapezilla

As for using the device, that was a mixed bag. Loading up the whip and inserting it into the device was easy, but changing the temperature is far more complex than it needs to be. Rather than pressing a button or turning a simple dial, you have to hold down a button with your left hand and adjust the setting by pressing another button with your right hand.

Heating Time

It could took nearly fifteen minutes to heat up the Super Vapezilla, although this is supposed to reduce significantly once the machine has been used a few times. The vapor produced as thick and clean and there were no problems with the whip. It is always recommended you run your unit for a given amount of time before you first use it. Make sure you read always read the instructions included with the vape you decide is best for you.

Turning off the Vaporizer

In order to turn the machine off, you have to hold down the buttons and adjust the temperature downwards, letting the temperature fall before closing off the unit.

Fan Sound

Some people consider the machine is very loud, due to two fans that sound may be loud to some, but this will differ from person to person. The casing of the machine can get quite hot during use and this can create problems with the whip, so make sure you turn off the device when not using it and you should remove the whip after every few uses to prevent any issues.

The Vapezilla Classic – A Better Buy for the Money

The vapezilla classic vaporizer is much cheaper than the super vapezilla but costs around $400. Some reviews have shown, the digital displays on the super vapezilla do not always work too well, so you might want to consider to opt for the cheaper version. This may have changed on the newer units.

The best dry herb vaporizer comes with long life coils in the device. Use of these vaporizers have more benefits over the ordinary vaporizers. It has a simple dial, which is much easier to use than the inaccurate temperature control. Other than that, there was very little difference between the two models, including the loud fans!