Teaching Or Telling Children To Lie Is Wrong


Can you even believe it? There are some people in this world that would actually tell their children to lie.

The reasons that people would do this vary I suppose. I figure that mainly a parent will tell their child not to tell when they feel they have done something that can get them into trouble, or when they want someone else to get into trouble. Either way, as wrong as it is, this can be a very big problem, especially regarding custody issues.

It is absolutely wrong to ask a child to speak anything other than the truth. It is insane to expect a child to “never tell”. Say a parent lets a child go unsupervised to a neighbors house on a visitation. When that parent says “Don’t tell…” they are in fact asking the child to lie. Asking a child to tell anyone that someone has not done something that they have is also telling the child to lie. Likewise, telling a child to tell someone that somebody else has done something that they actually have not is also asking that child to lie.

What do you think it does to a child inside when they are being asked to lie? Do you think it makes them feel all warm and fuzzy? Absolutely not. When an adult asks a child to lie they put that child into a very peculiar position. It makes the child feel not only obligated to do so, but it’s asking them to go against all they have been taught. Children are taught to be honest. To do the right thing. When a parent asks them to lie they will, regardless of what they have been previously taught about being honest. Why? Because they are so eager to please. Children will do anything to make others happy. This especially includes parents.

For a parent to be happy because their child is lying for them is, in my opinion, sick. This article is for people who have their children being influenced to lie by others, and also for those who may be influencing their children.

Teaching, telling, or asking a child to lie is absolutely wrong. It should never be done. The damages caused are felt by the child. I cannot comprehend how a parent could gain satisfaction over their child lying for them when the child is damaged by it. Are some people really that self absorbed?

Teaching a child not to lie doesn’t need a lie detector test from https://liedetectortest.uk. All you have to do is to teach them that it is a bad thing and that there are consequences for lying about something or anything.

I know this happens readers. I am currently involved in a like situation. I tell you, never ask your children to lie, and if someone is trying to make them lie bring it to the attention of someone, anyone. Make it known. It hurts the child. It confuses the child and puts them in such a bad position. Teach your children honesty, always. If you don’t want to get in trouble then don’t do things that can get you in trouble. Asking a child to lie means you have no actual grounds and have to make something up, or that you’ve done something wrong.

People who ask children to lie will be caught. Why? Cause children are honest beings. They are terrible at keeping secrets. Other adults involved with the child will see that something is bothering them. The child will always speak the truth in the end because kids cannot be trusted to keep secrets. In the end, anyone who has asked the child to lie looks sick, ridiculous, selfish, and just plain not nice. Yes, I said selfish. I use that word because I feel it is a very selfish thing to do to think of ones own needs and wants, ask a child to lie, put the child through it, and be happy of their personal gain. That is selfish to me. Readers, teach your children to always be honest, please. Thanks for reading and take care.