The Power of Anti Reflection Coating


There are several benefits of using Anti reflective coating or also known as AR coating on your eyeglasses. It can improve your vision, make your eyeglasses look more attractive and reduce eye strain. All of these benefits are possible because of AR coating’s ability to reduce reflections from the back and from surfaces of the lenses of your eyeglasses. Consequently, it will allow more light to pass through your lenses in order to optimize your vision, minimize distractions and make your lenses look nearly invisible. As a result, you can make better eye contact with other people as it also enhances your appearance. 

Another interesting thing about AR coating is that it is so much helpful when utilized on high index lenses. These lenses reflect more light than traditional lenses of plastics. So generally, more light will be reflected from the lenses surfaces if there is a higher refraction index. In addition, high index plastic lenses have the ability to reflect up to fifty percent more light compared to regular plastic lenses. This concept could be dangerous in some cases ex. Driving at night. With the aid of technology, some high-quality AR coatings like ECI anit-reflection coatings, it is now possible for your lenses to allow almost hundred percent of available light to pass through so you can have a clearer vision. Your lenses will also look almost invisible. As a result, people won’t have a hard time seeing your facial expressions and eyes more clearly. You won’t be able to experience the benefits of less glare when driving at night and sharper vision without the help of AR coatings. This is also helpful if you are the type of person who is always in front of a computer or screen for a long period of time. This is another reason why one of the benefits of AR coating is to reduce eye strain. Because AR coating on glasses let more light to pass through to your eyes, your eyes can certainly relax while wearing your glasses. Hence, you no longer have to worry about the tiredness of your eyes due to intense use such as reading, working at the computer or driving a car for extended periods. This comfort caused by looking at something for a long time can be reduced by using AR coatings applied to the surface of your eyeglasses / sunglasses.

Overall, AR coatings have been very beneficial to wide variety of applications over the years. As technology advances, AR coatings are expected to become even more developed that could lead to additional and modern advantages that can be used in different applications such as optical glasses, photography, astronomy and others. The power of anti-reflection coating is expected to enter new platform applications. As research and studies continue to pursue, new advantages and benefits will surely emerge about AR coatings. Manufacturers have even changed AR coating from a a varnish that utilized peel and come off of the lenses to a foundation component of the lens.