Top 7 Important Things That You Need To Know About Rust


When it comes to the best survival open-world game, then Rust is the first name that comes to our mind. The majority of the streamers are joining a server on such a fantastic game. OfflineTV Server is considered as the most popular server of Rust that was set up OfflineTV team & Rachel Hofstetter. This particular server is featuring more than 50 content creators. Such a fantastic server was highly toxic & relatively exclusive. OfflineTV will surely create the new server, and they will surely add a variety of new features. If you want to buy a Rust account, then you will have to find out the best platform where you can easily buy it.

Rust has become the best game for the streaming platforms & community. This fantastic game is experiencing a considerable amount of viewers tune in every day on Twitch.  Let’s discuss the seven important things regarding the OfflineTV server of Rust.

  • New Server

OfflineTV is continually working with the Facepunch studios to create the new server. The improved version will surely able to add some great features & house players. This will surely be able to eliminate the PvP & fights that have already broken out among the streamers. A new server will eradicate the chances of new issues. It will surely offer a fantastic gameplay experience. 

  • Things To Do 

Rust is a little bit difficult game where you cannot survive early on. Surviving in the Rust is a little bit complicated process. If you are new in the world of Rust, then you will surely find yourself in a harsh position as compared to opponents. Staying alive for a considerable amount of time can be a difficult task for gamers.  At the starting of Rust, you will face a lot of difficult problems because the player dropped completely naked on the beach.  It is your responsibility to move away from the area as quickly as possible.  You can also kill someone using rick. 

  • Build effective weapons and tools

When players are collecting nearby important materials & resources, then they will want to initiate creating the different weapons and tools to keep alive themselves. If you are using the rock, then players will able to attack the nearby trees to collect a variety of important things like stone, wood & cloth. 

  • Collect the resources

If you want to survive in the Rust, then you will have to create effective tips that will improve overall chances of winning the game.  One should start collecting crucial sources of food. Players can quickly find out important things like pumpkins and corn on the ground via an entire map that is the best way to stay full early on. One should also use the fires without a base. 

  • Get up A Settlement quickly

Just in case any player has few starter tools, then they will have to get the settlement up as soon as possible. Make sure that you are voiding starter beach because there are a considerable amount of players in this area. One should prioritize the locations that are completely far away from the settlements of other players. One must select a specific location where one can quickly make access to a significant amount of resources. 

  • Crucial things 

Varieties of things are important in the rust-like wooden spear, stone Pickaxe, Stone Hatchet & Bow. If you want to fight in the game properly, then one has to find out the variety of weapons that will be helpful in-game.

  • Craft The Furnace

It is highly recommended that you should create the furnace in Rust. This will allow players to smelt down important things like craft the shelters & best quality tools. Players will able to find out the fuel by opening up specific barrels with tools. If any players have a furnace crafted, then they will able to start refining the metal & creating reliable tools. It is highly recommended that you should upgrade a variety of doors at their settlement in sheet metal doors. It would be the right idea to initiate crafting the decent armor in-game.  You should pay close attention to the following important things-

  • Shotgun 

Firearms are considered as one of the most popular things for the players to have in the early game. You will able to buy a waterpipe shotgun at 100 Metal Fragments & Wood. It has become a devastating gun at the short ranges.

  • Machete 

If you are searching for the best weapon at the starting of the game, then Machete would be a reliable option for you. Such weapons can be shared via any enemies that come into contact. If you need a machete, then you will need 25 Cloth, 125 Metal Fragments & 1 Metal Pipe. 

  • Revolver

In case you are looking for a powerful gun that will able to deal the damage from longer distances, then Revolver would be a great option for you. If you have 125 metal Fragments, 25 cloths, and 1 Metal Pipe, then you can easily craft this weapon as possible. 

The Final Verdict

Lastly, Rust is a little bit complicated game where you will have to build a small shelter as quickly as possible. You will have to create the important strategies that will improve overall chances of winning the difficult levels in the Rust. One should create a particular checklist of the weapons and tools that will be helpful in the battle.