Twitter Dating: How to Find @Love

Social Media

Have you tried finding love at bars and clubs to no avail? Has Myspace’s fall left you with one less place to turn? Is Facebook to bogged down with Farmville gifts to filter through for you to care to look for love there? Twitter is being called the future of social networking sites and is making it easier and easier to find compatibility. Just like Twitter, Tiktok is also getting really popular and people buy TikTok likes cheap to boost the number of likes to their TikTok videos. Here are a few tips for finding love the lazy way.

  1. Join

Hopefully, this is obvious to you but if not, you will need to sign up with Twitter. Visit and click on Sign Me Up Now. From there you will have a very simple list of blanks to fill out to get started. Keep in mind when picking your username that this is what people will see. Be simple and aim for something as close to your name as possible. If it’s taken try adding an underscore ( _ ), or use initials or shortened versions of your name.

  1. Set up a Profile

Once you are connected to Twitter the next step is to set up your profile. Start with your profile picture. Remember when choosing your picture that it will only show as a tiny thumbnail next to your username. Chose a picture that is close enough to show your more flattering details but avoids being mysterious about anything. People like to know who they’re talking to.

After selecting your picture go to your account information and give the world of Twits an idea as to who you are. You are limited to one line of information about yourself and your location. Utilize the “More Info URL” if you have a blog or similar website that will lead people to a better knowledge of you.

  1. Build a Circle

The main point behind social networking sites is to have people to follow and chat with. That said, it shouldn’t be surprising that when getting started with Twitter you will want to do the same. It is pretty easy to find people to connect with on Twitter by searching keywords and browsing through the people your friends follow and who they follow and on and on… Building a social circle not only makes using twitter more fun but it gives you a bit of value as well. As is the case with life in general, the more friends you have, the more appealing you are. However, if there is someone in particular that you’re gunning for I would wait just a bit before adding him/her. I’ll explain why in a moment.

  1. Reply to Friends

Replying to your friends is a huge part of Twitter. With a maximum of 140 characters per Tweet and reply, you have to be short with anything you say but keep in mind that everything is public. As such, it should be assumed that the person you want to get to know is reading everything. In your shortness be as clever and witty as possible. Sell yourself not only in your tweets but also in your replies.

  1. Follow Your Crush

Now that you have a social circle worth bragging about, you’ve developed a history of tweets, and you’ve got plenty of replies to your friends that show how much fun you can be, follow your crush. The steps leading up to this were preparatory. You were giving this person something to look at once you established an online friendship. Now you get to make them a part of the fun.

  1. Begin Relationship

The best way to begin any relationship is to avoid coming off as threatening. Reply to their tweets while making sure not to come off as overwhelming. Do not reply to everything they post. Use moderation and, like with your friends, be as witty, clever, and charming as possible in your 140 characters. Gain the person’s attention.

  1. Take it to the next level

Before you start replying to your crush asking for a phone number, use the direct message option to talk to them one-on-one in private. At this point, you will want to step your game up to avoid falling into the friend zone. Be assertive and direct without being demanding. Tell the person they are of the sort that you find attractive. Let them know that you enjoy your conversations and would like to expand on that outside of Twitter. But please, please, ease your way into things. Be playful. Be funny. Do not demand anything or you risk scaring this person away.

  1. Get the Number

You’ve made the friendship. You’ve proven yourself worthwhile. You’re carrying a good conversation in public and, now, in private. It’s time to go for the number. Continue to be assertive while warding away any creepiness. One way to do this is to tell the person you would like to move things on to a more intimate situation by moving the conversations into a phone call. Provide your number first. This shows that you are no afraid of making the step and will hopefully give them the confidence to provide you with their number. Who knows, they may even call you before you hear back from them on Twitter!

  1. Do not Tweet Drunk

Remember that you are trying to attract someone here, people. What is the fastest way to ruin any sort of respect you’ve built for yourself? Drinking and trying to communicate. This goes for phone calls, text messages, and, hugely, social networking. Not only is your drunken Tweet indecipherable but it also tells the world that you were either A) sitting alone on Twitter and drinking yourself to happiness or B) out with friends and rather than enjoying their company you were sitting on your phone Tweeting. Nothing attractive there. Nothing.

  1. Do Not Give Out Too Much Information

Sticking with the idea of remaining attractive to all potentials you want to avoid giving out too much information. Ladies, no guy wants to hear about your cycle, regular or not. Gentlemen, your latest sexual conquest is not going to help you conquer the woman of your dreams. Save that stuff for a situation where you can actually receive the high-fives and congratulatory you’re-not-pregnant party.

There are you are, people. A how-to guide to getting the girl of your dreams on Twitter. Best of luck to you all and Good Tweets. Don’t let me down.