Want To Improve Your Cannabis Bud Quality? Try These Ways


Everyone wishes to grow high-quality Cannabis regardless of whether it is for personal consumption or for selling purposes. While low-quality and “will do” Cannabis will still get sold, it will not guarantee that you get the kick out of it, nor will it ensure that your clients are coming back to you. But how does high-quality Cannabis differ from the average? The difference lies between the methods used to grow it. 

You could make tons of mistakes while growing Cannabis and still manage to grow a plant. But to get the top tier quality, there are specific ways that ensure you get the maximum out of your Cannabis seeds.

What are the proven ways to improve the Cannabis bud quality?

Pick the seeds wisely

The quality of the final product will always depend on the quality of the raw material used. And this holds for Cannabis as well. If you want to grow top-tier Cannabis, you need to pick the seeds wisely. The first step is to choose the strain you wish to grow and then buy from the best-known stores. Next, try different places like Cannabis banks, local dispensaries, etc. And then pick out the quality you prefer the most. Finally, purchasing the seeds from a reputable seed breeder will ensure that your buds will have excellent genetic coding.

Ensure sufficient light

If you wish to grow a high-quality Cannabis plant, you need to make sure that your plant gets exposed to maximum sunlight. If you pick a quality Cannabis bulb to grow, it will require as much light as possible. If the plant does not get exposed to sufficient light, it may lose its potency and eventually die. Therefore, it is wise to invest in a couple of plant-growing lights like LEDs and HPs if you believe that your plant does not get adequate exposure to sunlight.


Every living being craves nutrition, including plants; hence you must be providing your plant with the required nourishment through fertilizers. The Cannabis plant requires different provender in different stages of growth. Your Cannabis plant must get supplied with low amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium in its flowering stage. When your Cannabis reaches the second half of its flowering stage, make sure that you are not loading it with supplements as it can alter the taste of Cannabis and add a chemical flavour to them.

Bloom enhancers

Every Cannabis grower has a different set of beliefs when it comes to giving supplements. However, there are some most agree on. These supplements include amino acids, humic acids, vitamins, trace minerals, etc. While the quality of the plant depends on Cannabis seeds, supplements can raise the plant quality and growth by a notch; hence you must pick out the additions carefully.

These methods can get used for all strains of Cannabis as nutrition is the need of every plant. The key is to avoid overdoing anything to maintain healthy plant growth.