What Are The Main Features Of Tubidy?

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As we all know, people love to listen to music and watch videos in their free time. This gives them relaxation from their busy schedule. With the advancement in technology, there are new platforms invented for entertaining people, and they love to spend time on this platform. One of such platforms is tubidy.

Turbidity is basically a website or a group of the website that provides their users free music files and also videos. The users can either watch them directly on the website, or they can even download it on their PC and enjoy it in the future. Some of the platforms like https://www.lexifone.com even support Smartphone’s, making it even more convenient for users to use the facilities.

This is not just a convenient application but also this is an application that provides the facilities even without spending a single sum of money. There are many features that are provided by the application we will discuss in detail:

  • Provides an option to either stream or download the video

There is no doubt in the fact that this application provides the facility to their users to watch videos or listen to music free of cost. Other than this facility, they even provide the facility to their users to either watch the video online or download on their respective laptop and watch it offline as and when they feel like enjoying it.

Even the procedure of downloading the video is so simple that even a person who is doing it for the first time can do it easily within no time.

  • Option to make the playlist

This is the feature of this application that almost all people love. The only thing you have to do to use this feature is to open an account on the application. Once you have opened the account, then very quickly, you can create the playlist of your choice and watch the videos and listen to the songs.

  • Easy to operate

Using this application is in no way a headache for a person as it is so simple to use that you will love using it. There is no specialty required for using this application. By going to a website like https://www.lexifone.com you can simply log in to the account and select the playlist you wish to listen to and enjoy your time. A person doesn’t need to create an account, but you can use more features if you make it.

  • You can even convert files

In some situations, a person likes a song but wants it in mp3 form; this is an application that allows you to convert a video into the mp3 and use it as per your choice.


These are some of the features that are provided by this application. It is entirely on you how many features you want to use, and accordingly, you can either open the account or just use the application without opening it. This application has made it very simple for people to utilize their free time.