What Are The Side Effects Of Botox

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Botox is often regarded as the miracle cure for old age or wrinkles. The drug has garnered much fame and attention; from 2002-2003 the number of Botox users increased by 158 percent. With this kind of notoriety being perpetuated by celebrities and Hollywood beauties, many people ignore the side effects associated with the drug.

Though Botox is regarded as one of the safest and most non-invasive procedures on the market there are still some very adverse side effects that may present themselves which makes it important for you to choose the Best Botox Filler injection service for all of your needs. Usually, any side effects stemming from the drug will present themselves a couple of days after the procedure. These side effects disappear after six months, the amount of time that the drug stays in the body’s system.

The most common side effects of Botox use are headache, respiratory infection, flu-like symptoms, droopy eyelids, muscle weakness, and high blood pressure. The risk of these side effects may increase when using Botox for medicinal purposes versus cosmetic purposes.

Serious Botox Side Effects

There are also some pretty nasty side effects associated with Botox. Some of these include double vision, blurred vision, voice changes, loss of bladder control, difficulty breathing, and difficulty swallowing. While these side effects rarely appear in patients, the first sign of them should be reported to a doctor.

Some patients may experience allergic reactions when subjected to Botox treatment. Signs of an allergic reaction to Botox include rash, hives, swelling, wheezing, and difficulty breathing.

Botox treatments are especially dangerous if combined with other medicinal treatments. These drugs may have an adverse chemical reaction with Botox in the system. One should avoid over the counter medications and antibiotics if they are planning a Botox treatment.

Botox Side Effects Vary With Individuals

Certain groups of people that have experienced previous infections or muscular disorders are placing themselves in an, especially risky spot if they use Botox. Pregnant women are especially at risk as well. Your doctor should be made aware of any of these previous conditions in order to facilitate the best cosmetic treatment.

Many people prepare themselves for Botox procedures by requesting ice packs from their doctors. These ice packs are usually standard procedures but there’s definitely no harm in reminding your doctor. OTC painkillers could also help with the headaches that usually accompany the procedure. Make sure to get prior approval from a doctor first because, as stated earlier, these painkillers may not be a good idea.

Some individuals try to massage the injection spot as it may sore after the procedure, this is a big no-no! Massaging the injection spot spreads out the medication and may affect unintended areas of the face. Lying down or exercising after injection could produce similar results as these activities make the Botox diffuse throughout the face.

Botox is just like other drugs, in that a cost-benefit analysis should be performed prior to receiving the procedure. Since it is cosmetic surgery and not medically necessary then perhaps one should avoid a Botox injection if the side effects will be too much to handle.