What Causes Lower Back Pain

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What causes lower back pain had been the object of many deliberations in the past. The source of the problem had been described and argued by the different concerned sectors countless times for lack of sufficient scientific solutions. There are too many so-called solutions, too many empty promises, and yet the pain continues.

What causes lower back pain remains one of the loneliest questions because the answer remains elusive from the medical sectors’ standpoint. Like most back pain sufferers, I refused to quit on the quest to find the cure, because the rest of my life is at stake. The only good thing that came from spending long hours searching for the right answers for what causes lower back pain though, is the excruciating pain on my back abating and this is where I came across CBD for pain along with the different reasons for lower back pain.

Because my head began to hurt as well. So what really causes them? Let us try to compare the causes of lower back pains from the medical and logical point of view. But before we continue, I would like to point out the importance of understanding the problem. A profound perception of the problem often leads to the best relief for the causes of lower back pain. At least we can all agree on that. Most lower back pain relief programs flaunt their knowledge about the problem to connect to the readers. From years of personal battles waged against the condition to years of research. They have the right idea. I will not make the same claims but would merely offer my logical thoughts about lower back pains. Medical findings on what causes lower back pains

* Degenerative disc disease(DDD)- Bad posture, strenuous activities such as bending over, running, and lifting heavy objects. However, DDD usually starts as an injury to the lower back. This condition has the tendency to turn into chronic lower back pain if not tended to properly.

* Herniated disc- This condition happens when the soft cushion that sits between the spinalís vertebrae called the spinal disc turns rigid or lost elasticity. It usually affects the older population but also affects people in their 30ís.* Facet joint osteoarthritis- Occurs when the cartilage between the facet joints degenerate or breaks down. Mostly a condition felt as a person progresses in age.* Lumbar Spinal Stenosis- This is what causes lower back pain to aged people.

The spine changes with age, leading to the deterioration of the bones, disc, tissues, and muscles.* Degenerative Spondylolisthesis- is a lower back condition that arises when the disc in front and the paired facet joints that absorb pressures to the spine decline. This condition usually affects adults from 50 years old and up. The most common medical recommendations to the above symptoms are either extensive surgical procedures that may potentially lead to more surgeries if the conditions persist, or taking loads of medicines with dangerous side-effects and maybe hours of consultations and medical therapies.

While it is hard to argue to the facts presented for what causes lower back pains, we can argue all day on the solutions. The biggest argument, however, is as clear as the pain on your back- The number of people suffering from lower back pains continues to grow every day. This is why it is a lot easier to look at the problem from a logical point of view. The lower part of the back bears all the burden from your waist up. The lower part of the body like the buttocks and legs are usually spared from the grind and strenuous activities of the upper body because of the separation.

Apart from the grave injuries sustained by the back and natural phenomena, common sense tells us that the natural science of physics and gravity is what causes lower back pains. So “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” Alternative approaches to the problem is the best lower back pain relief today. The logical solution to the problem is giving back freedom to former lower back patients with surgical precision, which cannot be said to the best available medical solutions today.