Why Do You Feel Foggy When You Consume Too Much CBD?


Problems with consuming too much CBD

Consuming CBD edibles is a brilliant way to get a calm and stress-free feeling. But if you intake too much of it, then you may face some weird after-effects. Fogginess or a cloudy effect is the most irritating ones among them. People also call it brain fog. It will always make you feel that you are lagging behind everyone else and disheartening in participating in other activities. These effects do not last for a long time, and you can also avoid them with great ease. 

How to control the foggy feeling?

If consuming too many CBD edibles is causing the foggy feeling or the brain fog, then there are ways in which you can treat them. Let us have a look at all measures you can take to increase your alertness.

  • For increasing alertness, it is best if you bring up the blood sugar level in your body. So if you consume any drinks like juice, coffee, or some soda, it will give you that energy to get back on track. But you have to make sure that you do not drink way too much. It is also a good option if you do not have processed sugar, as inflammatory agents can harm your body.
  • If you want to cross the blood and brain barrier, then it is best if you choose to smoke a high-CBD flower. You will find its efficiency within a few minutes. The positive effects like through the calming ways can help relieve stress that is causing the fogginess. If you take little CBD doses, it can also promote your energy and bring you back to your actual self.
  • Drinking water during the time of fogginess is one of the most useful methods. Some studies state that dehydration can cause most of the weird cognitive functions in your body and impair its abilities. So if you drink a lot of water, your brain will get back to its alertness.
  • If you are feeling foggy a lot, then it means that your brain is not functioning. It may be because it is not getting enough oxygen. Therefore, having a long walk can also be a brilliant option to deal with such problems. It will provide your brain enough air and help in better pumping of blood. Therefore, your entire body will start functioning in a better way.

Take necessary precautions in advance

The best way to get rid of getting the foggy feeling is to prepare yourself before taking the CBD. If you know how much doses you will consume and what the product is as a vape, or a flower, it will not affect you much. It is also a better option if you go for the ones which have more CBD than the THC levels in it. You can record the dose, the time you got that effect, and reduce the amount you take for future reference.