Why Weight Loss Program Fail – Know about the programs

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“People dieting about six months, sometimes even less, if one narrowly,” says Catherine Champagne, a researcher at the University of Louisiana. “When diet plan diet differs greatly from previous culinary restrictions usually lasts, the less time,” she explains.

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Reasons for not losing weight

  1. You choose the wrong diet

“Choosing a very restrictive diet that does not fit your lifestyle, is a good reason to quit weight loss efforts,” says Holly Wyatt, University of Colorado. When the regime is extremely difficult from the beginning, his long-term support is near impossible.”There is no perfect diet,” says Dr. Wyatt. “However, setting your weight loss regimen that anyone can follow every day without problems. This should allow you and you can enjoy your favorite foods in small servings, recommending a specialist.

Diets that work are those that extend long term.

Do not ever go on the principle that you keep a regime periods and then “ordeal” is over. Better Establish a healthy menu that you like, and that would fit well with your lifestyle and to keep him all the time. Not only must you worry about weight loss, but the maintenance results, and to manage your system must be part of your life.

  1. You have unrealistic expectations

Failure is a weak regime is extremely disappointing for most people who are on a diet. The program may take longer than you anticipated or diet may change with time.Most want to lose weight and many are not happy unless they have reduced their number by 30-40%, “says Dr. Wyatt. “When you have unrealistic expectations, you feel like you failed if you have not reached the target. And when you think you had a failure, this thing can cause a return to old habits,” researcher warns.

Even if you manage to dress very tight clothes in a very short time, remember that losing weight, even if very small, is an important step for you and do not adversely affect your overall health. Research has shown that weight loss is about 10% beneficial organism, and it leads to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides.

  1. Dieting without doing sports

Some do not like sport or problems prevent them from doing exercise. But if you want the diet to be successful, you must find the exercises that you are not contraindicated and who practice them regularly. In addition, physical activity not only relieves the weight, but help you improve your physical and mental health.

Exercise should not be made necessarily in a gym. The move also means dancing, walking or cycling and most important is to like. You can start with easy things and then gradually increase your exercise intensity. If you have health problems, talk to your doctor and determine together what type of exercise you can choose. A simple exercise is to buy you a pedometer to count all the moves you make in a day. Ideal would be to go through every day 10,000.

  1. The diet focuses only keep food

Focusing only on food, you’re tempted to believe that only this is the problem you are facing, and if you will change radically, you’ll figure dreams. In reality, the problem is more complex. If you give up too much, you might get hungry, and this can bring only a few pounds less for a short period. You have to totally change your lifestyle, and sometimes to think how to achieve lasting results.

And yet … as weight loss

In any diet, besides diet, is very important to always do and drink plenty of water sports. Whether you run, go to the gym, doing aerobics or other special exercises, it is very important not to place any minute wait! With 10-15 minutes of exercise per day, 3 times a week, you will feel fit and look great. Also aware of the need to eat more fruits and vegetables. Enjoy the recipes cheerful, colorful salads and make your contribution imagination when it comes to preparing light meals.

We need to remember that restrictive dieting is never a first step in approaching a weight loss program that lasts between 12 months – 24 months. If you do not follow a weight loss program, but different diets published in magazines, you are exposed to many risks: duodenal ulcer, depression, eating behavior, menstrual disorder, endocrine imbalances, weight gain, etc..

If extra weight issue bothers you so much and if you have all tried various tricks or diets, but nothing has worked, it might be time to consider if you go to a specialist.Each person is unique, therefore, a regime held a girlfriend might be inefficient for you. So you need a well-developed that only a specialist can do it to you. This way you will be able to not only lose weight but also improve your health.