Why You Need A Shock Mount For Your Blue Yeti Microphone


The internet age is the perfect time for a lot of things including become a YouTube sensation. Maybe it has been your lifelong dream to become a singer/music artist. Maybe you have been dying to become a podcaster your entire life. Perhaps, you just want to become a streamer and share your love for video games to the word. Whatever your goal is, there is no doubt that you can’t find anything better than a Blue Yeti microphone. But is a mic enough? Most people say that you need a shock mount to go with it as well. In this article, we are going to find out a shock mount is really that necessary. 

Disadvantages Of Having A Blue Yeti Mount Without A Shock Mount

  • You can’t move the mic during a recording
  • The mic tends to pick up table noises
  • You need to hunch over just so you can speak directly at the microphone

So basically, even though you have a pretty good microphone, it just isn’t enough, right?

Some people found a solution for this. Since they don’t have a shock mount, they just use an arm stand instead. Is this really the right solution? Well, even though it solves part of the problem, it also introduces some new issues as well such as:

  • There are only limited stands that are the right type for a Blue Yeti microphone
  • Blue Yeti microphones are quite heavy and results in damage for the arm stand

It’s either the arm stand won’t fit your microphone or your mic crashes to the table since the arm stand couldn’t carry the weight. 

Unless you want to have to buy a new mic every several weeks, you might as well get a shock mount for your Blue Yeti. 

Here are some benefits of getting a Blue Yeti shock mount:

You Get To Move More Naturally

We know that a lot of podcasters prefer to feel the pain before the glory but by letting yourself move comfortable while recording, you are actually improving the overall quality of your content. 

As you are able to move naturally while recording, you will be able to pour your heart and passion to your recording. The recording will sound more natural as well and people will be drawn to your content. 

It Is A Safety Measurement For Your Mic

A Blue Yeti mic can be pretty expensive. With that, it is important to take good care of your equipment, most especially if you are using it for career purposes. Getting a shock mount guarantees you that kind of safety. 

You Get The Right Audio

As we’ve mentioned, it is easy for a microphone to catch some sounds other than the one that comes out of your mouth. Therefore, if you don’t have a shock mount, you will end up recording sounds that you wouldn’t want included in your recording in the first place. You may be able to remove it with a bit of sound editing but we know that natural recording is still the best. 

If you are now convinced and want to get a shock mount as soon as possible, you should check out https://whatever-tech.com/best-shockmounts-for-blue-yeti-reviews/.