Beam Splitter- Work it out for with Background Knowledge of Physics


Anyone with even an iota of knowledge about science and technology would know that it is no child’s play but needs a keen and sharp mind to delve through the depths and crevices of the vast structure that is still being researched by scientists and experts for new discoveries.

One doesn’t even know where to begin as there is no beginning at all to the cosmos of this structure but has to simply be understood through instinct which is how you will be able to fathom what it truly is without racking your brains.

Today, the topic that has been chosen follows through on the same lines as it involves deep understanding of what exactly it pertains to and it is called the beam splitter, a unique device that helps us to understand the theory of light but it has to be put in simple words for a layman to understand it.


Given the innumerable array of subsets that the study has, beam splitter can be simply defined as an optical device with the help of which normal light can be split into two or more parts but for now we will stick to only two as including others would make the story even more complicated.

It is common knowledge that light is a shiny radiation of electromagnetism that falls within the constraints of the magnetic spectrum as only then can it be seen by the naked eye and the light that we all get to see everyday has a similar wavelength of 500-800 nm.

In short, the light emanating from artificial sources light tube light, lamps, flashlight, torch, etc. has similar wavelength while the sunlight is the natural source that is way beyond any wavelength or any other form of measurement so we will leave it at that.

Beam splitter can be used to adjust the photons or waves of light that can enhance any picture or image and is used for conducting different scientific experiments as light is considered to be the fastest in speed than even wind.

How it Works

Having understood the basics, let us get to know how a beam splitter works and it is through the following points:

  • Everyone knows that a prism is needed for a light to pass through it and the same holds true here as well as you take two different glass prisms at the base of a cube with the help of polyester
  • The layer in question is in the form of a cube where you take two different silver dichroic mirror with a shade of plastic and even glass that is covered with a thin metal coating

  • The coating is usually aluminum and it is in a systematic format so that the light cannot get absorbed and easily pass through the source
  • Beam splitters mostly used fibers of a single mode and the split is conducted through cutting through the two fibered materials in the shape of an ‘X’

For understanding beam splitter in its entirety would take a long time but these are some basic steps of how it works.